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Plot Summary

This episode focuses on introducing the main cast, the setting of Hinashizawa, and basic story elements like Oyashiro-sama's curse, the Watanagashi festival, and the concept of "demoning away" among others. The episode is entirely from Keiichi's point of view, and focuses primarily on Rena. As this is the first arc the difficulty is considered extremely high as the player has very little information to go off of.

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Onikakushi Chapter 1 (Day 1)

Location Summary
Unknown Please do not lament.

I will forgive you even if the world will not forgive you.

Please do not lament.
I will forgive you even if you will not forgive the world.

So please tell me.
What will it take for you to forgive me?

-Frederica Bernkastel

Unknown An unknown narrator speaks as violent noises are heard and sprays of blood are seen. The narrator says that they trusted someone, or that they only wanted to trust her to avoid the truth. They say that she never cried, and the only one crying is them; that she repeated words over and over without showing emotion. They talk about how they've stubbornly refused to throw something away and chose to believe, but that now they have done more than enough. They talk about how every swing makes them forget more about her kindness and her smile, that this is their last bouquet for her, and that perhaps they really loved her.

Console versions insert an opening video for Nageki no Mori.

Location Summary
Train Keiichi Maebara is sleeping in the train returning to Hinamizawa after going to a relative's funeral in the city. Even while in his sleep, Keiichi is able to hear the sound of a girl apologizing without end. He gets annoyed that the one she's apologizing to isn't forgiving her, before his father wakes him up, telling him that they have arrived at the village.
Keiichi's House Keiichi returns to his house in Hinamizawa and greets the fresh morning air. His mother calls him for breakfast downstairs, leading him to go over to there and eat her cooking. She comments on how happy she was that Keiichi's appetite got better ever since they arrived at Hinamizawa. She also tells him to thank his friend, Rena Ryuugu, for the pickles that she gave them.
Hinamizawa Keiichi greets Rena outside of his house as the two of them decided to head off to school. Keiichi comments on how Rena never gets late, to which she responds that she would always wait for him. Keiichi teases her by saying that he would leave her behind, causing Rena to take it seriously. Keiichi reveals to her that he was merely joking and that he would wait for her, which leads to Rena saying 'thank you' with pink in her cheeks. Keiichi thanks Rena for the pickles just as his mother told him to, then teases Rena once again by asking her whether it was her mother or her who made them. After a while of struggling, Rena reveals that she was the one who made the pickles, to which Keiichi replies with how delicious they were. This causes Rena to be flustered again, spacing out. Keiichi comments that they shouldn't keep their other friend, Mion Sonozaki, waiting. Rena agrees with him and they both run to where Mion was, also waiting for them to arrive.

Mion comments that Keiichi and Rena were late, whereas Keiichi talks back to her by telling her she was the one who was usually late. Mion greets Rena a good morning, then she makes fun of Keiichi by asking him how long it has been since they last met. Keiichi gets annoyed and argues back, saying that she was only gone for two days. Mion laughs, saying that Keiichi a 'cute little tyke' the last time she saw him. With her gaze, Keiichi finds out that she was referring to the part between his legs. Keiichi boasts, saying that it indeed has gotten bigger. Mion plays along, saying that there was a moustache there, too. Keiichi tells Mion he'd show it to her next time, but Mion persists, insisting that it was a great time to show it to her. Despite thinking that it was dirty, Keiichi agrees. When his hand reached for his fly, Rena started stammering and playing dumb, despite knowing exactly what he was about to do.

As they walk to school, Mion asks Keiichi what the city was like. Keiichi then replies saying that he only went to the funeral and never had enough time. Mion then asks him if he found what she was asking him to look for. Keiichi once again reminds her that he only went there for a funeral and that he didn't have enough time to look at the toy stores. Mion adds to her statement, declaring toy stores and hobby shops as completely different things, also saying that it was difficult to get western stuff around Hinamizawa. Rena then asks Mion if the conversation was about games again, to which Mion nods, revealing that she wanted Keiichi to bring her a 'west port' catalogue, which was short for 'western imported games'. Keiichi asks why she wouldn't just let someone send her through mail, and Mion responds that she probably had to already, declaring that she would get another game 'full of hot action'. Rena speaks up, saying that she wanted a game that was easier to understand. Keiichi then adds that they should let him play if they thought it was a game he could understand, to which Mion agrees, despite warning him that they were pretty tough. Keiichi accepts, saying that it was exactly as he wanted and that he had no intention of losing. Rena is impressed, saying that they might let him into the club. Mion winks at her, and then reveals that she thought boys like him preferred playing outdoors. Keiichi then starts to think that he should try harder for both Rena and Mion.

