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Ouka Furude (古手 桜花 Furude Ōka) is Hanyuu's daughter and Rika Furude's ancestor.


The child of Hanyuu and Riku. She's a bit of a spoiled brat because she grew up under the generous patronage of the Sonozaki and Kimiyoshi families. She has psychic-like abilities, such as being able to sense Hanyuu whenever she's invisible.

(Translated from Entergram's Higurashi Hou website.)


Ouka did not have a sprite in the original visual novels. In the manga, she is depicted with a near-identical appearance to Rika.

Her sprites in Matsuri are recolored from Rika's shrine maiden outfit sprites, the difference being that Ouka's hair is light purple.

Later console ports give Ouka blue hair. She wears a shrine maiden outfit.



Ouka was born when the heir to the Furude Shrine fell in love with Hanyuu, who aimed to make peace between her people and the residents of Onigafuchi. When Hanyuu offered to take all of the humans' sins upon herself when they suspected each other of being demons, Ouka killed her using the Onigari-no-ryuuou.




Hanyuu has a flashback during the main story of her assigning Ouka the task of killing her. The TIP at the end expounds on the Onigari-no-ryuuou's existence and Ouka's role.


After Hanyuu is pulled out of the river by Keiichi and Rika, a flashback occurs to Hanyuu's past, where Ouka confronts and kills her after Hanyuu had gone on a rampage killing villagers.


This arc expounds on Ouka's existence.

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