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Onidamashi-hen Part 3 (鬼騙し編 其の参 Demon Deceiving Chapter Part 3) is the third episode of Higurashi: When They Cry - GOU and the third episode of Onidamashi.






English (Translated)

After the Watanagashi performance, Keiichi is led down to the stream by Rena.

As Rena expresses her gratitude to Oyashiro-sama, the village's guardian deity, Keiichi follows her example and sets adrift cotton.

The next day, a detective who calls himself Ooishi arrives at Keiichi's side...

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Plot Summary


The Watanagashi Festival continues with Rika tearing out cotton from the futons. As the club watches her in awe, Keiichi looks on with a blank expression on his face.

First Half

Rika finishes her performance to applause from the audience. Mion grabs Satoko and runs off with her despite the latter's complaints. Rena tells Keiichi that they should also go for the cotton drifting.

Higu2020ep3 cotton.png

The villagers line up near the river and all receive cotton balls. Rena tells Keiichi to copy her as she presses her cotton ball to her forehead, then to her chest and stomach. Rena then says to give thanks to Oyashiro-sama, the guardian deity of Hinamizawa, and thanks him twice. Keiichi looks down at his own cotton ball. The two finally set their cotton balls adrift in the river along with the dozens of others. Now that the Watanagashi is over, Keiichi says they should meet up with the others. Rena runs off to go find them as Keiichi calls out to her. Rena continues running and Keiichi sighs.

Keiichi goes on a walk by himself and sees Tomitake, calling out to him before noticing him talking with a woman. Keiichi turns around and leaves, not wanting to interrupt them. As he walks back, Rena stands behind a tree, watching.

Higu2020ep3 chie.png

On Monday, June 20, Keiichi exits the school restroom and is called out to by the teacher Chie, who tells him that a visitor wants to speak to him. Keiichi heads outside and meets a smoking, rotund middle-aged man, who puts out his cigarette and greets Keiichi. The man says it's hot outside and suggests they talk inside his air-conditioned car. Keiichi is reluctant but the man holds up a police badge saying "Gifu Prefectural Police" and promises that he's harmless.

Higu2020ep3 ooishi.png

Seated inside the car, the man pulls out a picture of Tomitake and asks Keiichi what he knows about him, explaining that Tomitake was seen at the festival talking to Keiichi and his friends; Keiichi says his name, but he stays silent otherwise. The man then shows Keiichi a picture of a nurse and asks if he knows her. Keiichi says he doesn't know her name, but he saw her with Tomitake, near the end of the festival. The man asks if he noticed anything strange about them, but Keiichi instead asks if something happened to them. The man pauses for a bit and wants to ask another question before he tells him: does Keiichi believe in curses?

Keiichi shows skepticism that he would ever believe in curses, and the man is pleased with his answer. Keiichi asks why that's so important, and the man replies that many people around there believe in curses, especially Oyashiro-sama's curse. At the mention of the guardian deity, Keiichi thinks back to the previous night with Rena saying to give thanks to him.

Higu2020ep3 fourth year.png

The man says it all started four years ago when the Hinamizawa dam construction manager was killed and dismembered by six construction workers, with Keiichi thinking back to the magazine he found when he hears this. Five of the perpetrators were caught, but the ringleader and the victim's right arm are still missing. Keiichi can hardly believe this was Oyashiro-sama's curse, and the man tells him that was just the beginning. The year afterwards, a Hinamizawa resident who supported the dam drowned after falling into a river on vacation; his wife was also missing, and while people thought she drowned too, they could never find her body. In the third year, the Shinto priest of the Furude Shrine died from a sudden illness, and his wife drowned herself in the swamp; Keiichi figures the wife killed herself. The fourth year, 1982, was when a woman was found beaten to death.