Hinamizawa Branch School Hinamizawa's school, due to lack of students, has only one classroom with students of all ages. Mion tries to get Keiichi to enter the classroom first but he stops to avoid a trap from Satoko Houjou, only to get caught in a different trap immediately after. Rika Furude comforts him in the aftermath as Keiichi and Satoko roughhouse playfully. Rika tells Keiichi that Satoko had been lonely in his absence from school. Satoko cries in protest, and Rena swoons over how cute the scene is.

As the teacher is mostly busy with younger students, Rena and Mion are forced to work on their own and are behind Keiichi in their studies. Keiichi helps them with their work until lunchtime, where the three eat together with Satoko and Rika. They share their food, complimenting Rika and Rena's cooking skills. Mion reveals that Satoko can't tell the difference between cauliflower and broccoli, to her embarrassment. Satoko complains to Rena about being teased, and Rena reveals her power, punching Keiichi and Mion's lights out in gleeful retaliation.

Hinamizawa As the friends head home, Keiichi laments that school always ends too soon. Rena asks if he's free the next day, and after some teasing between Keiichi and Mion about Rena possibly asking him on a date, he learns that Rena and Mion want to show him around Hinamizawa, as he is still new to the area. Keiichi agrees but jokes about leaving Mion behind, to which Rena readily agrees, planning to make lots of food for them to go on a picnic together and knocking Mion out again. Keiichi and Mion commiserate over Rena's impossible strength.

Background Music

  • Afternoon in Paris/Boy in the Windmill (At Keiichi's house, Arriving at school, Class time)
  • Lunch Time/MangaGamer Track 1 (Chatting with Rena, Lunch time)
  • Hello!/Kneecap (Mion arrives, Satoko's introduction)
  • Helter Skelter/bright sun (Satoko's trap, Cauliflower or broccoli?)
  • Orange-Colored Time/What is wished (After school)

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Onikakushi Chapter 2 (Day 2)

Location Summary
Hinamizawa Keiichi runs late to meet up with his friends. He meets Mion and Rena at their usual meeting place and find that Rena has made a massive amount of food, having taken Keiichi's mention of a picnic the day before seriously. They head out on their walk, running into passerby's who all know Keiichi's name. Mion explains that because Hinamizawa is so small, the villagers assume that someone they don't recognize must be the person who just moved in. He also learns that Mion and Rena know the names and profiles of every person they've met; Hinamizawa is a place where everyone knows everything about everyone else. They decide it's time to eat lunch, and Mion suggests moving somewhere with a good view.
Furude Shrine Mion and Rena lead Keiichi to Furude Shrine, with Mion admonishing Keiichi to remember the place, as it is where the Watanagashi festival, a festival that once celebrated the end of winter, will soon be held. As Rena spreads out the lunchboxes, Rika and Satoko arrive. They begin to eat, with Satoko and Keiichi fighting viciously over food. When the meal is over, they compliment Rena on her cooking skills. When Rika compliments her in a particularly cute way she is rewarded with apple rabbits; Satoko tries the same trick for the same reward and challenges Keiichi and Mion to match her. Keiichi wins the whole plate of rabbits by commenting that he knows which dish Rena made by hand because it smells like her, but Rika wins them all back by telling Rena she feels bad for the rabbit apples and wants to save them. Rika declares victory for her and Satoko.
Hinamizawa The sun begins to set, and Mion, Rena and Keiichi walk home together. Mion parts from them and Rena thanks Keiichi for coming. When Keiichi says he wishes he didn't have to go home, Rena asks if he'd mind coming somewhere with her, and she takes him to an old construction site populated by piles of garbage.
Dam Site & Junkyard Rena goes off to search the garbage, leaving Keiichi alone. As he waits he is surprised by a photographer, who introduces himself as Jirou Tomitake. He isn't from Hinamizawa but comes here occasionally to take photographs. Rena calls out, and when Tomitake asks what she's doing Keiichi jokingly guesses she's checking on the dismembered corpse that was out here a long time ago. Tomitake is clearly shaken by this and states that it had been a disturbing incident, and that one of the arms still hadn't been found. At this point Rena comes back and interrupts them. Tomitake leaves, with Keiichi somewhat put-off about not being able to respond to him.
Hinamizawa Rena is excited to share that she found a Colonel Sanders doll at the junkyard. She wants to keep it, but it's at the bottom of a pile and she can't easily dig it out. Keiichi agrees to help her out another day. He then asks if there had been an incident here previously. Rena tells him that they had been building a dam, but she doesn't know the details. When he presses for more information, her tone because flat and disturbing when she insists she doesn't know. Seeing from his expression that she has startled him, Rena explains she only transferred here a year ago and doesn't know much from before that. While Keiichi is still disturbed by what he learned from Tomitake, he decides to put it aside for now.

