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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni is a mystery thriller series set in the remote village of Hinamizawa. The protagonist Keiichi is a newcomer to the village, but has already made a tight-knit group of friends and thoroughly enjoys his life there. But when he finds out about an unresolved murder incident from five years ago and a mysterious phenomenon known as "Oyashiro-sama's curse", everything he knows about the village and his friends begins to turn upside down.

Higurashi is divided into eight main story arcs and is the first story in the overarching When They Cry franchise. The visual novel is currently available in English on Steam, GOG, and MangaGamer.

Only major plot developments and reveals from the Answer Arcs will be spoiler tagged on this wiki. We strongly recommend finishing the Question Arcs at minimum before browsing Higurashi articles. For our full spoiler policy, see this article.

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