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Outbreak (アウトブレイク Autobureiku) is a story originally included in Higurashi Daybreak Original Soundtrack. It has had many official releases in various formats.

Per site rules, this page considers the visual novel adaptation introduced in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Hou as the primary source. It is followed by Kamikashimashi-hen.

Plot Summary

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When the village of Hinamizawa is suddenly placed under lockdown by the government, the villagers begin rioting and killing each other as supplies grow scarce. The school club members try to escape the chaos and retreat to Okinomiya, but more problems arise.



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The story was adapted into an OVA before the VN release with Hou.

Adaptational Differences

  • In the OVA, Irie is shown committing suicide by a gun in his mouth while in the visual novel he does not appear at all, his whereabouts instead said to be unknown.