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This article is about a character in Rose Guns Days.

Philip U. Butler (フィリップ・U・バトラー Firippu U. Batorā)[2] is a captain of the U.S Armed Forces stationed in City 23. He wants to get connections to the criminal underworld for the sake of maintaining peace and is approached by Primavera as a potential ally.


I can't tell you how many times Primavera was saved by this dirty, boob-loving American military captain stationed in Japan.
He speaks fluent Japanese and treats us Japanese with respect, as his own mother is Japanese.
He was able to solve many of the problems that occurred in City 23 when we asked for help.
In exchange, of course, for plenty of nasal medication and a nice night with some of the most popular girls. Well, I feel for him. He's a middle manager. It's a world where you can't do anything without a drink.

(Translated from the official 07th Expansion website.)


Butler has auburn spiky hair and wears a green military uniform. A one-winged eagle is adorned on his belt buckle.


Butler is very perverted, often dropping by as a guest to Primavera and ogling the ladies there. Despite his personality Butler is very skilled at behind-the-scenes negotiation, often arranging events to ensure GHQ benefits in some way.


Butler's mother was Japanese, so he grew up with the knowledge of how to speak Japanese. He earned the rank of Captain in the military due to his skill in working behind the scenes.



Rose Haibara

Butler admires Rose and her desire to improve life for the Japanese, however he feels she lacks the willpower to do more and preferred to ally with Caleb over her when given the chance. Rose proves capable of getting her hands dirty later on, and Butler develops more respect for her.


Season 1

Butler is introduced in 1947 as the captain of the Department of Public Order in City 23. Primavera seeks to earn favor with him and the occupying forces so villains like Alfred will stop pestering them. To test if they're worthy, Butler sends Primavera to find a missing soldier, eventually becoming a regular club customer when they succeed. Butler then holds a party at Primavera as thanks for finding the soldier and sympathizes with Rose's desire to contract with Japanese businesses and give people jobs, as it would further his own goal of keeping peace in the city.

Butler is later approached by Caleb, who seeks to obtain some of the special offers window. Butler asks Caleb to provide the occupying forces with 100 million dollars to see if Caleb is really serious about dealing with him. It's later revealed the occupying forces asked for such a large amount because they weren't actually intending to work with Caleb and believed it would be impossible for him to collect. Primavera calls for Butler's help when Caleb attacks them, however Butler is unwilling to extend his protection to their businesses as it would antagonize Caleb.

After Caleb's henchmen begin attacking American citizens to reach their $100 million goal, GHQ decides to take Caleb out and wants Butler to plan it out.

Season 2

Caleb successfully obtains $100 million and calls Butler to set a time for the handoff. Butler plans for military snipers to assassinate Caleb during it and will blame it on a third party. During the handoff, Butler only receives half of the money since Caleb wants to see action from GHQ, and Butler signals the snipers to fire.

The assassination attempt ultimately fails and Caleb runs away, unaware that Butler tried to kill him and thinking it was a plan by Rose. Butler had prepared a machine gun team to standby in case the snipers failed, but they were turned away by the guards in front of GHQ since their car looked suspicious; Butler never told anyone since he wanted to keep the assassin squad as secret as possible.

Butler sets Rose free after she gets arrested and provides her with dynamite, which Rose intends to kill Caleb with in a suicide attempt. He later calls Caleb again and arranges another meeting with him to obtain the remaining $50 million, the latter still unaware that Butler planned his assassination.

Butler provides Rose's group with a safehouse and funding, soon meeting with them and Meijiu to plan Caleb's downfall. Rose plans to send a group to attack Club Primavera and capture Amanda, prompting Caleb to send a group to rescue her. Butler will blockade the road and have military police stand by to arrest Caleb's men when they appear and take them out of the picture. However, this part of the plan fails when Butler messes up the blockade order and Alfred robs a bank and catches the attention of the police instead; Butler quickly calls the club to warn them.

After Caleb's defeat, Butler arranges for Don McDowell to meet Rose and sell the special offers window to her, resolving both the scandal that would have resulted from GHQ being bribed by Caleb and the debt McDowell owed Butler for the missing soldier.

1948 shows that Butler had also helped Rose form a friendship with the Director-General of City 23.

Season 3

Butler has a short conversation with Rose regarding issues with distribution in the city.

In 1949, Butler hires Alan and Keith to assassinate a newspaper reporter harassing a GHQ member. Rose continues to pursue plans for a distribution association in City 23, and Butler acts as an intermediary in a meeting between Primavera and the GDS. Butler winds up leaving the meeting early due to urgent business popping up at GHQ.

The urgent business happens to be Major Gabriel Kaburaya's arrival, who was sent from America to investigate corruption in Japan's GHQ. Gabriel takes over as Butler's superior officer and reveals that he has evidence of GHQ's dealings with various mafia groups, using this as leverage to make Butler follow his every command. Gabriel's pressure proves too much for him and he tries to send a written message to Rose, however Gabriel intercepts it and forces Butler to eat the note.

Butler later learns of Gabriel's past and curses him as Gabriel carries out "Operation: Great Justice."

Last Season

Butler continues to communicate with Primavera on Gabriel's order and is being monitored by a Japanese-speaking subordinate of his to ensure Butler doesn't reveal anything about what's going on. Butler has given up in trying to resist Gabriel and hopes his lack of energy will signal to Primavera members that something's wrong.

Gabriel plans to get Primavera and the GDS to fight each other by forging evidence pointing towards the GDS as Stella's killer, and Butler is forced to go along with the plan. Butler's sister Ange is revealed to be getting engaged, and Gabriel further threatens him with ruining his sister's life should news of Butler's corruption get out.

in 1950, Alan and Meijiu discover that Butler is being kept under house arrest, and Alan sneaks into GHQ to free him. Butler chooses to stay behind, knowing that something bad will happen to his sister if he leaves; Alan takes the hint and escapes GHQ.

Gabriel and Butler go to the graveyard to watch the final fight between Primavera and the GDS, and after seeing how well-armed the enemy is, Butler convinces Gabriel to retreat and promises that he will arrange for Gabriel to do a personal autopsy of Richard's corpse. Gabriel listens to him and retreats, and after the fight Butler tells Richard the truth about Stella's death and the Major's involvement in it.

Shortly after Gabriel kills Richard in his office, Butler arrives and shoots Gabriel with Richard's gun, making it seem as though the Consigliere was still alive. As Gabriel dies, Butler blames him for doing something to Ange, much to the former's confusion.

Other Appearances

  • 07th Theater 2 has Butler attempting to clear Umineko's world with his own merits. However, he fails because everybody thinks he's the exact same as Battler. At the very end, he and Battler are subjected to punishment by three clones of Gabriel.