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Onidamashi-hen Part 4 (鬼騙し編 其の四 Demon Deceiving Chapter Part 4) is the fourth episode of Higurashi: When They Cry - GOU and the fourth and final episode of Onidamashi.





English (Translated)

Doubts and suspicions are growing day by day, and Keiichi is unable to meet Rena when she comes to pick him up in the morning, so he misses school.

However, Keiichi is conflicted because he wants to trust his friend Rena, but an unexpected person calls out to him.

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Plot Summary


Keiichi struggles to sleep, soon waking up and imagining Rena watching him through his door before getting up in shock. He turns on his light, checks the hallway outside his room to see that nobody's there, and then lies back down on his futon.

First Half

June 23. Keiichi sits against his door cradling his knees when his mom calls out for him to wake up. Keiichi sleepily walks out to the living room and his mom comments on how bad he looks. Keiichi thinks he may have a cold and his mom asks if he's well enough for school. The doorbell rings and his mom says Rena's here, much to Keiichi's shock. She tells Keiichi to get ready for school but he prefers to stay home, and so his mom walks off to tell Rena. She also tells Keiichi go to the clinic for a checkup.

Higu2020ep4 clinic.png

Keiichi walks outside holding a written map and eventually comes upon the Irie Clinic, where several people in uniforms are packing boxes into white vans. Keiichi walks up to one of them and the uniformed man says that the clinic is currently closed for remodeling and suggests he go to a different clinic. Keiichi accepts his advice and walks off, stealing one last look at the uniformed man; Keiichi comments to himself that there aren't any other clinics around.

Keiichi finally heads to school where Mion is excited to see him. She heard about his condition from Rena and mimics her voice, including her "hauu", prompting the later to get embarrassed. Rena then asks if Keiichi is alright when Rika and Satoko arrive, the latter calling Keiichi's late arrival shameful because of his cold. Keiichi mentions a phrase about morons and colds and mocks Satoko for never getting sick, and she says she isn't as weak as him. Rika steps inbetween them and halt their squabble. Rena calls out to Keiichi with an idea but pauses when he doesn't immediately react. Keiichi says he's still feeling spaced out from his fever and Rika takes notice. Upon Mion's question Keiichi repeats he's still sick, and Mion says they'll hold off on club for a bit.

Keiichi later walks down the school halls when Rika calls out to him. They go outside behind the school with Keiichi asking what's up, as Rika is always with Satoko at lunchtime. Rika says she wanted to talk to him alone and asks if there's anything bothering him. Keiichi thinks back to when Rena was staring at him at the junkyard earlier and asks why Rika would ask that. Rika can tell Keiichi is worried about something and wants to hear about it. Keiichi then confesses that Rena is scary sometimes; even though they're friends, he gets creeped out by the way she looks at him.

"You're lying."

Rika suddenly says he's lying, as whatever Rena said to him was just a one-time thing. Rika is sure that Keiichi was just tired at the time and is making a big deal out of nothing. Keiichi thinks of when he asked Rena about them hiding anything and realizes that maybe he really was acting paranoid. Rika tells him that next time he feels afraid of Rena, he should doubt himself and not her. Keiichi thinks for a bit and thanks Rika for assuaging his concerns. Rika tells him to keep his head up and gives a nipah.

Keiichi returns home to find the house quiet and empty, seeing no signs of his parents anywhere. While lying in his room, he looks back at the article about the dismemberment incident and thinks back again to when he asked Rena about any dam site incidents. Holding the magazine in his hands, Keiichi realizes that Rika is correct; if Rena really was born in Hinamizawa, naturally she wouldn't want to talk about any horrible murders that occurred there. Throwing the magazine in the trash, he shows regret that he accused Rena of hiding things from him and questioned her so much. He then realizes that when he called Ooishi earlier, Rena really did hear him on the phone and left so she wouldn't interrupt. He imagines Rena staring at him through the door again, and he holds his head in frustration.

Later, Keiichi picks up the ringing phone and hears his mom on the other end, who asks if he feels better. Keiichi's parents went to Tokyo for work and are coming back the next night, and they've arranged for food so Keiichi won't have to worry about cooking. Keiichi gets confused at this, and his mom says Rena should be bringing food over soon, much to Keiichi's anger. The doorbell rings just then, and a smiling Rena is shown standing outside Keiichi's door holding a wrapped set of bentos.

Second Half

Keiichi hesitates to open his door and let Rena in, and when he finally resolves to do it suddenly Rena bangs on the door. Keiichi quickly sets the chain lock as Rena asks to be let in, saying she brought dinner due to his mom's request. Keiichi denies her request and says the fever must be killing his appetite, but Rena still pleads that she brought good food and continues banging on the door. Keiichi still doubts his trust in Rena and thinks back to the conversation with Rika. Suddenly, Rena peers through the door and Keiichi screams, recalling memories of beating Rena and Mion to death with a bat.

