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Volume 1

Demon Exposing Arc Vol. 1 is the first volume of the manga-exclusive arc Onisarashi. It was released in English by Yen Press and collected in an omnibus format with the second volume.

Publisher's Summary[]



It's been almost a year since Natsumi and her family moved from the town of Onigafuchi. Her grandmother, a native of Hinamizawa village, fears that they will be cursed for abandoning the mountains, but Natsumi has never been happier, making new friends and enjoying school life. When a terrible gas explosion in Hinamizawa wipes out everyone in the village, her grandmother is convinced it is the wrath of the village god, Oyashiro-sama. Natsumi's family has never taken Grandmother's beliefs seriously, but her devotion to Oyashiro-sama has taken a frightening turn. Have the old woman's fanatical convictions gone too far?


This volume includes the first 3 chapters of the story and the prologue.

  1. Beginning
  2. Premonition
  3. Family



Volume One of the "Demon Exposing Arc" is finally on sale. I am deeply, deeply grateful to Kito-sensei for making such a wonderful manga!

This "Demon Exposing Arc" is a side story of Higurashi WHEN THEY CRY. However, I wrote it so that even those who are not familiar with Higurashi can enjoy it on its own. But I also tried to make it the kind of story that those who are familiar with the original would enjoy even more. Hope that both those who know the original and those who don't will enjoy this story.

I wrote the original draft, but that only makes up about 30 percent of the "Demon Exposing Arc." Kito-sensei added exponentially to that and made it into this wonderful story. 50 if you liked this arc, that is all thanks to Kito-sensei's skill. I know I'm repeating myself, but Kito-sensei, really, truly thank you for making such a wonderful story!

The main character, Natsumi Kimiyoshi, has absolutely no special skills or abilities. That means she's exactly the same as you who are reading this book right now.

This "Demon Exposing Arc" is a story about a real-life girl, just like you, getting wrapped up in a hair-raising tragedy. In other words, it's a story in which you get wrapped up in a tragedy. If it's only through the pages of a comic...then would you like to be bathed in blood splatter?


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