Background Music

  • Afternoon in Paris/Boy in the Windmill (Meeting Mion & Rena, After lunch)
  • Hello!/Kneecap (Going for a walk, Time for lunch)
  • Small Town/MangaGamer Track 2 (Satoko & Rika arrive)
  • Helter Skelter/bright sun (Satoko's challenge, Rika's victory)
  • Baby's Walk/Nipah~☆ (Rika's strategy)
  • Orange-Colored Time/What is wished (At the junkyard)

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Onikakushi Chapter 3 (Day 3)

Location Summary
Hinamizawa Branch School At school the next day, Keiichi discusses the events at the junkyard with Mion and Rika. He learns that Rena goes to the junkyard fairly often, and that the construction project that was once going on there was cancelled. According to Mion, the project would have sunk Hinamizawa and forced all the residents to leave, but the town organized a successful protest against it.

Rena and Satoko arrive, and the four girls officially invite Keiichi to take the entrance exam for their after-school club. Rika explains that their club is where they play games together, and that there is a penalty for the loser. Every player must aim for the top and try to win by any means necessary. Keiichi's initiation is decided on as a game of Old Bachelor, with a penalty of the loser having their face drawn on.

Keiichi figures out quickly, as the game begins, that the rest of the club can tell by looking at the scratches on the back of the cards what every card in the deck is, putting him at a major disadvantage. He quickly loses at first. However, as play continues, he begins to catch up with tactics of his own, such as reading Satoko's facial expressions to figure out which of her cards he needed, and putting a scratch mark on the back of one of his cards to cause Mion to mistake which its identity. While Keiichi is at this point guaranteed to lose the overall match, he is satisfied at having gotten one over on Mion.

Sufficiently goaded, Mion challenges Keiichi to a one on one battle to decide who the final winner and loser will be. Mion simply challenges Keiichi to guess which of the two cards she's holding is the joker. After a series of mind games, Keiichi believes he's figured out Mion's trick and picks the card in her left hand; unfortunately for him, Mion was one step ahead, and his guess is incorrect. Everyone is impressed with his efforts however, especially Mion, and they give him a round of applause. After declaring Mion the winner and Keiichi the loser, the other three hold Keiichi down while Mion draws on his face with a felt-tip marker.

Hinamizawa As they head home from school, Rena immediately splits off to go to the junkyard, leaving Mion and Keiichi to walk home alone together. Keiichi decides to ask Mion about the incident at the construction site that Rena wouldn't talk about. Mion tells him that there was a "grand battle," talking about the demonstrations and sit-in protests against the dam that had happened there. She says that the government contractors working there had obnoxious and done "nasty things" when they realized they couldn't buy the villagers off with money. The mayor and other prominent villagers had signed petitions and went to Tokyo to talk directly with legislators, eventually leading to the development plan being stopped.

Keiichi asks if there had been any violence involved in the protests, to which Mion immediately says there was none, clearly signaling that the conversation was over just as Rena had when they had talked the day before. Mion says goodbye to Keiichi and splits off, admonishing him not to wash the marker off his face before he gets home.

Keiichi's House Keiichi runs straight into his mom at home, who tells him that his dad is in a bad mood as his painting deadlines are too close together and he's having a hard time coming up with ideas. She recommends Keiichi take a walk so as not to disturb him, and he heads back out to oblige.
Hinamizawa Keiichi considers going to the book store in town but decides against it, as it would be dark by the time he got home and he dislikes the roads in Hinamizawa at night. He remembers that Rena went to the construction site and figures she could use his help excavating Colonel Sanders. He also hopes to find Tomitake there, as he is still hoping for more information about the dismemberment incident he had mentioned at their last meeting.
Dam Site & Junkyard Keiichi quickly finds Rena, who has made little progress in digging the Colonel Sanders doll out of the junk pile. According to Rena, another illegal dumping had taken place since the day before and had buried the doll further. Keiichi puts in significant effort, frustrated by the difficulty of the task, complaining that he would need an axe or a saw to do this seriously. Time passes, and it is soon sunset. Keiichi takes a break while Rena runs home to bring him some tea.

While Rena is gone, Keiichi takes the opportunity to look at some discarded tabloids that he had found in the junk pile. He hopes to find some information about the dismemberment incident since Tomitake isn't here today. If Rena and Mion had been willing to discuss the incident with him, Keiichi wouldn't have been so bothered by it, but the fact that they both refused to talk about it was what made it stick with him. Finally, he sees the headline:


He quickly skims through the article, learning that the victim was the site foreman, who was apparently abusive toward the assailants. The man was butchered with hatches and pickaxes, and the body was split into pieces with an axe, separating the head, arms, legs and torso. Keiichi is absolutely horrified by what he has read, and is further terrified when he turns around to find Rena holding an axe.