Higu2020ep4 hug.png

Remembering Rika's words of encouragement, Keiichi finally undoes the lock, being met with a smiling Rena. Keiichi walks up and hugs her, much to the latter's surprise. Inside, Keiichi turns on the light and says nobody else is home, with Rena smiling happily at the thought of being alone with him. Keiichi comments on Rena's big bento set, with Rena saying she was afraid of him not having enough to eat. Rena asks to use his kitchen and Keiichi offers to help while reaching out for the bentos, but Rena pulls them away and says she can do it herself. She tells him to watch TV as she prepares dinner and leaves for the kitchen.

Higu2020ep4 rena tools.png

Keiichi turns on the TV and flips through the channels while speaking to Rena from the living room, saying that she and his mom must be on good terms if she's been asked to provide dinner like this. As Rena unwraps her bentos, she says that they run into each other a lot at the Seventh Mart grocery store, an ominous shadow appearing over her face. Keiichi says he goes there a lot and has never seen Rena there, with the latter replying that she's seen him buying ramen before. Rena finishes setting up her bentos, revealing them to contain not food but a hacksaw, handcuffs and other materials.

Keiichi turns to a channel with a drama show talking about a dismemberment murder and turns off the TV, soon heading to the kitchen while telling Rena he wants to apologize. Rena asks what he wants to apologize for and Keiichi says he said some stuff to anger her earlier, realizing that she was made uncomfortable since she didn't want to talk about. Rena is confused, and Keiichi says he asked about the murder incident at the junkyard when he enters the kitchen and sees Rena scratching her neck and drawing blood. A wide smile appears on Rena's face, and she keeps scratching while saying she needs to protect her father and her family. She voices plans to kill Keiichi and disappear, realizing that they are the ones Oyashiro-sama will curse. Keiichi doesn't know what she's talking about and sees the tools strewn out on the table, with Rena picking up a knife and saying she'll be demoned away after she kills Keiichi; her dad will be able to live in peace.

Higu2020ep4 club.png

Rena steps forward towards Keiichi as he picks up a nearby golf club and takes a defensive stance. Rena says she's already cursed by Oyashiro-sama; she thought she was forgive in the past, but it's too late. Keiichi tells Rena not to come closer, but she lunges forward with her knife. Keiichi deflects her blow and sends her crashing into the table, knocking over some of her tools. Rena attacks again and knocks Keiichi's club out of his hands, the latter running back to the living room. Rena swings some more, nicking Keiichi's cheek and knocking over a clock. She laughs manically as she does this, with Keiichi charging into Rena and knocking her into a table, seemingly knocking her out and making her drop the knife.

Higu2020ep4 rena and keiichi blood.png

Keiichi walks over to Rena's body and says her name, and when he gets close Rena suddenly awakes, grabs the knife and sticks it into Keiichi's chest. As he cries out in pain, Rena straddles Keiichi and plunges the knife into his chest repeatedly while laughing crazily, a pool of blood forming around them. Keiichi feels around and picks up the fallen clock, slamming Rena in the head with it. She stops moving and Keiichi opens his eyes, but then she cackles and continues stabbing. Keiichi hits her with the clock again, and the two continue assaulting each other as blood flies onto the walls. By the end, both of them are lying in a large pool of blood. Keiichi stares up at the ceiling and sheds tears.

Keiichi wakes up in the hospital and sees his worried parents standing by his side. Keiichi asks if he killed Rena, but his mom says not to think about anything and rest while his dad runs out to call a doctor. Keiichi closes hos eyes to rest, and when he opens them again Ooishi is standing over him. He sits down and asks Keiichi what happened at his house that day, and Keiichi replies that he's not sure. He remembers everything that happened, even the sensation of hitting Rena, but he can't explain it to Ooishi at all and starts crying. Ooishi stands and says he'll return later, giving a half-heated "get well" message.

Higu2020ep4 rika satoko dead.png

Mion visits Keiichi with a fruit gift and says she would've come sooner, but some other stuff happened. Keiichi asks what happened to Rena, as nobody will tell him, not even his parents. Mion explains that they couldn't save Rena, and by some miracle they could save Keiichi. As Keiichi stares at his hands, Mion continues that the day after the incident with Rena, someone went to Rika and Satoko's house at the shrine and found them both dead; both were stabbed in the necks repeatedly with the same knife. Keiichi questions who would ever do such a thing, and Mion says the police think it's murder or suicide. Keiichi cannot fathom why either of them would kill themselves, and Mion says it was likely a robbery gone wrong. A nurse arrives and says it's time for Keiichi's check-in, and Mion takes her leave, planning to visit again; she hopes Keiichi will get better soon.

Higu2020ep4 keiichi scratch.png

The nurse sets down a syringe on her tray and asks Keiichi about his symptoms, asking if his neck feels itchy at all. Keiichi thinks back to Rena scratching her neck, then scratches his own neck and screams.


Start Time End Time Track OST Description
0:55 2:24 I believe what you said I believe what you said Opening
6:27 7:11 Setsunakute [Painful] Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Rika tells Keiichi to trust Rena
10:05 11:28 Fushin [Fear of Earthquakes] Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 Rena asks to enter Keiichi's house
16:31 17:31 Madness Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 Rena stabs Keiichi
22:15 23:45 Kamisama no Syndrome Kamisama no Syndrome Ending

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