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Onidamashi-hen Part 2 (鬼騙し編 其の弐 Demon Deceiving Chapter Part 2) is the second episode of Higurashi: When They Cry - GOU and the second episode of Onidamashi-hen.




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When Keiichi learns about the dismemberment and murder that once took place in Hinamizawa village during the construction of a dam, he becomes aware of Rena's gaze upon him and is tormented by an unfathomable fear ever since.

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A teenage Rika Furude wakes up in a strange world and wonders where she is. Upon regaining her senses, she sees that she's within the Sea of Fragments. Hanyuu appears before her and says this is one of the Fragments linked to various worlds. Rika was wondering why she didn't see Hanyuu when she woke up, and the latter replies that she's just a lingering trace. Rika is glad to talk to her, however, and then asks if she died or was killed.

Higu2020ep2 rika and hanyuu.png

Hanyuu is unable to answer, and she then says this Fragment leads to June 1983. Rika becomes shocked, having spent 100 years repeating June and is now having to go through it again. Hanyuu apologizes and lowers her head. Rika stands up, confident that she is no longer the luck-dependent girl she once was and now knows everything: the rules of Hinamizawa and the culprit behind Rika Furude's murder. Rika swears to Hanyuu that she will reclaim their future.

Rika returns to her child form, watching over Rena and Keiichi in the junkyard.

First Half

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Unknowingly watched by Rena, Keiichi reads from the magazine that the dam construction foreman was killed when assailants attacked him with hatchets and then dismembered his corpse. Rena raises her hatchet and Keiichi notices her shadow, turning around and yelling out in fear. Rena is startled and falls over, dropping her hatchet. Keiichi quickly hides the magazine and Rena apologizes for scaring him. She brought a hatchet since Keiichi wished he had one, and Keiichi apologizes for overreacting. He picks up the hatchet and eyes it as Rena apologizes again. It's getting dark so they should go home, but Keiichi assures Rena that they can come back tomorrow. Rena is elated that Keiichi is still going to help her; Rika is nowhere to be seen on the cliff overhead.

On June 16, Keiichi wakes up at home and looks again at the magazine describing the death of the construction worker. At school, the students get dressed for P. E. The younger kids run around the classroom as Keiichi questions the way P. E is done there. Because kids of all ages attend the school, P. E. class is based around just getting up and getting exercise. Satoko and Rika soon arrive, and Mion tells the club that they'll playing a game based around strength and endurance: tag. Everyone except Keiichi gets excited, and Mion repeats club rule #3: "you must partake in every game and enjoy it without question!" Keiichi is surprised that this is actually a club game and gets hyped. Mion devilishly laughs and says this is actually Zombie Tag, where getting tagged means you're it as well. Rena cowers at how scary the name is and Keiichi teases her. Mion says the winner will be whoever lasts until the bell rings and then holds out several straws to decide who will go first. Satoko gloats over her brilliant plan and takes a straw.

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Out in the field, Satoko lurches forward like a zombie as Keiichi watches her from inside a bush, mocking Satoko for working too much on her plan and not her luck. He then perks up as Satoko asks Tomita and Okumura if they've seen Keiichi anywhere. Tomita's face turns red as he and Okumura point towards Keiichi's bush; Keiichi stands up and complains that he didn't know zombies could ask humans for help. He runs off and plans to get back at Satoko if she's going to use information against him. Keiichi talks to some other girls and asks them to tell Satoko that her parents are waiting for her at the school gate. He also wants them to tell Mion that the teacher wants to see her at the gate. The girls take his messages and run off. Keiichi cackles, thinking he's bought himself some extra time.

The girls meet up again and ask where Keiichi went, as they heard his dad's at the gate. Another girl says that Keiichi's mom is in the hospital, and another says that the police want him; Mion wants him to come to the gate since his house is on fire. Keiichi watches them all from atop the storage roof, knowing that Mion has turned the kids against him. He then sees Rena running up to Rika out of breath. Rena is relieved that Rika is safe, having been chased by Satoko and Mion earlier. She sits down to catch her breath, and Rika starts walking towards her. Rena scurries backwards as Rika makes zombie motions, prompting Rena to call out for help from Keiichi. He looks on in horror and Satoko and Mion appear on the roof, having cornered him. Rika also appears and tells Keiichi to join them, and Keiichi struggles for a way out. Mion crawls forward as Keiichi cries for help.

