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This article is about terminology in Ciconia no Naku Koro ni.

Parallel Processing Power, or P3, is an important part of Gauntlet Knight training. Parallel Processing is where Knights are able to multitask, often focusing on things in real life as they do other things in virtual reality such as playing games or talking in chat rooms. Higher P3 levels means Knights are more adept at multitasking, conserving energy, and combat.

In order to become a Knight, children have to train in P3 as soon as they are born. The stress of constant training on their brain can sometimes lead to Knights becoming Congenital Parallel Processors (CPPs), who develop alternate personalities that can interact with the main personalities as if they were separate people. Even if one personality is in control all the time, it appears that alternate personalities can continue to do things on their own. CPPs are seen to be very skilled Knights.

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