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Onidamashi-hen Part 1 (鬼騙し編 其の壱 Demon Deceiving Chapter Part 1) is the first episode of Higurashi: When They Cry - GOU and the beginning of Onidamashi-hen.





English (Translated)

It's June of 1983. Keiichi has moved to Hinamizawa and is enjoying his new life with Rena and her friends in the village.

Then one day in June, Keiichi hears a disturbing story from Tomitake, a photographer he met by chance at the former dam construction site.


Mysterious goings-on have disrupted life in a small town.

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Higu2020ep1 prologue.png

A boy raises a bloodied baseball bat and repeatedly swings it down onto a girl's corpse, splattering blood everywhere. Another girl is seen lying on the floor as the boy pauses to scratch his neck. He swings down his bat once more.

First Half

On a bright morning, a boy sleeps soundly and wakes up, yawning and stretching. He opens the window and gazes at the scenery before taking a deep breath. An orange haired girl is seen cooking food and preparing a bento box. Another, green-haired girl puts her hair into a ponytail. At another house, a calendar shows the date to be June 10, 1983. A blue-haired girl gazes at the calendar as a blonde-haired girl wearing a backpack walks out and calls to her, asking what's wrong. The blue-haired girl turns around and happily replies that nothing is wrong.

Higu2020ep1 rena keiichi mion.png

The boy eats breakfast as his mom comments that he hasn't skipped breakfast ever since they moved to Hinamizawa. She reminds him that it's about time for him to meet Rena, and he looks at the clock before getting up and leaving. Rena Ryuugu stands at the corner and calls out to Keiichi Maebara upon seeing him approach, and he replies that she can afford to sleep in every so often. Rena says he would be the one waiting for her if that were the case, and Keiichi says he'd ditch her for being late regardless; Rena deflates at seeing how mean Keiichi is. Keiichi then says he was just joking and would wait for Rena no matter low long it took, prompting a happy "hauu" from the latter. The two soon meet Mion Sonozaki, who teases them for taking so long. They exchange greetings, and Mion jokes about how it's been years since they last met. Keiichi says he was only away for two days, having gone back home for a funeral. Mion asks if he was able to find a Western game catalog, and Keiichi replies that he was busy the whole time and couldn't find it.

At school, Mion prepares to open the classroom door, the handle containing thumbtacks, but stops and motions for Keiichi to open it. He sees that Mion is testing him as Rena looks on confused. Keiichi tells her to stand back and points at the top of the door, where a blackboard eraser is sandwiched between the door and the wall. Keiichi mocks Satoko for making such an obvious trap, and Mion figures the game is still on. Keiichi thinks there's more to it, as the eraser looks normal; Mion calls back to Keiichi's first day, where he fell for Satoko's trap and got hit with an eraser full of rocks. Rena suggests to open the door and let the eraser fall, but Keiichi thinks Satoko is anticipating that. He declares the eraser is just a distraction and motions towards the thumbtacks in the door handle, ripping them off with a dramatic flair.

Higu2020ep1 satoko and rika intro.png

Keiichi opens the door, and the eraser simply falls to the floor. Confident that he disarmed the combination trap, Keiichi walks into the classroom but trips on a rope and falls over, narrowly missing plunging his head into an ink well. Satoko Houjou walks over and mocks Keiichi for causing such a ruckus early in the morning. Keiichi commends Satoko for stepping up her game and tries to get up, but he cradles his knee while wincing. Rika Furude walks up to him and pats his head, aiming to ease his pain. Rika greets everyone and Keiichi praises Rika for being so nice unlike a certain someone, glaring at Satoko. Satoko asks Keiichi what proof he has and Keiichi grabs her tie, threatening to give her a forehead flick. Satoko calls him a brute and demands he let go of her, and Keiichi says to be quiet or else people will get the wrong idea. She begins crying and Rika consoles Satoko, assuring her that she'll get Keiichi with another, better trap while giving another "nipah". Rena gushes over how cute Satoko's crying is, wanting to take her home as Mion suggests she not.

