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Truth (真実 Shinjitsu) is the seventh and final chapter of Onisarashi-hen.


Natsumi awakens in a hospital bed and learns she was sleeping for three days. Chisato and Tamako are talking and planning to visit Natsumi, however they find it strange that a week after the incident, everyone has stopped talking about it. Chisato says that the commonality of these incidents means people are used to it, and though Natsumi’s case caused a big stir, people are treating it like a movie plot. They soon go to the hospital and visit Natsumi and Akira. Chisato wants them all to eat on the roof, and Akira gives Natsumi a headpat and says he'll follow her after a bit. Akira leaves and Chisato becomes enraged at how close the two of them got. Akira sits down in the hall and buries his head in his arms, and Akasaka and Ooishi appear and ask to talk. Natsumi's group goes to the roof and complain about Akira taking too long.

Akira is stunned by what Akasaka and Ooishi told him and can't believe it's true. Akira heads up to the roof and Chisato says he’s late, as they ate all the cake already. A sad look appears on both Chisato and Tamako’s faces as the former asks if they treated Natsumi normally today. Natsumi rests against the fence on top of the roof and awakens when Akira walks up to her. They sit together and talk a bit, with Natsumi wondering if she really was affected by Oyashiro-sama’s curse because she didn’t worship him enough. Akira says the curse doesn’t exist and looks straight into Natsumi’s eyes, saying he wants to hear the truth. Natsumi holds his head and asks what’s wrong, and Akira says Natsumi watched her grandma die from getting stabbed, however her autopsy told a different story. Aki died from a cerebral contusion, and all of her other injuries were caused after death. Natsumi becomes afraid, and Akira brings up her dad’s death. The scene flashes back to Akasaka’s explanation: Natsumi claimed her mom stabbed her dad from behind, however his autopsy showed he was stabbed from the front; Akira himself saw Natsumi covered in blood earlier. Akira refused to believe that it was anything other than Natsumi being confused, and Ooishi asks if the person on the phone really was Natsumi. There were bloodstains all over the Kimiyoshi household yet the phone used to call Akira, the only phone in the house, was clean. Only two people were alive at that time, and the vase used to attack Akira had Natsumi’s handprint on it.

Akira was so sure that everyone from Hinamizawa would kill their families and then themselves, but Natsumi was still alive, so she can still be saved. Natsumi doesn’t understand what Akira is talking about, and Akira says it all started the day Akira first went to Natsumi’s house.

Onisarashi ch7 natsumis flashback

Natsumi asks her parents to help her chop up her grandmother

A flashback occurs to Natsumi talking to Haruko on the phone about how every old person was acting strange when her grandma snuck up behind her. Natsumi meant to brush her hand away, however Aki wound up hitting her head on a table corner and dying. Her parents became concerned over what to do, but Natsumi was happy that her grandma wasn’t doing any weird rituals anymore. Haruko tries to help Natsumi grasp the situation at hand, but it didn’t work; Natsumi was the one to chop up Aki’s body and sugguest hiding it. Her parents watched in shock, and Natsumi encouraged them to help since they were a family after all. Natsumi starts ranting about how she never wanted to hang out with people who believed in Oyashiro-sama’s curse, but Akira says he understands. Natsumi is still in denial, as she never wanted anybody to find this out. She remembers that she wanted to make it seem like nobody had killed Aki when her mom came in. Natsumi was the one to assault her dad as Haruko tried to restrain her, and when Touji told her to go to the police he was stabbed and killed by his own daughter.

Akira asks Natsumi what she would’ve done after she had fooled her friends like she fooled her family, a grin appearing on his face. Natsumi swears that she never wanted anyone to find out and didn't want Akira to hate her, and starts freaking out. Akira says they’re the only two people there and then hugs Natsumi. Natsumi thinks he hates him but Akira reinforces his desire to protect her and regrets not saving her even though he was so close to her.

Natsumi admits she loves Akira and then stabs him. Natsumi says she fell in love with him ever since she saw his drawing that first day she came to town. She knew this would be a wonderful town, however that's actually how Akira saw it. As he loses consciousness, Akira whispers to Natsumi that someday he'll teach Natsumi how to make that same drawing and promises that he will always be by her side.

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Akira hugs Natsumi

Akasaka, Ooishi and several officers rush to the roof. Akira had two choices, enveloping himself in Natsumi's madness to die a happy death, or being dragged into reality and living in despair; Akira chose the latter. They enter the roof to see Natsumi cradling Akira’s bleeding body. Natsumi cries, and the officers run up to her as Akasaka tries to hold them back. Natsumi gets handcuffed and the other officers confirm that Akira is still breathing and call for a doctor. Akasaka demands the officers let Natsumi go, hoping that she understands now. Akira awakens for a bit and smiles at Natsumi, then takes her hand. Natsumi gives him another hug.


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