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Secrets (秘密 Himitsu) is the fifth chapter of Onisarashi-hen.


Natsumi cries over the death of her father as her mother continues blaming him for all of their problems. Haruko goes on about how she was complimented a lot, unlike her old town, but now it's all been ruined by Aki and Touji. Haruko accuses Natsumi of being against her too and starts chasing her with a knife. Natsumi goes to the Oyashiro-sama shrine and apologizes, pleading for the god to save her.

Akasaka, Ooishi, and Akira talk at a cafe about Hinamizawa and Oyashiro-sama’s curse. Akira confirms that Natsumi is indeed from Hinamizawa and then asks about Hinamizawa’s religious beliefs. People who believe in Oyashiro-sama’s curse feel that they can be cursed at any time no matter what, and Akasaka mentions several theories explaining the curse: some say aliens came to the village long ago, others say a man-made conspiracy is doing it. The girl that was murdered, Rika, may have had answers to all of these questions.

Ooishi shows his surprise that many Hinamizawa residents were living in nearby prefectures, and all of them have been involved with some tragedy. He then asks Akira if anything strange has happened with Natsumi, or rather with her family. The neighbors haven’t said much regarding them, and that’s the strange part: the Kimiyoshi family is from Hinamizawa, and yet there really is nothing strange to say about them. Akira is asked again what the truth is, but he angrily stands up while saying Ooishi and Akasaka are just like everyone else: they don’t understand Hinamizawans and will keep labeling them as weirdos. Ooishi sits back and asks Akira what he’d do if Natsumi really did turn out to be one of them; he claims that Akira doesn’t want to admit Natsumi is from that same Hinamizawa.

Akira takes his things and leaves, doubting that they even actually work for a book publisher. Akasaka calls back to him and says many people not from Hinamizawa have received the curse and that Akira doesn’t know what he’s dealing with, but Akira declares he will protect Natsumi no matter what. Akasaka and Ooishi head back to the police station, wondering just how Akira can really protect her.

At Natsumi’s home the phone begins ringing, and Natsumi rushes to answer it. Akira is calling her from a phone booth and hears the other end pick up with Natsumi asking for help when it suddenly cuts out. Akira recalls the news reports and the earlier conversation with Ooishi, then bolts from the phone booth and runs towards Natsumi's home.