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Oniokoshi-hen Chapter 8 (第8話 Dai Hachi-wa) is the eighth and final chapter of Oniokoshi-hen.


Keitarou makes posters advertising the Hinamizawa and Polaris Union Starlight Camp, to be held at the Furude Shrine observation deck. He talks on the phone with Kururu and asks her to tell as many Polaris members as she can. Kururu is surprised at the event being held Saturday, which is only two days away. Keitarou apologizes for how Sakiko acted the other day and expresses how he wants Hinamizawa and Polaris to get along, and this camping event should do it. Kururu promises to invite lots of people there and hangs up. Alone in her room, Kururu scratches her neck.

Keitarou and Kihiro walk together and talk about the camping plans. Kihiro asks if they can cancel the event. He understands that Keitarou doesn't want to doubt Hinamizawa and Polaris and likes that about him, but the event might be ill-conceived since everyone in Polaris forbids outside communication. Keitarou gets irritated since Kihiro originally supported him, and Kihiro reminds him there's a mandate in the village not to meddle with Polaris. Keitarou says that just applies to harassment and asks Kihiro if he's still suspicious of them. Kihiro says he thinks Keitarou's just being hasty, but Keitarou says they need end the dispute between Hinamizawa and Polaris soon, or else the curse of Oyashiro-sama will happen again next year. Keitarou suggests that maybe Kihiro really does want the two sides to fight each other and is the culprit behind it. A hurt Kihiro says it's not like that and asks to forget they ever talked about it.

At home, Keitarou notices a lot of hair lying around everywhere and thinks he hasn't been doing a good job of cleaning recently. He gets a text from Sakiko, who apologizes for losing her cool earlier and says she and her mom won't be going to the camping event. Keitarou throws down his phone in frustration, yelling that if the victim's family doesn't attend the event, then he can't prove to Polaris they aren't suspicious of them; Sakiko shouldn't be putting her personal feelings into it. One of Keitarou's parents asks what's going on from outside his room since they heard a loud noise, and he says it's nothing.

Keitarou distresses over the fact he talks a lot about harmony among people yet he's working by himself here. He remembers that Tamaki is interested in the camping event and that he could put it together on such short notice because the Sonozakis were supporting it. Keitarou psyches himself up and promises to see this through. Everyone should be able to understand then.

Saturday, June 29th. Tamaki admires the nice weather and calls her uncle Yoshimichi, relaying on him to deliver something to the observation deck. As she walks, she thinks she could enjoy the event better if not for the incident. She helps escort Akane to a room to lie down. Mion remarks that her nickname of the Demon Princess of Shishibone will disappear, but Akane doesn't care much about doing things the way she used to. Akane asks about the case's progress, but Mion says they still haven't found Kisaku. 30 years ago, everyone would be saying it was the Sonozakis' fault; Akane can't believe things like this are happening now, and that their neighbors are quivering in fear.

Tamaki thinks that Akane sympathizes with Polaris and is accepting them. Despite that, Tamaki still doesn't find Polaris pleasant, and doesn't want to dishonor her grandmother as the next head of the Sonozakis. She's confident that Keitarou's event will finally make peace between Hinamizawa and Polaris.

Rena helps Kihiro prepare bentos for the event, with Kihiro looking dismayed. Satoko asks Sakiko to go, but she says she wants to wait at night for Kisaku to come back. Keitarou lies down at home, feeling tired and heavy. He thinks the fatigue from moving is catching up with him like Kihiro said, and he feels like resting until the last minute to go to the camping event. He hears the sound of the cicadas crying and reminisces on the day he left Hinamizawa, feeling lonely. Keitarou looks at the charm he got from Inori long ago and plans to return it to her tonight, becoming the bridge between Hinamizawa and Polaris. He thinks about Kihiro and Sakiko's reluctance to go and becomes determined to stick to his belief in Polaris until the end, shedding tears.

Keitarou calls Rika to talk to her a bit. Rika says they're prolonging her hospital stay, which is frustrating her since she wants to go to Hinamizawa. Keitarou says things aren't going well with his friends, to the point he's losing hair. Keitarou asks her to give him some strength, and she tells him to fight on.

Just then, Keitarou hears the doorbell ringing and hangs up with Rika. He wonders if someone is here to pick him up for the event, and then remembers his mom was going to meet with his dad when he came. He also wonders if it;s his grandma. Keitarou opens the door to find Inori and Kururu waiting for him. He begins to greet them when he wonders how they figured out where he lived, and suddenly a group of Polaris members appear and grab him, and charge into his house.

The Polaris group, led by Canopus, locks the front door and say to carry out the plan. Some men go to retrieve Keitarou's grandparents, much to their surprise. Kururu takes Keitarou's phone and opens it using his face, and confirms he had a recent call history with Rika. As Keitarou gets tied to a chair, the Polaris men come out with his grandparents and tell Canopus that these are the only family members in the house. Canopus says they'll do just fine for an example and tells them to guard the entrance, just in case Keitarou's mom returns.

Canopus addresses his group and says they must protect their world by any means, for it is their mission as the Ring of Stars. Keitarou remembers the Ring of Stars is supposed to be an extremist group in Polaris and is shocked they're real, and demands that Kururu answer him. He asks if she's a member of the Ring of Stars and lied about being devout to Polaris, but Kururu ignores him and says to carry out his execution.

