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This page features the TIPS included in Onikakushi. Character dialogue will be summarized while documents and articles are transcribed as-is.

We're a mixed grade?[]

During self-study at school, Keiichi sees that he and Rena are the same age and therefore the same zodiac animal. Mion chimes in saying that they might be the same age but could be born on different months. Rena says she was born in July, and Keiichi says he was born in April and takes pride in being older. Rena says he's the same age as Mion then, with Mion saying that will change in a few months.

Keiichi remembers that Mion is in a higher grade and Satoko and Rika are underclassmen, so they should be going to a different school. Mion explains that all the grades are mixed up in this school because it's being rented from the forestry service, and there aren't enough classrooms. There used to be another schoolhouse from before the war, however it got closed down. Ordinarily, Hinamizawa kids would have to go to school in Okinomiya, but it's far. As a result, some people who didn't want to go that far rented the forestry building, and so half of the children in Hinamizawa attend.

Mion says that because of that, some of those kids might not reach a higher education, but Rena and Keiichi say that studying can take you anywhere. Keiichi says that Mion especially needs to study since she has to prepare for exams. The teacher then yells at them to be quiet during self-study. Satoko makes fun of Keiichi for it. Keiichi understands that the school makes up for its lack of education in other places.

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We don't have a uniform?[]

Keiichi and Satoko complain about the hot summer heat during school. Satoko notes how cool Keiichi looks with his button-up shirt, and Keiichi replies that Satoko's skirt looks cooler. Keiichi also compliments the color of Rena's summer clothes, with Satoko wishing her own were the same.

Keiichi notes that their school doesn't have a set uniform, and Rena says that regular clothes are fine so long as they're proper. Keiichi notices that other students were wearing regular clothes with similar designs, and Satoko says those are the city school uniforms. Keiichi then notes how everyone in his friend group is wearing different uniforms and asks where they came from. Rena explains that Mion's relative runs a secondhand clothing store, which they all got their uniforms from. They're able to get uniforms from anywhere cheaply.

The group talks about how strange that the store even stocks used school swimsuits and PE uniforms, with Rena relaying that Mion believes it'll become a great store someday.

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The Maebara Manor[]

Mion asks if Keiichi is rich and how much monthly allowance he gets. Keiichi says he gets about $10 every month, which Satoko mocks him for. Rika points out how his lunch looks normal, so he isn't really rich. Keiichi doesn't understand why they're like this, and Mion says everyone calls his house the Maebara Manor due to how large it is. It stands out, and so people are wondering how rich he is. Keiichi understands the confusion since the frame is large.

Keiichi says they live in a normal household despite appearances, but Mion says it can't be normal due to how large the entranceway and gate are. Keiichi says the house is big because his dad's studio is in there, and there are a lot of different workshops. Only a third of the house is used for day-to-day living. His dad hopes that people and cars can come in to see the gallery one day, and the entranceway Mion mentioned is meant for the studio.

The group expresses interest in exploring Keiichi's house. Keiichi thinks his dad would be happy to have them over.

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The dam site murder/dismemberment (Newspaper edition)[]

From the June XXth 1979 edition.

The Shishibone city Okinomiya police station, June XXth, late at night.

Suspects XXXX, XXX, XXXX, XXXXX, XXXX were arrested on suspicion of murder and improper disposal of a corpse. The main offender, XXXX, has been added to wanted lists nationwide.

According to our sources, the six suspects were at the Hinamizawa dam construction site work room on the XXth at 9 PM, where they are suspected to have assaulted and murdered the site overseer XXXX as a group, dismembering his body and hiding it.

On the XXth at 8 o'clock in the morning, a report was filed by the Shishibone city hospital in which a male suspect alluded to having murdered Mr. XXXX. When questioned at the police station, the individual confessed to the crime.

Since a portion of the body was recovered at the location he gave, he was arrested that afternoon on suspicion of murder and mutilation of a corpse.

The rest of the suspects were arrested the same day, but the main culprit is still at large. Police are currently on his trail.

The motive is purported to be "a drunken verbal dispute, during which he killed the victim in a fit of anger." However, as there are multiple inconsistencies with their testimonies, the investigation is ongoing.

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The Hinamizawa Dam Project[]

October, 1975.

In accordance with the Prime Minister's bulletin number XXX, Hinamizawa's electrical development master plan was announced.

The vast scope of the projected Hinamizawa dam was to have an incredibly heavy impact on the village of Hinamizawa.

The area to be flooded by the Hinamizawa dam would include the five areas of Hinamizawa, Takatsudo, Kiyotsu, Matsumoto, and Yagochi.