The date is June 12. Keiichi joins up with Mion, the latter apologizing for calling him out on a Sunday, but the former should be thanking her since they're going on a tour of Hinamizawa. Keiichi asks where Rena is, and Mion replies that she's making lunch and is going all out. Rena soon arrives carrying a wrapped set of bentos, and Mion says Keiichi should take responsibility for making her work so hard. The three of them stroll through Hinamizawa and talk, soon heading up to the Furude Shrine. Mion says a festival will be held there next Sunday, and Keiichi wonders that it's too early for summer festivals. Mion says the Watanagashi Festival is meant to celebrate the end of winter.

Higu2020ep1 picnic.png

Rena unwraps her bentos to reveal a delicious assortment of food, and Mion tells Keiichi to eat it all or else he'll get it for making Rena cry. Satoko and Rika soon arrive to join them. Keiichi says they're having a picnic, and Satoko asks why they decided to sit down in the middle of their property. Keiichi says shrines are public and they can't stop them, and Rika affirms it. Keiichi moves over and motions for Rika to sit down, much to Satoko's complaints. Keiichi says there's nowhere for Satoko to sit since he's going to eat everything himself, popping food into his mouth as Satoko sheds tears. Rika hands her some chopsticks and Satoko takes a seat next to Keiichi, the two of them stuffing her faces rapidly. Mion compliments Keiichi for his skill at getting people involved, and Rika says they need to eat fast before it all disappears. Keiichi eyes a piece of hamburg steak and moves to grab it, but Satoko elbows him and takes it instead. As Satoko gloats, Keiichi uses his chopsticks to spear a group of meatballs. The group continues eating and having fun.

At the end of the day, Mion sees off Keiichi and Rena. As the two walk home, Rena asks Keiichi if she can show him somewhere first. Keiichi agrees, and they soon end up at a junkyard. Rena excitedly scales down the cliff and into the junk, and Keiichi wonders why she'd want to play in trash. Rena says this place is actually filled with treasure, and she expects to find something "kyute". Keiichi jumps in after her but Rena tells him to wait, and he soon gets back up and lies down. He gazes up at the sky and closes his eyes to rest but is startled to hear a man with a camera suddenly approaching. The man apologizes and asks Keiichi if he lives in Hinamizawa.

Higu2020ep1 tomitake intro.png

The man introduces himself as Tomitake, a freelance cameraman who comes to the village every so often to take photos. Keiichi says he should ask permission before taking pictures of people, and Tomitake replies that he takes pictures of wild birds, chuckling that he doesn't need to ask permission from them. Rena calls out to Keiichi that she's done, and Tomitake asks what Keiichi's friend is doing in place like this. Keiichi jokes that Rena is trying to find a dismembered corpse,but Tomitake doesn't seem to find it funny. Instead, the latter ominously mentions that it was a horrible incident and they still haven't found one of the arms.

Second Half

Sweat rolls down Keiichi's face as he asks Tomitake to repeat himself, and Rena interrupts to thank Keiichi for waiting so long. She and Tomitake exchange greetings, and the cameraman takes his leave, apologizing for scaring Keiichi there. Keiichi watches Tomitake leave and Rena calls him back to focus, saying she found a Kenta-kun statue. Keiichi thinks she's talking about one of those statues at fried chicken places. Rena expresses that she wants to take it home but it's buried under a large pile of junk and it's getting dark. Keiichi offers to help her dig it out as payback for the lunch.

"I don't know anything."

Rena is happy, and Keiichi thinks back to what Tomitake said. He asks Rena if something big happened at the village before, and Rena mentions that they were going to build a dam. Keiichi then asks if anything happened at the build site, like an accident or incident, and Rena suddenly says she doesn't know anything. Keiichi is surprised, and Rena explains that she moved to Hinamizawa a year ago; she's a transfer student just like Keiichi.

The date is June 13. School lets out for the day and Mion gives an announcement to Keiichi and the girls. Despite Keiichi coming in last place, he's showed promise during his evaluation game, and so Mion officially welcomes him into the club. Mion asks Keiichi if he's ready, and Keiichi is prepared to take revenge for the embarrassment he felt after the card game. He blames Mion for using that hidden torture device to ruin his face, and Mion pulls out said device: a black permanent marker. Keiichi's mom saw him wiping off the maker in the bathroom last time, and Satoko tells him not to be so dramatic as Rika gives him a head pat. Keiichi asks what game they're playing today, and Mion says they'll be doing a scavenger hunt, holding out the marker.