Rena drops the axe immediately, apologizing profusely for scaring Keiichi and explaining that he had mentioned earlier that an axe would be helpful and that she had picked one up from her shed. Night is fast approaching, and Keiichi is already quite tired, so he tells Rena they should finish the job the next day. Rena agrees, and after drinking the tea Rena brought for him the two start heading home. In secret, Keiichi keeps the tabloid magazine tucked in his jacket.

Background Music

  • Afternoon in Paris/Boy in the Windmill (Back at school, End of Old Bachelor, Keiichi's house)
  • Hello!/Kneecap (Satoko and Rena arrive)
  • Digital Network/spinning seesaw (Old Bachelor)
  • Orange-Colored Time/What is wished (Heading home)
  • Lunch Time/MangaGamer Track 1 (At the junkyard with Rena)
  • Silver Mirror/MangaGamer Track 8 (Searching the tabloids)

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Onikakushi Chapter 4 (Day 4)

Location Summary
Hinamizawa Branch School Keiichi and his friends are having PE, which Keiichi describes as exceptionally disorganized, with the warmups being the only thing they have to do and the rest of the period being devoted to independent play. The only rule is that no one can leave the school grounds. The club decides to play zombie tag, where each person tagged becomes another tagger. Anyone who makes it until PE ends without being tagged wins. They choose the first tagger by asking random trivia questions, and Mion tricks Satoko into failing by asking her a seemingly lewd question, making her it.

Instead of having Satoko count to 100 to start, Keiichi gives her a trick question and tells her to go once she solves it. Everyone splits up to find ideal hiding spots. Keiichi finds a spot with good sightlines, but his position is betrayed when Satoko asks his younger classmates where he is and they point him out. He counters by telling some girls to tell Satoko her parents are at the gate, and to tell Mion the teacher is calling her to the gate, and finds a new hiding spot. From here he starts to hear various classmates trying to find him, as well as discussing nasty rumors about him, confirming to him that Mion had caught onto his tactic and was getting her revenge. He stays in hiding, recognizing that this is Mion trying to flush him out.

Rena and Rika pass underneath his hiding spot, confirming that Mion has been caught. Rika, who had been pretending to have not been caught, suddenly turns on Rena, who spots Keiichi and shouts to him for help. Satoko and Mion hear her, and Rika immediately turns on him as well, letting Rena get away. Keiichi is quickly caught, and he joins in on the hunt for Rena. He tells his younger classmates a suitably dramatic story to convince them to join in on looking for her. They find and corner her just in time. Keiichi moves in to tag her, using a creepy zombie voice, but Rena says she believes he won't do anything mean to her, causing him to stop. This pause is just enough time for the bell to ring, sealing Rena's victory. As it turns out, Mion is also a winner, having pretended to be a zombie all along.

Keiichi's House Keiichi quickly makes preparations to head back out to help Rena at the junkyard. He grabs work gloves and some towels. His mom is clearly puzzled by his behavior, but accepts his vague explanation and lets him go.
Hinamizawa On his way to the dam site, Keiichi runs into Tomitake. Tomitake asks him if he's acquainted with "that girl", who Keiichi assumes to be Rena. Tomitake explains that he saw her wandering around with an axe and laughing, which Keiichi chalks up to her being excited about getting the Colonel Sanders doll. He jokes to Tomitake that she's looking for more victims, and that he shouldn't snoop around too much lest Rena kill him. He smirks and starts to walk away, but is stopped by Tomitake asking in a serious tone if that was meant as a warning for an outsider. Before Keiichi can answer, Tomitake laughs and walks away.
Dam Site & Junkyard Keiichi meets Rena at the junkyard. He admonishes her for not covering the axe when she's carrying it around but decides it doesn't really matter since everyone in Hinamizawa knows how Rena is anyway. He starts hacking at the beam trapping the Colonel Sanders doll but quickly tires and goes to take a break, where Rena has set up tea and snacks on a tarp. He asks her where she's from since she's also a transfer student. She says she lived in Kanto, also in the countryside but not as rural as Hinamizawa. He asks why she moved; she counters by asking the same question and Keiichi tells her his dad wanted to move his studio somewhere in the mountains. He explains that his dad is an artist whose work is in galleries. She asks if transferring in the middle of the semester was difficult and he says he was sick of the city anyway, and it was no trouble.