The submerged area would include 291 houses. Population: 1,251, 1 elementary school, 1 middle school, 1 post office, 1 agricultural cooperative, 1 forestry department lumber yard, 5 shrines, 2 temples, and 1 fishery. All of these communal, cultural, agricultural areas, and places of worship were to be indefinitely submerged at the bottom of the artificial lake basin.

Forsaking the hundreds of years our ancestors poured their blood and sweat into this fertile, resource-rich land was just too painful to bear.

All the residents having homes that were to be submerged banded together, and created the Onigafuchi Guardians.

The dam project was halted and petitions to alter the plan were circulated.

The citizens sought peaceful negotiations, but the government and its puppet company XXXXX openly refused.

Performing unspeakable, heinous acts, they quashed the democratic actions of the villagers.

But the villagers did not falter. Instead, they banded together even more closely and steeled their resolve to protect their homes to the death.

The continuation of that frightening Hinamizawa dam construction project is still stalled as of today.

The villages understand that the stalling was caused by sublime power through unity and they understand that this fearsome plan has not yet been fully withdrawn.

The Onigafuchi Guardians had been dissolved after it did its party, but the feelings of unity it garnered have not yet been extinguished.

As long as that passion resides in the hearts of the residents, they'll be able to confront whomever next decides to sink their homes into a lake basin.

Onigafuchi Guardians Committee Chairman, Kiichirou Kimiyoshi

Special tabloid report[]

Nightmare befalls the Hinamizawa dam!

Lynching and murder/dismemberment!

On X day of X month in XX prefecture at the Hinamizawa dam construction work site in Shishibone City, a bone-chillingly gruesome murder/dismemberment.

Even though this case has shocked the archipelago, the police will give no details on the case... Exactly what happened at the Hinamizawa dam...?

"They probably didn't emean to kill him at first, but as the victim resisted by swinging around a shovel, the rest of the perpetrators armed themselves in return, and it quickly escalated to homicide."

So said the aforementioned Investigator A.

After this bloody tragedy was over, they were left with a body which nobody could have mistaken as alive...

XX-san had tormented the suspects daily with his rough behavior.

At first it was meant to be payback...

"All the perpetrators were horrified by their deed and one even turned himself in to the police."

It was the de facto leader of this group, XX, who suggested hiding the body.

Reluctantly at first, they soon began to think they did not wish to be caught.

The construction site had numerous places to hide the body with six people...

They were originally supposed to hide the body and leave the area...

But the de facto leader feared that the consciences of the other five wouldn't be able to bear the burden and came up with a horrifying method to keep them from turning him in to the police...

He devised the heinous method of splitting up the body among them and making each of them responsible for hiding a piece.

"XX had turned a simple manslaughter into a gruesome dismemberment and forcibly involved each perpetrator in order to create a sense of unity between them."

Each one participated. But what does this mean? Person A spoke out reluctantly:

"XX had ordered each and every one of them to dissect a piece for themselves. They were hesitant at first, but nobody refused."

In for a penny, in for a pound... was what it meant.

Thus, an unimaginable bloody ceremony began.

"The perpetrators wept and vomited as they performed the gruesome task. There was one person who stubbornly refused, but XX threatened them, saying, "Nothing would change if someone else ended up dead," and he gave up in his objections.

But XX's plan collapsed in the span of one night.

XXX, who had refused to dissect the corpse up until the last moment, had broken down into tears at the hospital where he was being treated for an injury sustained during the scuffle and confessed...

The criminals were arrested one after the other, but the de facto leader XX's whereabouts are still unknown.

Also, the right arm hidden by XX has yet to be found.

Despite an ongoing search, this horrible individual has so far managed to elude law enforcement.

What could the police be doing...?

"It appears that XX had said he was going to throw the body (right arm) into the swamp. XX's car was discovered abandoned near the swamp, but there were no clues to his whereabouts."

XX didn't trust his companions.

One cannot deny the possibility that he had expected his companions to confess to the police and used his car as a decoy.

"Of course, I doubt that theory. Since he has no car, one would expect him to have a limited area to which he could have escaped to. But within the station there were rumors going around that he had accidentally slipped and drowned in the swamp when he went to throw away the body."

To the locals, that swamp is believed to be bottomless. It's known as Onigafuchi, the Demon's Abyss, and it's said that the bottom of the swamp is connected to the hellish world of demons.

The atrocious demon from hell that was XX. Could it be that he had returned to hell through the swamp...?

The Zijin Dragon, bringer of luck and fortune!

-Prosperous future!- -Ladies leaping into your arms!- -Business success!- -Promotions!- -Ambition!- -Protection from harm!-

Not just with pachinko and horse races, but business and even love...

Guaranteed or your money back!