Higu2020ep1 rika pan.png

Keiichi runs through the school and searches everywhere, checking under a sink. Mion hid the marker somewhere at school, and whoever finds it first will win. A special rule will be implemented: if Keiichi finds it, then he'll get to draw on Mion's face. Keiichi opens several lockers, including one containing a box and another containing baseball gear. He tells himself to calm down and figures Mion would want anyone except him to find the marker, so it must be hidden somewhere Keiichi doesn't know about since he's new. He walks into a storage closet and finds Rena searching as well. Rena reminds him of club rule #2: "Always strive for victory with everything you have!" As they stand off, Rika and Satoko suddenly appear and run towards the marker, which is lying in the middle of the floor. Rika reaches out for it but Satoko activates a trap, causing metal pans to fall on Rika. Satoko picks up the marker, victorious.

Satoko gloats over catching Rika in her trap, and Mion tells her to give it a rest. Rika says she's not mad at all and pulls out the box from the locker Keiichi opened earlier. She presents it as a gift to Satoko, who happily takes it and presses a button on the side. A spring-loaded boxing glove erupts from the box and blasts Satoko to the floor. Wondering what just happened, Keiichi tells her to look at her face. Satoko gets up and walks to the window, seeing in her reflection that K.O. has been stamped to her face. Rika says she brought the box to fight against Satoko's traps, and Mion notices that Rena's staring off into space. Mion asks er what's wrong, and Rena says she's just tired. She plans to go to the nurse's office and rest before heading home, but she gets worried about Kenta-kun. Keiichi assures her that he'll help once she feels better. Rena smiles at him and leaves. Satoko goes to wash her face, and Mion figures that's it for the day.

Mion hears about the Kenta-kun statue from Keiichi and figures that Rena would be interested in it. Keiichi asks her about the dam construction site and if anything happened there long ago. Mion says it was practically a war: there were sit-ins, protests, a lot of demand for the government to stop. Even though Hinamizawa would be flooded and destroy the homes of many people, the government still wanted to build the dam. The villagers eventually resorted to dirty tactics when they realized they couldn't just bribe the government, with Keiichi surprised that the villagers one in the end. Mion says the mayor and other higher-ups filled out petitions and presented them to Tokyo politicians, with the dam project soon cancelled. Keiichi then asks if anything violent like a murder or assault happened, and Mion stops and suddenly says there was nothing like that. Mion bids farewell and heads home, with Keiichi staring after her.

It rains on June 14, and on June 15 Keiichi goes to the junkyard to meet Rena, calling out to her. Rena stops what she's doing and asks what he's doing there, with Keiichi saluting and replying that he came as soon as possible for a rescue operation. They laugh, and Rena is elated that Keiichi came all that way to help her. Keiichi steps into the junk and Rena shows him where the Kenta-kun statue is buried. Keiichi's surprised that she was going to do it all by herself and lifts some stuff out of the way, getting tired after a while and wishing that they had an axe or saw or some other tool. Rena says it's fine, but Keiichi continues pulling junk out and soon lies down exhausted. Rena says her house is nearby and can get him some tea, telling him to stay there as she runs off.

Higu2020ep1 rena hatchet.png

Night falls and Keiichi sits up. He sees a stack of magazines and thinks back to Tomitake's ominous message that one of the arms is still missing. Keiichi unwraps the stack and thumbs through the magazines, reading a report: at the construction site for the Hinamizawa Dam, a construction worker was lynched, murdered and dismembered. Keiichi reads through the magazine, his suspicions confirmed. Rena comes back wielding a hatchet, gazing over at Keiichi and the junkyard.


Higu2020ep1 rika eyes.png

Rika stands above the junkyard watching Rena and Keiichi, a red glow appearing in her eyes.


Start End Title OST Description
2:17 3:41 Modestly Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Keiichi goes to meet Rena
4:59 6:16 Yuttari Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 Keiichi falls for Satoko's trap
6:41 7:23 Peace and Quiet Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 Rena brings bentos
7:57 10:00 Stroll Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack The picnic starts
13:18 13:50 Smile Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Rena wants Kenta-kun
15:39 17:07 Game! Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack The scavenger hunt starts
17:46 18:00 Waru-dakumi Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Satoko gets K.O.'d
22:08 23:37 Higurashi no Naku Koro ni ~TV Version~ Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Keiichi reads the magazines

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