Keiichi heads back to work and keeps hacking away as the sun begins to set. He recalls the tabloid article as he swings, thinking about how the axe he's using isn't meant to be swung at people. Finally, he breaks the beam, though he accidentally breaks the doll's arm off in the process. Rena is unperturbed by this and helps him finally drag the doll out. Rena is delighted, and Keiichi helps her carry the doll home, wrapped in the tarp. He notes that with them carrying a human-sized doll in tarp and Rena still carrying the axe, he hopes they don't run into Tomitake. He wonders again about Tomitake's strange reaction to his earlier joke.

Background Music

  • Hello!/Kneecap (Morning PE)
  • Helter Skelter/bright sun (Random trivia)
  • Digital Network/spinning seesaw (Zombie tag)
  • Afternoon in Paris/Boy in the Windmill (Tag ends, Keiichi's house)
  • Orange-Colored Time/What is wished (Talking to Tomitake, in the junkyard)

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Onikakushi Chapter 5 (Day 5)

Location Summary
Hinamizawa Branch School At school the next day, Keiichi, Rena, Mion and Satoko discuss Keiichi having gone to Rena's house. Her yard is apparently full of things similar to the Colonel Sanders doll. Rika returns from the staff room, at which point Keiichi learns that she is a member of the Watanagashi Festival Committee. The Watanagashi festival is similar to a floating lantern festival in that they set things adrift in the river, but instead of lanterns they use cotton things like old futons, with the festival giving thanks for their years of service. They all plan to go to the festival together. Mion and Rika explain that every year at Watanagashi they do club activities while they explore the stalls, though Rena warns that they'll have to be careful as they angered the mayor the previous year.

Club time begins, and the group decides to play President with a new, unmarked deck. Instead of choosing a penalty outright, they each write one down on a slip of paper, with the loser having to choose one at random. Keiichi is first out in the first round, and Mion is the loser. Her penalty is "Pet the principal on the head." The principal is notoriously sensitive about his balding head, and is also a martial arts master. Mion lets out a war cry before running off to perform her punishment. Sounds of violence are heard from a distance, after which Mion reappears, collapsing.

The game continues, with Rena losing the next round. Her punishment is "Speak like a maid." She starts to call Keiichi "master", flustering him greatly, and he internally thanks whoever wrote that penalty. Rena loses again in the next round, with her next penalty being "Remove one item of clothing from the top and bottom halves of your body." Rena undresses, revealing that she is wearing her PE uniform underneath, to Keiichi's disappointment. Satoko loses next, with the penalty "Speak like a little sister." Followed by Mion again, with the penalty "Wear a girl's school swimsuit." Rena loses a third time following this, with the penalty "Let the person in first place rest their head on your lap," with Keiichi of course currently in first place.

Satoko loses again, with the penalty "Obey the person in first place." Keiichi makes her give him a shoulder massage, to which she reluctantly acquiesces, still calling him "onii-chan" as mandated by her previous punishment. Keiichi is by this point laughing maniacally, pleased as he is by his seeming inability to lose. At this point, the only person besides Keiichi who hasn't lost is Rika, and she calmly declares that she will defeat him. The others cheer her on as the next round begins. However, even with Mion cheating to help her, Rika still loses the next round. Her punishment is "Wear cat ears, a bell collar, and a tail."

After Rika puts them on, Rena is overwhelmed by her cuteness. Mion and Satoko, sensing a way to beat Keiichi, tell Rena she can take Rika home if she beats Keiichi. Keiichi is immediately soundly beaten by Rena's overwhelming power, and he willingly accepts defeat and draws a penalty. However, he is horrified to find that his penalty is "all" - every penalty that has been drawn so far. This includes dressing him up in a girl's school swimsuit, the cat ears, bell collar and tail, making him speak like both a little brother and a maid, and sending him to pet the principal on the head fully decked out in his new outfit. Keiichi challenges the principal directly, hoping his clothing will catch him off guard, but is of course soundly defeated.

Higashizawa Rena and Rika head home together, as part of Rena's prize for having defeated Keiichi, so Keiichi and Mion walk home together without Rena. They both happily discuss the club activity until they run into Tomitake. He misunderstands Keiichi's relationship with Mion and praises him for getting with multiple girls, despite Keiichi trying to correct him. Mion clearly knows Tomitake and asks how he's doing and if he's staying until after Watanagashi, to which he says he is and then heading back to Tokyo. They joke around a bit until Tomitake leaves.