Zijin Dragon Bracelet DX (One piece)

27,800 yen

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What kind of name is Rena?[]

At school, Rika ponders over where Rena has gone. After Mion jokes about her having bowel problems, Satoko confirms that she has class duty and is off watering the flowers. It occurs to Keiichi that Rena has a rather unusual name, and he asks the others what kanji her name uses. Rika tells him that Rena is a nickname. Keiichi is surprised by this as he's only ever heard her called Rena, even at school, and decides to ask her what her real name is when she comes back. Satoko and Rika tell him that won't be necessary, as they already know her real name - Reina, from the kanji "rei" in "orei" and "na" in "nara". Keiichi misinterprets them and thinks that her name is spelled "Reina" but pronounced "Rena", but the others tell him that Reina is pronounced as it's spelled, and Rena is just what she prefers to be called. Mion tells Keiichi that only strangers call her Reina, and Keiichi understands that what Mion means is that it doesn't matter. Rena is Rena, and her "real name" isn't important. Keiichi asks Mion if she would call him by a nickname if he wanted. He asks what the name is, and he replies, "con man".

Rena returns to the classroom and hears from one of the younger students that people were looking for her. Mion and Keiichi spot her and confront her dramatically, taking the roles of an evil bailiff and a con man, respectively. They wind up their attack and Rena calls for help from "Suke-san" and "Kaku-san", Satoko and Rika respectively. Satoko readily agrees, and Rika states she expects her fee to be paid to her Swiss bank account. A battle begins but immediately ends, as Rena's overwhelming power easily takes out Mion and Keiichi. They laugh together and Rena helps Keiichi up as their break ends and class begins again.

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Community notice[]

We're greeting the end of the rainy season sooner than in prior years. On this day, when it feels like summer will soon arrive, I'm pleased that everyone is in good health.

The season for the Watanagashi is finally upon us.

I believe the assistance of the town council will make this a wonderful festival.

I also wish to ask for the assistance of everyone in regards to a few things...

  1. Collecting bazaar goods! Villagers are welcome to put their wares on show at the well-received Hinamizawa grand bazaar exhibition. Anything is welcome, from unconsumed gifts to used clothing! No raw goods, please. Management: Makino - Tel (X) XXXX
  2. Recruiting Li'l Festival Drum Dancers! The renowned "Li'l Festival Drum Dancers" group known for its careful choreography, The Shoufu Society, is taking last minute participants. We're looking for any showboat elementary and middle schoolers! Management: Kimiyoshi - Tel (X) XXXX
  3. Taking donations!! We are accepting donations in multiples of 1,000 yen. For every 1,000 yen donation, you'll be awarded a refreshment stand ticket! Management: Sonozaki - Tel (X) XXXX

We are always taking suggestions for ways to improve the festival.

If you have an interesting idea, call Kimiyoshi at (X) XXXX!

(There is a 200 yen refreshment stand ticket attached below the cut line.)

Houjou couple's falling incident[]

From the June 1980 edition.

On the afternoon of XX at 2PM, office employee XXXX and his wife XXXX of Hinamizawa village in Shishibone prefecture disappeared after falling 27 meters from the observatory platform in Shirakawa prefecture.

Police and firefighters searched downstream and discovered the body of XXXX at around 7PM that evening.

His wife, XXXXX has yet to be found.

The search has run into difficulties due to the effects of Typhoon 3 from the previous day.

It appeared a railing at the observatory that the XXs leaned on had broken, causing them to fall.

The grounds keeping staff was questioned by the police in regards to facility deterioration, and if park maintenance was performed properly.

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The terminal illness death of Shinto Priest Furude[]

From the June 1981 edition

On the afternoon of XX around 10PM in the X district of Hinamizawa village in Shishibone prefecture, the shinto priest of the Furude shrine passed away after an existing condition he was recovering from suddenly worsened.

Parties close to the deceased said he was suffering from anxiety issues concerning the festival, which was to be held that day.

Also, after XXXX's death, his wife XXXX went missing, leaving behind a farewell note.

The police and local youth association continued the search. However, given the presence of the farewell message and the fact that the Onigafuchi swamp is said to be bottomless, they have run into difficulties.

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Housewife murder[]

(It wasn't reported in the newspaper...)

Radio Log[]

A police officer named Ooishi, identified as Unit 3, receives a call from Okinomiya Station. The station dispatch tells him that back-up is on the way and to hold position, turn off his headlights and maintain radio silence. Ooishi relates that the doctor has arrived and wants to carry "it" away, asking what to do, and the station dispatch tells him to allow it. Ooishi muses that his backup has arrived, and that the "vic" is done for.

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There are more than four perpetrators?[]

Search notice[]

Notice from the police chief[]

What's a drug that makes you commit suicide?[]


Not feeling so hot[]

Split personality???[]

At the Seventh Mart[]