pre-holder is a composer who began working with Ryukishi07 starting with the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Answer Arcs.

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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

  • door
  • Liberating
  • Over the sky
  • Rain
  • Squall
  • Kodou
  • Taidou

Umineko no Naku Koro ni

  • 暗闇の刻 [Hour of Darkness]
  • 誘い [Lure]
  • 絵画の魔女 [Witch of the Painting]
  • 痕音 [Scar Sound]
  • Closed My Heart
  • 終焉_VerC [Life's End]
  • where
  • Over_the_Sky
  • Haruka [Distant]
  • F_Style
  • Parallel
  • Surrounding
  • one
  • 螺旋 [Spiral]
  • 永遠の鎖 [Eternal Chains]
  • 刹那 [A Single Moment]
  • Look Back
  • The first and The last

Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni

  • Buried Flower
  • Mirror
  • Amorphous night

Rose Guns Days

  • M BEAT
  • Trance Up
  • Twinkle

Ciconia no Naku Koro ni

  • Advancing
  • chat
  • Underdogs
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