Mion says that they're acquainted, and that he comes to Hinamizawa two to three times a year to photograph the scenery and local birds. She clearly doesn't think his photography is much to write home about, and Keiichi expresses skepticism that he's really here to photograph birds. Mion doesn't understand what he means. He explains further that he feels like he's here for something besides photography, thinking but not saying that he might be here to investigate the dismemberment incident. Mion then readily agrees, but the cheerful manner in which she does so leads Keiichi to believe whatever Mion is thinking isn't something so grim. This in turn helps Keiichi to calm his concerns about Tomitake. They continue to chat about their friends and their lives on their way home.

Background Music

  • Afternoon in Paris/Boy in the Windmill (School begins)
  • Hello!/Kneecap (Discussing Watanagashi)
  • Digital Network/spinning seesaw (Playing President)
  • Helter Skelter/bright sun (Keiichi's penalty)
  • Orange-Colored Time/What is wished (Heading home)

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Onikakushi Chapter 6 (Day 9)

Location Summary
Keiichi's House The day of the Watanagashi has arrived. The club has had to skip activities since the game of President since Mion and Rika have been busy with festival preparations, but tonight they'll be having one of the club's biggest events, the "Watanagashi Five-Demon Fire Fight". Keiichi's mom tries to insist on him wearing a yukata, but he refuses. She tells him she and Keiichi's dad will be going to the festival when he wakes from his nap. The doorbell rings, announcing the arrival of Rena, who has come to pick Keiichi up.
Hinamizawa Rena and Keiichi meet Mion at their usual meetup spot. Rena confirms that Satoko and Rika are most likely already at the festival. The three are already in high spirits as they head out to the shrine.
Furude Shrine (Watanagashi) Furude Shrine is very crowded for Watanagashi, full of people and market stalls. Rena and Mion tell Keiichi that half the population of the village is here, along with people from neighboring towns. Rena and Mion seem to know everyone they come across, while Keiichi is polite but still unfamiliar with most of the faces. They eventually run into Satoko, along with Rika, dressed in her shrine maiden outfit. With the group all together, their club activities can commence.

They begin with a takoyaki eating competition, where Keiichi burns his mouth by eating freshly-prepared takoyaki and Mion notes that the trick is to buy the ones that had been sitting out for a while. Rika remarks that the takoyaki isn't very good. They move on to a shaved ice eating race at the stall next door. Satoko and Rena are intimidated by how cold it is, and Mion shares her strategy of adding extra syrup to help it melt faster, but Keiichi wins with his unusual strategy of adding warm water from a nearby goldfish tank. Rika notes that that can't taste good either. After this they speed-eat cotton candy, with Mion, Satoko and Keiichi all simultaneously compressing the cotton candy and popping it into their mouths all at once. Rika once again notes that it doesn't taste good this way as she does the same, with Rena being the only one not to waste her cotton candy this way. Rena requests that the next game not be food-related; it's clear to Keiichi that Rena and Rika are no good at this kind of competition, and he's tired of speed-eating anyway.

Mion allows Rena to pick the next competition. She challenges the other four to find the cutest thing they can on the festival grounds within one minute, and she will judge the winner. Satoko and Mion run off, but Keiichi and Rika stay put. When everyone comes back, they present their findings, starting with Mion, who presents a couple of diamond-shaped tin advertising signs. Keiichi doesn't understand how they can possibly be considered cute, but Rena is clearly enamored with them. Satoko presents a hand-drawn poster from a roasted corn stall, which Rena likes even more. Rika is next, and rather than presenting an object, she simply puts on a performance of tripping, falling, and letting out a pathetic "meep" for Rena, who is of course immediately smitten with her. Keiichi, insisting that he has something even cuter to show her, pulls her behind the shrine. When they both come back a moment later, Rena is clearly overwhelmed, and Mion and Satoko are quick to check on her, making sure Keiichi hadn't done anything untoward. She states that he hadn't, and that he'd shown her something really cute - his "furry little seal". Mion and Satoko jump to conclusions and attack Keiichi, who tries to defend himself until Rika comes to his rescue by showing the others the fur seal keychain he'd had in his pocket.

Their games are interrupted by a camera flash, marking the arrival of Tomitake. Rena confirms with him that he's gotten enough good shots of the festival, and Mion tells him to have as much fun as he can before he leaves. Keiichi notices that Tomitake seems sad as he looks wistfully up at the stars, and asks him seriously why he doesn't move to Hinamizawa. Despite what a small town it is, and the lack of shops or recreation, and despite how little time Keiichi has lived here, it has quickly become a special place to him, and he feels like Tomitake recognizes that feeling. Tomitake gives him a small but warm smile and says he also would like to live here. The group decides to invite Tomitake into their group activities.