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In the end, Rena was the only survivor. Satoko blames him for being slow and Keiichi defends himself, calling back to earlier with zombie Keiichi cornering Rena in the warehouse and Rena asking if him if he really would do something cruel to her; Keiichi couldn't bear to tag her with an act like that. Rika and Satoko then start tickling Keiichi as punishment. Mion declares that she and Rena are the winners, with Mion admitting that she was only pretending to be a zombie. Keiichi complains as he continues being tickled.

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Keiichi washes up and sees Rena ominously standing behind him in the mirror. He turns around and Rena smiles, handing him a handkerchief. As Keiichi wipes his face, Rena asks if he's free to unearth the Kenta-kun statue, to which he agrees. The two of them walk towards the junkyard together, with Rena happily singing while carrying her hatchet. Keiichi asks if it's okay for her to be carrying that out in the open, and she assures him that's fine. Keiichi offers to hold it for her and Rena quickly and suddenly repeats that it's fine. Keiichi accepts her answer, disturbed.

They return to Kenta-kun's pile, and Keiichi starts hacking away at trash using Rena's hatchet. After breaking a beam, Keiichi takes a breath and becomes even more fired up to free Kenta-kun. As Rena watches, Keiichi's swings intensify, and the scene of him with a bat beating Rena and Mion's corpses reappears. Sweat rolls down Keiichi's face and he pauses. Rena asks what's wrong, and Keiichi says it's nothing, resuming his swings. Rena continues staring at him as cicadas cry in the distance.

Higu2020ep2 kenta freed.png

Keiichi delivers one last blow the beam holding Kenta-kun in place, and he and Rena pull it out together. Rena throws herself over the newly-freed colonel as Keiichi comments on the state of the statue. He says they should be careful or else his limbs will fall off, and he then thinks back to Tomitake saying "one of the arms is still missing." Keiichi shakes the thought out of his head and asks how they'll get Kenta-kun home; Rena stops her excitement and stares at Keiichi.

Second Half

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Still being stared at, Keiichi calls Rena's name, and she hauu's and points towards something cool. Keichi is confused, and Rena says they're going to carry Kenta-kun home and leaves to get something. Returning with a blanket and rope, Rena and Keiichi wrap the up the colonel and tie it closed, putting it onto a cart.

Friday, June 17 has the club meeting up again. Keiichi visited Rena's house while bringing Kenta-kun home and saw all sorts of junk: lots of cute mascots from various stores were there, but Keiichi demands to know how a red mailbox is at all kyute. An embarrassed Rena says it was because it was big and red. Rika returns from the teacher's office to the classroom, and Keiichi jokes about what Rika did to get in trouble. As Satoko hugs herand says she's not a delinquent like Keiichi, Rena says that Rika's helping out with the Watanagashi Festival. Keiichi remembers hearing the name Watanagashi before, and Rika says it's a festival where they show thanks for old futons by floating their cotton down the river. Keiichi says it sounds boring and Mion stands up in defiance, as they have big plans: the club always performs the Watanagashi Four-Demon Battle Royale, and with Keiichi there it'll become Five-Demon. This will be Keiichi's chance to show everything he's learned as they play games at the festival stalls. Keiichi gets excited for it.

Keiichi walks home with Mion and Rena, and they run into Tomitake taking pictures. Mion and Tomitake make small talk, and Keiichi sees that the two know each other already. Rena says Tomitake comes by the village often to take pictures of birds, and everyone in Hinamizawa knows him. Mion asks if Tomitake's staying for Watanagashi, and the latter affirms that he'll covering the festival before returning to Tokyo. They bid Tomitake farewell, who rides off on his bike while saying he'll see them at the festival. Keiichi asks if Tomitake really comes to Hinamizawa for bird pictures, having the feeling he has an ulterior motive. Mion compliments Keiichi for figuring it out, saying that Tomitake actually comes to see the young unmarried women. Keiichi gets confused and Mion continues that Tomitake is shy and awkward, with Rena adding that villagers will occasionally ask him to take photos for them. Keiichi apologizes for thinking Tomitake was suspicious, mentioning his feeling that he may be a spy or detective. Mion laughs, saying that the camerman would be the worst spy ever if that was the case. Keiichi laughs as well, but Rena continues staring at them emotionlessly.

