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Prologue (プロローグ) is the prologue chapter of Onisarashi-hen. It was first published in Comp Ace Vol.1 on March 26, 2005. The compiled release places it after Chapter 3.


June, 1983. Natsumi Kimiyoshi happily heads to school after greeting her mother Haruko, father Touji, and grandmother Aki. She joins her friends Chisato Saeki and Tamako Makimura at school and expresses how happy she is.

The news reports that an elderly woman's severed head was found in XX Prefecture. Natsumi and her friends watch the report on a TV in a store. Chisato and Tamako talk about how many incidents like that have been happening a lot, and that the culprits should all be executed. Natsumi thinks that tragic incidents like those only happen in movies.

A flashforward occurs to Natsumi covered in blood and surrounded by bodies. The news says that Natsumi was rescued and brought to the hospital, however she's become unresponsive due to the strong emotional shock. A man stands by Natsumi's bedside and asks her to remember what happened.