The newly-expanded group of six head to their next activity, a shooting gallery where you had to shoot down your prize with a cork gun. The rules of the challenge were three shots per person, and the person with the biggest prize would win. They play rock-paper-scissors and determine that Mion will go first. With her three shots, she is able to knock down three fairly large boxes of candy. Satoko is up next, and she declares she's going after the grand prize, a huge teddy bear that appears to be situated on an unsteady platform. Her first two shots make it clear that it won't be enough to knock it over, though, so she uses her third spot to secure a small box of candy, ensuring she won't lose by getting nothing.

Rena is next, and as she is overwhelmed by how cute the teddy bear is she can harness the power of her "Kyute Mode"; however, even with three pitch-perfect shots, it is simply impossible to knock the bear over. The stand owner feels sorry for her and knocks over a box of candy as a consolation prize. Keiichi wants to go next, but Tomitake jumps in front of him. He goes after the bear as well, but his tactic of rapid-firing doesn't work, and he ends up empty-handed.

While Mion points out that this means Keiichi and Rika only need to get an easy prize to avoid losing, Keiichi insists on going after the bear to give it to Rena. He requests three separate rifles so he can attack the bear rapid-fire even more quickly than Tomitake had. This tactic succeeds, and Keiichi wins the game. He hands the bear over to Rena, telling her its a thank-you from the whole club for always making such delicious lunches. When she tries to refuse, he tells her that since he knocked it down it's really his, and he wants to give it to her as thanks for looking out for him since he moved here; this time she accepts. She dives at him and kisses him, while Keiichi reflects on the fact that while there isn't much in Hinamizawa, there are many things that can't be found anywhere else, including moments like this.

The group hears drums from the altar set up in front of the shrine, and realize it's time for the festival finale, meaning Rika has to go prepare and Tomitake has to go find a good spot to get pictures. The two split off from the group as the other four prepare to go watch the ritual; Rena briefly gets separated by the others but is rescued by Keiichi, while Mion and Satoko go on ahead. The four find spots in the front row to watch as Rika recites a Shinto prayer and ritually destroys a pile of futons with a sacred garden hoe used specifically for the festival. When she is done, everyone follows the Shinto priests carrying the shredded futons down to the bank of the nearby stream. They line up to get balls of cotton, and Keiichi copies Rena's actions as she touches the cotton to her forehead, chest, navel and both thighs three times before giving thanks to Oyashiro-sama, Hinamizawa's guardian deity who brings both miracles and curses. Rena tells him this way the evil in him is sucked out by the cotton. Then they let the cotton drift away on the stream, completing the ritual. Keiichi feels as though this has made him finally, truly a resident of Hinamizawa.

Console versions insert a monologue.

At first I was a bit anxious.

Hurting someone was something I never even considered.

Nevertheless, the anxiety then gave place to loneliness, doubt and more.

And then... that wicked murderous intent eventually took control of my mind.

The boy took the first step toward an unrecoverable daily life,

Not even realizing that he was walking into the abyss.


A tragedy born from the desire to believe.

Are those tears of repentance or tears of resentment?

Location Summary
Furude Shrine (Watanagashi) Keiichi gets separated from Rena as he looks out at the stream. He decides to wait instead of going to look for the others, and hears Tomitake. He heads over to him and finds that he is with an unfamiliar blonde woman. She clearly recognizes Keiichi, but he can't remember her name. Tomitake can tell he's lost and says it's hard to believe how new Keiichi is to the area when he's getting on so well with Rena and Mion. The woman asks Keiichi if he feels more like a resident of Hinamizawa after the festival, and Keiichi says he still isn't sure. Talking to Tomitake is getting him thinking about the dam construction protests, as well as the dismemberment incident that no one seems willing to talk about. As a resident of Hinamizawa Keiichi wants to know about its past, the good and the bad. Tomitake agrees to tell him everything he knows.

Tomitake explains that the decision to start the dam project was finalized seven to eight years prior. Dams solved several important issues in Japan at the time and Hinamizawa happened to have the right terrain to build one. However, it would have flooded the area completely. There were protests and the matter was brought up before the National Diet. Bribery and scandals were brought to light. In the end, things became too complicated and the project was shelved.

Keiichi cannot resist asking about the dismemberment incident, feeling slightly ashamed as he does so because he feels that Rena and Mion's refusal to talk about it has heightened his curiosity. Tomitake says he was in Hinamizawa when it happened on the day of Watanagashi four years prior. The incident was what truly ended the dam project. The details Tomitake gave match with what Keiichi read in the tabloid (a fight with six assailants, who divide the body into 6 parts and each hide one, with 5 of them turning themselves in and the 6th still on the run and the arm he hid undiscovered), but he doesn't understand why Rena and Mion refuse to discuss it outside of perhaps not wanting to give a newcomer a bad impression of the town.

