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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei.
Polaris symbol

The symbol of Polaris

The Polaris Family Society (ポラリス家族の会 Porarisu Kazoku no Kai) is an organization introduced in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei. They are a cult who believe that misfortune comes from society forcing people to connect with each other. Inori Mikazuki and Kururu Isshiki are members.


Hoshiwatashi ch2 video

A video of the Holy Mother being given a tour of Hinamizawa

Polaris acts as a shelter for domestic violence victims. They were disliked by their old community due to holding festivals and causing commotion, and disobeying local rules. This resulted in members suffering vandalism from graffiti and dead animals being placed in mailboxes.[1]

Polaris became stigmatized as a cult after an incident where a housewife had an argument with a Polaris family, resulting in a young boy and girl from Polaris killing the wife's entire family. The culprits set the victims' house on fire and committed suicide afterwards. Police suspected Polaris of orchestrating it but found no real evidence.[1]

Prior to 2019, Hinamizawa was in danger of becoming a ghost town due to a declining population, however 500 members of Polaris moved there and formed a community near Yagouchi; half of Hinamizawa's population now belonged to Polaris. There was dissent among the Three Families since Polaris was not well liked, however the head of the Sonozakis Akane let them in. Polaris members were still disliked by Hinamizawans since they ignored even small greetings, and many thought Oyashiro-sama would get angry and cause his curse to reawaken. This seemingly came true when in 2018, on the night of the Watanagashi Festival, someone died of illness while a Polaris member disappeared.[2]

The organization's symbol features the Big Dipper constellation, with Alkaid's location seemingly replaced with a ring of stars.


Polaris scenery

Keitarou gets a look at Polaris's scenery.

Clothing and Housing[]

The houses in Yagouchi that Polaris members live in have additions to make them look Western. When in the village, Polaris members wear clothing resembling ancient European styles of dress.[3]

At other times, Polaris members wear robes and uniforms.


Polaris views their community as a family. They follow and worship a "Holy Mother" (聖母 Seibo) that lives within the community and is tended to by followers.[2] Kids will refer to other adults as Mother and Father, regardless of whether or not they are actually blood related.

Members only interact with those within their community and will ignore outsiders, as outlined in their doctrines. However, some outsiders may be considered special guests after being given permission and so will be acknowledged normally.[3]

According to Kururu, sometimes Polaris members will go into a rage, and other members will perform a ritual called the Hypnos Flute (ヒュプノスの笛 Hyupunosu no Fue) where they sedate them, light incense, and play special music until they calm down.[4]

Polaris is puritanical, and so members do not smoke or drink. They also don't play competitive games, believing it is a form of conflict. Polaris members hold festivals where some of these restictions are lifted; they drink alcohol and play games while feasting, dancing and playing music.[3]



  • Polaris is the officially recognized name for the Pole Star or North Star—the brightest star in the constellation of Ursa Minor.
  • Hypnos is the Greek god of sleep, and where the word "hypnosis" is derived from.


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