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Family (家族 Kazoku) is the third chapter of Onisarashi-hen.


Akasaka heads to a news stand and overhears some people badmouthing Hinamizawans and mentioning that another Hinamizawa family has been found dead. Akasaka buys one of every newspaper at the stand, with the cashier asking why he always buys so many. Akasaka claims he writes haikus and submits them to many papers and buys them all to see if they got published. As the news reports on the recent family murder, Akasaka brings his stack of papers to Ooishi. Ooishi reads all the headlines and thumbs through the tabloids as Akasaka expresses frustration that the media treating the Disaster as an occult incident isn’t helping anything; everyone related to a Hinamizawan is being treated like a criminal. Ooishi reads an article saying that the day before the disaster, a girl who was said to be the reincarnation of Oyashiro-sama was found brutally murdered. Ever since, it was believed that the gas disaster was Oyashiro-sama’s rage conveyed as a curse, and people are making charms and offering sacrifices. Akasaka says that another magazine told of the Three Families, the Sonozakis, Kimiyoshis, and Furudes, having a high concentration of demon blood amongst their members; parts of the names were blacked out, but anyone could easily deduce what they were. Akasaka and Ooishi admit that they’re no different in their interest in the Disaster compared to the public, as tragedies fascinate people after all.

Haruko gazes at several newspapers and grows concerned over all of the Hinamizawa reports as Natsumi brings her another one, unaware of her despair. Haruko snatches the paper out of her hand as Touji assures her that none of these reference the Kimiyoshi family and that nobody knows they’re from Hinamizawa. Natsumi also assures her that she’ll keep her secret, as she wants to stay with all the friendly neighbors.

Natsumi heads off for school and looks at where some leftover Oyashiro-sama scribblings used to be near her front yard, reinforcing her desire to lie to everyone if it means staying in town. Chisato and Tamako are shocked that Natsumi didn’t bring lunch and share their food with her. Chisato jokes that Natsumi won’t grow in certain places if she doesn’t eat and starts talking about Akira. Akira himself soon shows up at the cafeteria. Chisato calls him over so Natsumi can tell her something, much to the latter’s chagrin. Natsumi thinks back to when Akira saw her house, but she reassures herself that he’ll never tell. Chisato and Tamako suddenly say they have urgent business and leave, much to the others’ surprise.

Akira asks Natsumi if there was something she wanted to ask him when a bunch of nearby students suddenly yell out about a rumor that a Hinamizawan may be living in their town and going to school, mentioning the house covered with talismans. The students then ask Natsumi if she saw that same house. Akira steps in to say they haven’t seen anything and calls the rumor stupid. Another student says he should be worried that psychos may be living around them, but Akira doesn’t care. The students keep talking to him and reach the conclusion he’s from Hinamizawa himself when Natsumi suddenly stands up to announce she’s buying juice.

Onisarashi uso da

Natsumi yells at Akira

Natsumi and Akira are alone at a vending machine. Natsumi assures herself that Akira means well and asks him if he thinks she really is psycho. Akira says he understands but Natsumi yells that he’s a liar. Put off by her outburst, Akira turns around and leaves, and Natsumi returns home thinking that everything would be fine if her grandmother never came from Hinamizawa.

Natsumi stops her negative thoughts by saying her grandma’s still family, and she opens the door to her house to see Haruko stabbing Aki with a knife repeatedly. Natsumi stops her and Haruko buries her head in her arms, saying she had no choice but to stop Aki and that Natsumi must have been thinking the same thing. Aki’s corpse is covered up, and the rest of the family stands around in silence. Haruko is sure that the others are blaming her, and professes that she did it to ensure the family’s happiness. Touji tries to console her but Haruko picks up an ashtray and hits him with it, saying that she’s the only one who ever does anything even though her husband had dreams of moving up in the world. Haruko then looks towards Natsumi and asks if her friends are nice and if she really wants to stay with them. Natsumi nervously voices her support for Haruko, and Touji is told to get the toolbox.

Onisarashi haruko tells natsumi to help

Haruko asks Natsumi to help dispose of her grandmother's corpse

Haruko dumps the tools out and pulls out a cleaver, saying they have to slice up Aki’s body to hide her easier. Haruko encourages the others to help her since a family has to help each other, and Touji gets down to slice something off of Aki. Natsumi begins screaming as Haruko tells her to be quiet otherwise the neighbors will hear. Natsumi passes out and recalls past happy memories with her grandma. She wakes up and retches upon seeing her mom covered in blood and her grandma’s decapitated head. Haruko tells Natsumi to help now that her dad has done his part and hands her a bloody cleaver. Natsumi reluctantly takes it and swings it down, yelling.

Akira is sitting in his room and notices something outside his window, staring off through it when one of his parents tells him to go to sleep.

Natsumi, now covered in blood, breathes heavily as Haruko compliments her. Aki’s severed arm is shown.