Tomitake says that the villagers believed that this incident was a result of Oyashiro-sama's curse. The woman explains that the younger residents doubted this theory, but the older ones always believed it was the curse. However, now more and more young people are believing in the curse. Tomitake says that, ever since that incident, someone dies every year on the day of the Watanagashi. He relates the other incidents:

The year after the dismemberment incident, a man from Hinamizawa who supported the dam fell off a cliff into rapids and died while on vacation. The body of his wife, who was also present, was not recovered. The elders of the town believed this was Oyashiro-sama's curse as punishment for supporting the dam construction.

The next year, the Shinto priest of the shrine died suddenly from illness. His wife drowned herself in the bog on the same night. The villagers believed this was punishment for failing to quell Oyashiro-sama's anger.

The year after that, they found the corpse of a local housewife. The woman says that her family was that of the dam supporter who died two years before, connecting her to the curse.

Keiichi listens to all of this and while he considers himself a level-headed person who doesn't believe in curses, he finds it hard to believe this is all a coincidence. He thinks there must be somebody or something making these incidents occur every year. He presses Tomitake to continue to the next incident, but Tomitake points out that the next Watanagashi following the prior incident would be today. The woman says that while no one will speak of it, everyone believes the curse will strike again tonight. A rumor was spread that not going to the festival might be enough to incur Oyashiro-sama's wrath, which might be why the festival was more populated than usual.

Keiichi is struck by how incredible it is that in this modern age something like this curse and the superstition around it could still exist. Tomitake mentions that the police are treating the incidents as separate but sent officers for security at the festival anyway. Keiichi realizes that Rena and Mion didn't want to talk about the incident in hopes that nothing would happen during this Watanagashi, and the incidents could be washed away.

Tomitake and the woman both see that Keiichi is overwhelmed, though he tries to deny it. Tomitake explains that all of the incidents had been solved by police investigations, and that there was no reason other than superstition to suspect a curse. The culprits for the dismemberment incident had mostly confessed, the dam supporter who fell off a cliff was ruled an accident, the Shinto priest who died of illness was likely due to stress, his wife who committed suicide believed in the curse and left a note that said she was killing herself to quell Oyashiro-sama's wrath, and a perpetrator who was apparently trying to continue the curse was caught in the case of the housewife. Tomitake believes that nothing will happen this year, though he reassures Keiichi that if the curse was real it is clear that Keiichi loves Hinamizawa and so would not be targeted. Keiichi is relieved by Tomitake's words.

Rena and the others finally find Keiichi. It's finally time to settle the club activity, and they declare Tomitake the loser for being the only one to get nothing from the shooting range game; while Rika also failed to get anything when she took her turn, the stall owner took pity on her and gave her a pack of gum. Mion takes out a marker to give Tomitake his punishment, but instead of writing on his face as she did Keiichi the week before, she writes an encouraging remark on his shirt. Rena adds one next, followed by the others. Mion insists he must wear the shirt all the way home as part of the penalty. He is clearly moved by the gesture and turns bright red as he promises to wear the shirt the next time he comes to Hinamizawa. He says his goodbyes as he follows the woman away from the stream, and the others all shout after him and wave goodbye.

Hinamizawa By this point it is quite late. Rika still has committee business to attend to and Satoko has to stay with her, so Keiichi heads home with Mion and Rena. They talk about the club activities of the day and what they missed out on. After Rena and Mion have gone and Keiichi approaches his house, he thinks that the others must have secretly been worrying about the curse. He thinks if nothing bad happens tonight, that means it was always all nonsense. His mom calls him inside, telling him disappointedly that she hadn't gotten to see the festival as his father hadn't woken up from his nap.

Background Music

  • Afternoon in Paris/Boy in the Windmill (Before the Watanagashi, Meeting Tomitake, Before the ritual)
  • Hello!/Kneecap (Arriving at the Watanagashi, Shooting game rules, Keiichi's victory, Rena finds Keiichi)
  • Digital Network/spinning seesaw (Club activities, Shooting game)
  • Baby's Walk/Nipah~☆ (Rika's cuteness gambit)
  • Helter Skelter/bright sun (Rena overwhelmed by Rika, Satoko and Mion attack Keiichi)
  • Quietness/Nearsightedness to Parallel -Taidou- (Quickening) (Watanagashi ritual)
  • Silver Mirror/MangaGamer Track 8 (Discussing the dismemberment)
  • Cave/Corridor to Insanity (Discussing Oyashiro-sama's curse)

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Onikakushi Chapter 7 (Day 9-2)

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