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Onikakushi Day 1

Keiichi Maebara is sleeping in the train returning to Hinamizawa after going to a relative's funeral in the city. Even while in his sleep, Keiichi is able to hear the sound of a girl apologizing without end. He gets annoyed that the one she's apologizing to isn't forgiving her, before his father wakes him up, telling him that they have arrived at the village.

Keiichi returns to his house in Hinamizawa and greets the fresh morning air. His mother calls him for breakfast downstairs, leading him to go over to there and eat her cooking. She comments on how happy she was that Keiichi's appetite got better ever since they arrived at Hinamizawa. She also tells him to thank his friend, Rena Ryuugu, for the pickles that she gave them.

Keiichi greets Rena outside of his house as the two of them decided to head off to school. Keiichi comments on how Rena never gets late, to which she responds that she would always wait for him. Keiichi teases her by saying that he would leave her behind, causing Rena to take it seriously. Keiichi reveals to her that he was merely joking and that he would wait for her, which leads to Rena saying 'thank you' with pink in her cheeks. Keiichi thanks Rena for the pickles just as his mother told him to, then teases Rena once again by asking her whether it was her mother or her who made them. After a while of struggling, Rena reveals that she was the one who made the pickles, to which Keiichi replies with how delicious they were. This causes Rena to be flustered again, spacing out. Keiichi comments that they shouldn't keep their other friend, Mion Sonozaki, waiting. Rena agrees with him and they both run to where Mion was, also waiting for them to arrive.

Mion comments that Keiichi and Rena were late, whereas Keiichi talks back to her by telling her she was the one who was usually late. Mion greets Rena a good morning, then she makes fun of Keiichi by asking him how long it has been since they last met. Keiichi gets annoyed and argues back, saying that she was only gone for two days. Mion laughs, saying that Keiichi a 'cute little tyke' the last time she saw him. With her gaze, Keiichi finds out that she was referring to the part between his legs. Keiichi boasts, saying that it indeed has gotten bigger. Mion plays along, saying that there was a moustache there, too. Keiichi tells Mion he'd show it to her next time, but Mion persists, insisting that it was a great time to show it to her. Despite thinking that it was dirty, Keiichi agrees. When his hand reached for his fly, Rena started stammering and playing dumb, despite knowing exactly what he was about to do.

As they walk to school, Mion asks Keiichi what the city was like. Keiichi then replies saying that he only went to the funeral and never had enough time. Mion then asks him if he found what she was asking him to look for. Keiichi once again reminds her that he only went there for a funeral and that he didn't have enough time to look at the toy stores. Mion adds to her statement, declaring toy stores and hobby shops as completely different things, also saying that it was difficult to get western stuff around Hinamizawa. Rena then asks Mion if the conversation was about games again, to which Mion nods, revealing that she wanted Keiichi to bring her a 'west port' catalogue, which was short for 'western imported games'. Keiichi asks why she wouldn't just let someone send her through mail, and Mion responds that she probably had to already, declaring that she would get another game 'full of hot action'. Rena speaks up, saying that she wanted a game that was easier to understand. Keiichi then adds that they should let him play if they thought it was a game he could understand, to which Mion agrees, despite warning him that they were pretty tough. Keiichi accepts, saying that it was exactly as he wanted and that he had no intention of losing. Rena is impressed, saying that they might let him into the club. Mion winks at her, and then reveals that she thought boys like him preferred playing outdoors. Keiichi then starts to think that he should try harder for both Rena and Mion.

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