Kururu accuses Keitarou and all of Hinamizawa for masterminding a plot to destroy the world, and that they have sinned, so they will be shown what happens when they treat Polaris with contempt. Keitarou demands them to stop, but Kururu and the other members begin chanting that bonds with others are the source of misfortune, and that society forces it upon them. They say to never look at them, touch them, or speak to them, and stab Keitarou's grandparents in the eyes, hands, and tongue during this. Canopus takes a look at their dead bodies and says Hinamizawa will think twice before getting involved with them.

An angry and crying Keitarou asks if the Holy Mother ordered this. The Polaris group still says he cannot comprehend the glorious Holy Mother because of his corruption, and praise her while scratching their own necks. They say Keitarou planned to line up Polaris and tear them apart. Kururu also derides Keitarou for looking down on the Holy Mother, and Keitarou asks what she means. Kururu says he's playing dumb and lifts him by the head to point out his behavior to the others; despite killing his grandparents in front of him, he's acting like it never happened and isn't holding it against them or blaming them, so they must eradicate this filthy tradition. Kururu then sees Keitarou's hair is getting all over her and shakes it off.

Kururu starts calling herself filthy for getting involved with Hinamizawa and begins praying to the Holy Mother, finding it inexcusable that she went along with the Watanagashi. She refers to herself as Miaplacidus and calls herself useless. Keitarou cries and says he'll apologize if he did something wrong, but Canopus tells Kururu to ignore him and stop getting involved. Canopus tells his daughter that her deeds exposed the malice in the villagers, and all the corruption she couldn't cleanse in the purification ceremony can be cleansed now; they are just fulfilling their duty in protecting the world. Kururu agrees.

Keitarou has no idea what Polaris is talking about, and wonders what it is he did that's worth killing his family over. Despairing over the thought of being killed by someone he trusted, he calls out to Inori and says that they can still understand each other, but Kururu stands between them and tells Inori not to get involved, and asks if she's also been tainted. Inori tells her to get some rest and then talks to Keitarou. She says he was like a star, shining and radiant, and she could never take her eyes off of him. But every time he came near, she would struggle to breathe, and she felt miserable since she couldn't reciprocate Keitarou's radiance. The other Polaris kids became stressed by interacting with him, and it became stronger the more it happened. Kururu couldn't see it, but Inori saw that Keitarou's radiance was like a star bringing misfortune to the world. She starts scratching her throat as she says this.

Keitarou can't understand that he did something wrong, and he sees that everyone in Polaris is scratching their throat, including Canopus. The members say that the descendants of the demons and pawns of the Furude family can never be forgiven for hunting Polaris. Kururu says she was an idiot for eating with them and got infected with their maggot-breeding poison. Canopus says that so long as people like them who oppress the weak and manipulate people exist, the world will never be free of misfortune.

The Polaris members say they will burn away the ominous star by shining brighter than him, and set fire to Keitarou's house. Kururu gives Inori the new name of Mirach and applauds her for joining the Ring of Stars. She tells her not to be afraid since their lives will be exchanged for world peace. Canopus tells all of his comrades to join hands and sing, so protect the happiness in their world. The Polaris members indeed form a circle and start singing about how the stars revolve around Polaris. Keitarou realizes that they all intend to burn to death with him. The Polaris members cry with happiness as they sing.

Keitarou starts laughing upon seeing Inori singing as well, and accepts that if he can bring peace to the world by sacrificing himself, then he'll do it. He asks Oyashiro-sama if Hinamizawa and Polaris were enemies from the start, or if they were wrong to try and understand each other. He remembers his friends' warnings about Polaris and apologizes for not listening to them. Keitarou accepts that Polaris is crazy and that he never should've tried to understand them, and apologizes as the blaze burns everything away.

Meanwhile, Kihiro is at the Starlight Camp, which has already begun, and sends a bunch of texts to Keitarou, wondering why he's late. No Polaris members have shown up at all, and he was hoping that Kururu would've appeared. Kihiro then notices something in the distance, and points out to Tamaki a fire rising from the direction of Keitarou's house. In the morning, Kihiro, Sakiko, and Tamaki go to look at the charred remains of the Maebara house, with Sakiko beginning to cry since she expected this to happen from the beginning. Even though Keitarou was so willing to believe in Polaris, they killed him and his grandparents anyway, so this is a great time to finally kick them out. Tamaki hugs Sakiko and begins speaking in her authority as a Sonozaki member, explaining that Polaris didn't kill Keitarou. According to the police, the culprits withdrew from Polaris before coming to Keitarou's house, so Polaris has no direct involvement in the crime and can't be charged. The incident with Kisaku's aide has also been declared a suicide.

Oniokoshi 8-5 mourning

Keitarou's loved ones mourn his death

Everyone mourns Keitarou's death: Kihiro, Sakiko, Tamaki, Mion, Satoko, Rena, and Keiichi and his wife. Rika hears about it on her phone and remembers Keitarou's promise to turn everything around. She wishes for someone to uncover the truth as she dies, the second bead on her bracelet shattering.