Higu2020ep2 festival begins.png

On Sunday, June 19, the Furude Shrine grounds are bustling with activity. Keiichi is surprised to see that so many people live in the village, and Mion replies that the Watanagashi is very special. Rena, Keiichi and Mion meet up with Satoko, who derides Keiichi for making a lady wait. Rena becomes excited after seeing Rika walk up wearing a shrine maiden outfit. Rika plays an important role in the festival, but because it's at the end she can still have fun. Mion announces the start of the Watanagashi Five-Demon Battle Royale.

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The club eats takoyaki with Keiichi burning his mouth, shaved ice with Satoko getting brainfreeze, and Satoko, Keiichi and Mion eating cotton candy synchronized. Afterwards, the club sees Tomitake taking pictures of them, with Satoko chastising him for taking pictures of ladies unauthorized. Keiichi jokes that he doesn't need Satoko's permission and earns a foot-stomp from her. Mion asks Tomitake if he'll take pictures of Rika's performance, and the cameraman replies that something else has come up. Mion jokes that he's hooking up with his girlfriend, and Tomitake laughs. Keiichi says he should join them for games next time he comes to Hinamizawa, and Tomitake takes his leave. Rika walks up and calls out to Tomitake, giving him a headpat when he crouches down. Tomitake thanks her and continues walking.

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Rika then leaves for her own duty, and the rest of the club prepares to take their place in the audience. Rena gets swept up in a crowd and calls for help, the rest of the club watching in confusion. Mion leaves Keiichi to help Rena and grabs Satoko, running off with her. Keiichi reaches and grabs Rena's hand, pulling her along while blushing.

Higu2020ep2 takano.png

They arrive just in time for the ritual performance, and Mion teases Keiichi about his nice moment with Rena. Rika performs her Watanagashi ritual, dancing while holding a strange implement. Mion tells Keiichi that it's a ceremonial farm hoe.As the ritual goes on, Tomitake meets up with a woman near the river and apologizes for the wait. The woman greets Tomitake as Jirou and Rika swings her hoe down.


Start Time End Time Track OST Description
2:15 3:43 I believe what you said I believe what you said Opening
5:09 6:43 In Class! Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack P.E. begins
7:13 7:59 Wile [Waru-dakumi] Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Keiichi hatches a plan
8:38 9:07 Game! Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Rena cries for help
9:31 9:50 I've Decided! [Kimeruze!] Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Keiichi gets tickled
13:12 13:31 Tranquility [Yasuragi] Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Rena and Keiichi tie up Kenta-kun
13:37 15:01 Stroll Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Keiichi talks about Rena's house
17:06 18:24 Evening Cool [Yuusuzumi] Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack The group meets with Satoko
20:14 20:28 Smile Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Keiichi takes Rena's hand
22:14 23:44 Kamisama no Syndrome Kamisama no Syndrome Ending


  • The cotton candy bags at the festival feature characters that resemble Kamen Rider #1 from the Kamen Rider series and one of the Space Sheriffs from the Metal Heroes series.
  • This is the first time Rika was seen in an anime adaptation wearing a traditional headpiece (花簪(はなかんざし) Hanakanzashi, lit. flower hairpin) along with a Danshi (檀紙(だんし), lit. Mulberry crepe) ribbon in a Takenaga (丈長(たけなが), lit. full-length) hairstyle tied back with a Mizuhiki (水引(みずひき)) cord.

    These are accessories usually worn by Shinto priestesses (巫女(みこ) Miko, lit. shrine maiden) during Kagura (神楽(かぐら), lit. god-entertainment) dances, which look very similar Rika's dance. The only other time she wore these ornaments was in the live action movies.

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