Keiichi says it must be a coincidence just because someone died every four years, and the man tells him they all happened on the day of the Watanagashi; every year, on the same day. As Keiichi stares in disbelief, the man says that that is the reason the villagers believe so deeply in Oyashiro-sama's curse. Keiichi asks if the curse happened again this year, and the man replies that Tomitake and the nurse have been missing since last night, with the police doing everything they can to find them. Keiichi thinks the two of them are just alone somewhere, but the man tells him that the woman, Takano; her car is still parked in the festival lot. Tomitake's bike was also found, leading the police to think they were involved in some incident. The man rolls down the car window and gazes out at the Hinamizawa scenery, saying that the villagers don't like to talk about Oyashiro-sama. At this rate, everyone will think they really were curse victims. The man voices his disbelief in curses and apologizes for his outburst. He says he needs Keiichi's help since he doesn't believe in curses as well.

Keiichi agrees to help but isn't sure how, and the man says to just contact him if he sees or hears anything suspicious. The man hands Keiichi his phone number and makes him promise to not tell anyone they ever met, not even Mion Sonozaki or his friends. Keiichi asks what they have to do this, and the man says it's a precaution since they don't know who's involved. In other words, they want to keep their investigation secret so as to not hurt people who might think it's a curse. Keiichi agrees, and the man finally gives his name as Ooishi, from the Okinomiya Police. Ooishi says he'll talk to Keiichi again soon and drives off. Keiichi watches him go, puts the phone number in his pocket and walks off.

Higu2020ep3 rena loses.png

Meanwhile, the club is in the middle of playing Cluedo, with Rena declaring the culprit was killed in the lounge with rope and turning over the appropriate cards, confirming her declaration. Satoko and Rika praise her for her deduction, and Rena then declares Mion to be the whodunit, flipping over a card only to find her own name instead. Mion laughs, and Rena holds her head in defeat. Keiichi walks into the room and Satoko comments on his lateness. Keiichi says he was just at the teacher's office and Rika stands on top of her chair to give Keiichi a headpat. Mion declares that Rena has the lowest score, so she and Keiichi will face the punishment game. Keiichi demands to know why he's the loser, and Satoko reminds him that abstaining from club games is a bad thing to do. Keiichi accepts his fate and asks what the punishment game is: Mion gives him a list of things for him and Rena to buy, with Keiichi exclaiming after seeing it's just list of stuff Mion needs. Mion tells him club rule #7: "you must accept the penalty no matter what."

Higu2020ep3 satoko box.png

Later that night, Keiichi struggles to sleep and gets up, turning on his light before reading through the article about the dismemberment murder again. The next day, Tuesday June 21, Keiichi yawns with Rena commenting on it, the former saying he stayed up late watching TV. Rena asks him about lunch and Keiichi buries his head, wanting to nap instead. Satoko appears holding a box of weapons and wants to use this chance to the fullest, and Keiichi blows her off. Satoko gets annoyed, and later Mion and Rena eat lunch nearby and talk about the people who went missing. Mion says the two might have actually been "demoned away," with Keiichi peeking up when he hears this.

Keiichi walks home alone and wonders what "demoned away" means when Ooishi honks his horn nearby. He asks Keiichi if he'll go on a little drive with him.

Second Half

Higu2020ep3 angel mort.png

At the restaurant Angel Mort, Keiichi receives a drink from a peculiarly-dressed waitress, who walks off as a blushing Keiichi watches her. Ooishi asks if he likes the place, and Keiichi stammers. He then asks Ooishi what "demoned away" means, and the rotund man replies that it's a common phrase around there; it's similar to being spirited away, where a demon kidnaps you. Ooishi then says that long ago, people were afraid of Hinamizawa because they believed man-eating demons lived there. Many legends told stories of demons from the village emerging from the village and eating people. Ooishi asks why Keiichi brought that up, and the latter replies he overheard Rena and Mion talking about it and that it had to do with Oyashiro-sama.

Higu2020ep3 dark ooishi.png

Ooishi tells Keiichi to think back to the first murder incident and makes a hypothesis that the culprit wasn't running away, but rather that he was demoned away; the woman the year after also disappeared. Keiichi asks about the two people in the third year, and Ooishi says all they found of the priest's wife were a suicide note and her sandals. As for the fourth year, they caught the culprit, a drug-addict, but soon after he was arrested a child under the woman's care went missing. The addict meanwhile died in police custody from slitting his own throat. Keiichi now understands that every year, someone dies and someone disappears, wondering why Rena and Mion never told him about it. He thinks back to his conversation with Rena at the junkyard earlier and her sudden denial, and Ooishi figures that they just didn't want to make him worry. Ooishi says they're still technically waiting for someone to fall victim to the curse this year, an ominous shadow falling over him as Keiichi looks surprised.

