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There are 14 total achievements:

Image Name Description
Higurashi ch1 Steam Farewell Achievements.jpg Farewell... Bid your love goodbye.
Higurashi ch1 Steam Welcome to Hinamizawa Achievements.jpg Welcome to Hinamizawa Meet the villagers of Hinamizawa.
Higurashi ch1 Steam One Mans Trash Achievements.jpg One Man's Trash... Help Rena find her treasure.
Higurashi ch1 Steam A Fate Worse than Death Achievements.jpg A Fate Worse Than Death Have your luck run out.
Higurashi ch1 Steam Not a clue Achievements.jpg Not a Clue Receive an unexpected report.
Higurashi ch1 Steam LIES Achievements.jpg LIES!!! Lie to Rena.
Higurashi ch1 Steam Hard to Swallow Achievements.jpg Hard to Swallow Enjoy(?) a homemade snack.
Higurashi ch1 Steam Chasing Shadows Achievements.jpg Chasing Shadows Pursue the truth behind the crimes.
Higurashi ch1 Steam Pinch Hitter Achievements.jpg Pinch Hitter Take up another's bat.
Higurashi ch1 Steam Rain of apologies Achievements.jpg Rain of Apologies Falling on deaf ears.
Higurashi ch1 Steam Chased by Shadows Achievements.jpg Chased by Shadows Run from the truth of your crimes.
Higurashi ch1 Steam Please uncover the truth Achievements.jpg Please, Uncover the Truth Complete Onikakushi chapter.
Higurashi ch1 Steam Onikakushi Party Achievements.jpg Onikakushi Party Enjoy Onikakushi's after-party.
Higurashi ch1 Steam Detective - Onikakushi Achievements.jpg Detective - Onikakushi Read all TIPS in Onikakushi.