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Oniokoshi-hen Chapter 4 (第4話 Dai Yon-wa) is the fourth chapter of Oniokoshi-hen.


Some Hinamizawans talk about graffiti demanding dirty people to leave and saying that demon blood won't die out, an apparent escalation from previous incidents. They plan to report it to Mayor Kimiyoshi but not the police, not wanting Hinamizawa's World Heritage Site status to be in jeopardy.

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Keitarou and his friends are gathered to induct Kururu as a new member of the club. Tamaki is surprised they're making friends with a Polaris child, and Sakiko says she had to skip festival prep to come here. The group starts having a picnic to celebrate. Kururu feeds something to Keitarou, and he starts getting enamored with the thought of Kururu feeding him more and teasing him with her exposed cleavage. Kururu however doesn't do that, and taunts Keitarou for it as Sakiko laughs. Kururu tries to feed Kihiro, but he says he likes to eat at his own pace and hands her a napkin, which surprises Kururu.

Keitarou asks Kururu about Polaris living in Yagouchi, and Sakiko mumbles that Grandpa is mad at how the modern architecture in the place clashes with Hinamizawa. Keitarou tells Kururu all about Seventh Mart, the Tomita Tofu Shop, and offers help for snow removal in winter. Kururu interrupts to ask if the curse of Oyashiro-sama is really true, and if he's a scary god that kidnaps and eats people. She also asks if there really was a curse 40 years ago involving dismemberment murders, and Kihiro and Tamaki are quick to deny it.

Kururu is sad they don't know despite being locals, and Keitarou asks where she heard those stories anyway. Sakiko matter-of-factly states that Oyashiro-sama is a terrifying a god who curses outsiders and enemies of the village, and that he really would kill someone if he were angry. A dark mood falls over the group as Sakiko quickly says she's joking. Kururu believes it however.

Keitarou asks her about Polaris life, and Kururu says it's not very interesting except for the occasional Hypnos Flute: a member will go into a rage and start shouting, and others will give them medicine, light some incense, and play special music until they calm down. Keitarou is creeped out at the ghost story, but Kururu says she's serious and that he shouldn't get involved. Kihiro asks if she'll get punished for hanging out with outsiders, but Kururu says she'll be fine.

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Keitarou asks if Inori would also get punished and if she could also hang out with them, but Kururu's mood changes as she asks why. Keitarou says he wants to return something to her, and Kururu asks to have it so she can do it. Keitarou insists on returning it himself, and Kururu menacingly asks if he wants to have Inori as his prey because of how weak she is. Keitarou sees it as another lewd remark and goes off on her. The club continues to talk and play around, with Kihiro observing Keitarou and Kururu's interactions.

Keitarou declares they're going to have a club meeting to welcome Kururu as their newest member. Keitarou reminds everyone of the rules and says they're going with that punishment for the loser since it's been a while. Tamaki and Kihiro are horrified while Sakiko is eager to take pictures of the loser. Kururu tries to scurry off but Keitarou stops her. Keitarou pulls out a brand-new deck of cards to play President with, remembering when the club's parents would play together.

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The club gets fired up during play. Keitarou pulls off a reversal which confuses Kururu, as she's never seen that rule. Keitarou says it's a Hinamizawa rule, and the first round soon ends with him as the winner and Kururu the loser. In the second round, Keitarou asks Kururu to give him two cards. She's caught off guard since normally it's one card and tries to get out of it by revealing more of her midriff, but Keitarou stands by the two-card rule. Later, Kururu plays a Dance Party hand with a jack, queen, and king. Keitarou tries to play against it, but Kururu says only face cards can be played after a Dance Party; Keitarou is confused, and Kururu says it's a worldwide rule. Kihiro hasn't heard of it either and starts looking it up. The others question if it's a Polaris rule, and Keitarou opts to accept it since Kururu accepted their Hinamizawa rule in the first round.

Kururu manages to win the second round. Chirping noises resound, and Kururu is enamored by the view of Hinamizawa from the lookout. Keitarou says long ago, the villagers banded together and fought against the government's dam project, and now they're on track to becoming a World Heritage Site. Keitarou hopes that by Hinamizawa and Polaris sharing their customs, they'll be able to open up to each other.

Keitarou is revealed to be taking the punishment, wearing a school swimsuit, cat gear, bell collar, and has to speak like a little brother and maid. Kihiro happily takes a picture of him and uploads it, much to Keitarou's dismay. As the club fools around, Keitarou thinks about how he wants to show Inori this scenery and wonders if they can get closer like this.

Keitarou invites Kururu to join the club tomorrow for the Watanagashi Festival. As he and Kururu talk, Kihiro looks at his internet search: 0 results for Dance Party being a President rule. Kihiro knew it was made-up despite the many President house rules and remembered that Kururu played a similar hand in round 1 and didn't call it there. Kihiro decides he's overthinking it and is content with it, so long as Keitarou's happy.

Kururu takes a picture of the Hinamizawa scenery and mutters that it's a fitting name for a hick village; it should be renamed Polaris Town.

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Sakiko returns to home to see her grandfather asking a Polaris representative when they'll figure out who's harassing Hinamizawa. Sakiko's dad gets angry and says he's being too soft, then starts swearing at the rep and accuses Polaris of masterminding it. The rep calmly replies that Hinamizawa should be the ones that apologize to Polaris for doubting them. Mr. Kimiyoshi demands to meet the Holy Mother and settle things right there. Sakiko weakly makes her presence known by announcing her return, but her dad says she needs to give a better greeting. Sakiko ignores him.

The Polaris rep says he'd like to meet with the Kimiyoshi family head as well as its heir. Satoko appears and tells Sakiko to get washed up. Sakiko questions why this guy is talking so much despite being from Polaris, and Satoko says he's an exception as their representative and calls him Isshiki-san, which intrigues Sakiko. Mr. Isshiki reminds the Kimiyoshis that they'll settle things in the next mayoral election if they're going to use the council to pressure them, and suggests that every member of Polaris join.

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Sakiko is sure he's Kururu's father. As the men continue to speak, Satoko notes how unafraid he is despite her husband's tactics. Sakiko says her dad isn't really scary and acts big when in public, but has to be taken care of by her wife at home. Satoko tells her to quiet down, as her dad needs to maintain his dignity as the next head. Sakiko becomes frustrated at how Polaris's arrival caused Hinamizawa and her own household to become on edge, and Satoko comforts her. She promises to listen to all of her complaints, so long as they're at home. They go off to pick out a Watanagashi outfit.

Some villagers prepare for the Watanagashi and discuss the possibility of the curse happening again this year. One says last year's death only happened due to illness, but still wonders how someone completely healthy could die on the festival day. They wonder if the villagers would incur divine wrath for allowing nonbelievers into the village. Meanwhile, Rika is still resting in Shishibone University Hospital and sees that tomorrow's the Watanagashi. In the previous loop, Mion was murdered and Keiichi went missing, and she wonders if that can be prevented this time. Something resembling Oyashiro-sama's curse happened last year, and she wonders if it's manmade or a coincidence. Rika hopes her attempt to reach out to Keitarou will avert that tragedy.

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At home in the Polaris community, Kururu takes a very hot shower while gasping in pain. Once she gets out, her father comments on her successful purification bath. Kururu, dressed in robes, explains the status of Keitarou, Sakiko, Tamaki, and Kihiro. Mr. Isshiki tells her to keep watching them, and she calls him "Comrade Canopus" in return. Mr. Isshiki goes to a room where the Holy Mother is surrounded by praying people and asks if preparations are ready since it's almost tomorrow. The Holy Mother says they'll make this a wonderful festival.