"You're lying!"

Wednesday, June 22. Rena and Keiichi walk home together and talk about Keiichi's dad being an artist; Keiichi's house is slowly being transformed into a studio. Rena wants to visit and find something kyute, and Keiichi suddenly stops to ask if the group's hiding anything from him. Rena says that's not true, and Keiichi insists they're hiding something from him. Rena's tone suddenly changes when she asks Keiichi if he's hiding anything from her. Seeing Keiichi's confusion, Rena repeats her question and Keiichi says he's not hiding anything from her, but Rena says he's lying. She knows Keiichi hid something from her at the junkyard and skipped the club not to go the the teacher's office, but to talk with some older man in his car. Rena asks who he was and Keiichi says he doesn't know, prompting the former to ask again why a stranger would want to talk with him. She asks what they talked about and Keiichi feigns denial again, prompting Rena to yell.

"I worked really hard."

Keiichi is taken aback by her outburst, and Rena's mouth opens into a wide smile as she says that she did everything right and worked really hard. She goes up to Keiichi's face and tells him that some people work really hard to be happy. A strange look appears in her eyes as she says she also worked really hard and gave her all for a long, long time. Keiichi is too scared to say anything, and Rena turns around awhile saying they both have something to hide. She turns back with a small smile and says they should hurry home since it's getting cold. Keiichi says nothing in response.

That night, Keiichi lies in his bed staring at the ceiling when his dad calls him down for a call from the bookstore. Confused, Keiichi takes the call and hears Ooishi on the other end, who apologizes for lying a bit since Keiichi's parents picked up. Keiichi looks back to his dad sitting on the couch and tells Ooishi to wait, returning to his room and calling him again on his own phone. Ooishi says he did some investigation into Reina Ryuugu and discovered she lived in Ibaraki until last year, which Keiichi affirms, as she's supposed to be a transfer student. Ooishi reveals that before Rena moved there, she was suspended from school for breaking windows around the school. Keiichi is shocked to hear that, and Ooishi continues that Rena was diagnosed with dysautonomia afterwards, being given medication and counseling. Ooishi got a hold of the counselor's notes and learned that Rena always said she was visited by Oyashiro-sama, who stood by as she slept and watched her. Keiichi thinks back to Rena's prayers at the festival and wonders why she'd bring that up if she never lived in Hinamizawa before. Ooishi tells him that the Ryuugu family actually used to live in the village before moving out when Rena finished elementary school. Keiichi takes in this new information and Ooishi asks if he wants to stop for the night.

Higu2020ep3 tea.png

Keiichi's dad suddenly bangs on the door to Keiichi's room and asks him to open, and Ooishi hangs up after reminding Keiichi to call him if anything happens. Keiichi opens his door to see his dad holding a tray with biscuits and tea for two people. Keiichi asks what this is for, and his dad replies that Rena came to visit. Keiichi is confused as she's not here, and his dad thinks he's lying. He says Rena came to hang out and Keiichi gets shocked, asking if his dad saw her. Keiichi's dad told Rena to go up to his room a few minutes after Keiichi got that call. Keiichi goes back into his room and closes the door, leaving his dad to complain.

Higu2020ep3 rena door.png

Keiichi thinks about what his dad said and realizes that Rena was listening in on his call with Ooishi.


Start Time End Time Track OST Description
0:41 2:11 I believe what you said I believe what you said Opening
2:32 3:46 Reason Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 Rena and Keiichi perform the cotton drifting
10:46 11:56 Heionbuji [Peace and Quiet] Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 The club plays Cluedo
14:44 16:15 Michishirube Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 Ooishi talks about demoning away
22:15 23:43 Kamisama no Syndrome Kamisama no Syndrome Ending

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