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Oryou Sonozaki (園崎 お魎 Sonozaki Oryō) is the head of the Sonozaki Family.






After Satoshi's disappearance, a furious Mion, suspecting her grandmother's involvement, confronts her, and threatens to strangle her. Oryou, deciding to pass down to Mion the one rule followed by the Sonozaki Family heads, reveals the truth behind the family's involvement in the village. The Sonozakis have nothing to do with the curse, and they simply use bluffing tactics in order to make themselves appear more powerful. Oryou does not know what happened to Satoshi, and had no desire to see him gone.

During the final TIP, Akane reveals to a young Shion that both her and Oryou ripped three of their fingernails at one point. It is implied that Oryou forced herself to go through the punishment as atonement for having forced her daughter, Akane, to do the same, something that Mion would do for Shion years later.

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