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Osamu Tsukada (塚田 理 Tsukada Osamu) is Tomoe Minai's former upperclassman who becomes a secretary. He first appears in Tokihogushi.


The second secretary of the Minister of Health and Welfare.

He was Tomoe's former lover in high school, and despite his humble appearance, he is an ambitious man who is very interested in politics.

He used to be close to Tomoe, but now he's in a relationship with someone else.

(Translated from the Entergram Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Hou website.)


Tsukada has brown hair and wears a suit and tie. His eyes are always closed even when he interacts mostly with Tomoe but when he starts to open his eyes, his eyes are always slanted denoting his cynical personality.


Tsukada seems to be a well-refined mannered, kind and friendly person who was enthusiastic to reunite with Tomoe after all these years since their time together in high school, he was the one who motivated her to go for her last high jump record after a traumatic incident with her parent's death which she succeeded. But however Tomoe knows that while he's kind and also strongly assertive with strong ideals to make differences for everyone's lives as a student council president, he wasn't above exhibiting a condescending attitude only towards those who can't work hard or take their studies seriously which he still kept through his college years.


Tsukada was a member of the track team in high school and had a close friendship with Tomoe. After high school, he began studying political science and eventually became a secretary. Miotsukushi Ura reveals that Tsukada was engaged to a fellow student, Masumi Ounuma, whose father, Shigeru was a leading member of the Ministry of Health and Welfare. When Shigeru was arrested after an investigation and died in prison, Masumi believed there was foul play involved as she believes that Shigeru was designated as a scapegoat and got into an argument with Tsukada, later committing suicide the day before they were to get married. Tsukada since devoted his time to exposing the wrongdoings of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, knowing full well he would also be punished due to his involvement with them.




Tsukada appears in a brief flashback where Tomoe thinks back to when she quit the track team in high school.


Tsukada makes his first proper appearance spreading flyers in support of Akihiko Chiba being elected. Tomoe sees him out on the street and they talk for a bit, with Tsukada offering they go out for tea next time.

Tomoe and Madoka re-encounter Tsukada later, however Tomoe once again declines Tsukada's date offer and he leaves. Madoka points out that Tsukada was keeping his hand in his pocket and hiding his engagement ring.

Connecting Fragments (console)[]

Miotsukushi Ura[]

Tomoe and Tsukada meet up for a dinner meeting, where later he reveals that he knows about Tomoe's investigation into Lowell Inc's wrongdoings. Tsukada shares his own knowledge about the Alphabet Project and their research into microorganisms in Hinamizawa, and Tomoe understands that Tsukada was effectively sacrificing himself to bring this knowledge to light. Pleased with her understanding, Tsukada hands her a key alongside some strange hints and they get into a car to drive off. However Hanada, who was hiding in the back seat, knocks both of them out by injecting them with alcohol, and prepares to kill them by sending their car into the harbor, making it seem as though they were drunk driving. Tsukada is rendered completely unconscious by the attack, but Tomoe manages to save them both anyway.

Tsukada is treated at the hospital, however a false news report comes out that he and Tomoe were having an affair, which causes Tomoe to be placed on administrative leave. Regardless, investigations into Tsukada's home are carried out, where the police find many records of illegal dealings between Chiba and other groups. Meanwhile Tomoe uses Tsukada's key and solves the puzzle regarding his comments to discover more information that could lead to Chiba's arrest.