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Onidamashi-hen Part 1 (鬼騙し編 其の壱 Onidamashi-hen Sonoichi, Demon-Deceiving Chapter Part 1) is the first chapter of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou.


A boy beats a girl to death with a baseball bat and cries, lamenting that he loved patting her head and her smile, still trusting her. Another girl’s corpse is shown among them.

In June 1983, Keiichi Maebara wakes up, ready for his daily walk with Rena Ryuugu. It’s been 3 weeks since he moved to Hinamizawa. Rena greets Keiichi and walks with him for a bit, where they meet their other friend Mion Sonozaki.

At school they encounter a trap set in the classroom entrance. Keiichi sees that Satoko Houjou has almost gotten him with this one. Keiichi disarms the trap and triumphantly walks inside before tripping and almost planting face-first into an inkwell. Satoko gloats as Rika Furude pats Keiichi’s head. The group has a picnic later. Keiichi eats with his friends and wishes his everyday life could stay like this.

At the junkyard, Keiichi and Rena go for some treasure hunting. Rena searches for something in the junk and Keiichi relaxes only to be startled by a photographer appearing behind him. The man apologizes for scaring him and introduces himself as Tomitake. Tomitake asks what Rena’s doing down there, and Keiichi jokes that she’s looking for a dismembered corpse. Tomitake’s expression turns grim as he explains that it was a terrible incident, and they still haven’t found one of the arms. Keiichi wonders what he means as Tomitake leaves and Rena returns.

Rena exclaims that she found a Kenta-kun doll and wants to dig it up. Tomitake’s ominous message echoes in Keiichi’s mind, and he asks Rena if there were any incidents in the village. He’s heard about the dam project and wonders if any accidents happened, and Rena suddenly denies it. She smiles as she explains that she was living somewhere else last year and doesn’t know much.

Onidamashi ch1 satoKO

The next day, Mion inducts Keiichi as a new member of the games club. They decide to play a scavenger hunt game, the goal to find a marker hidden somewhere in the school. Satoko ultimately claims victory, having fought against Rika in the final stretch and defeating her by dropping wash basins on her. As Satoko gloats, Rika presents her with a gift box. Satoko happily takes the box and accidentally presses a button on the side, getting belted with a boxing glove springing from it and earning a K.O. stamped to her face. As the club laughs, Rena seems to be staring into space, distracted. Rena notices Mion's looking at her and says she’s feeling tired and will go to the infirmary before heading home. Satoko escorts Rena there.

Keiichi and Mion walk home. Keiichi asks if anything happened at the construction site long ago, and Mion explains that the dam war happened. The villagers of Hinamizawa fought hard to get the project cancelled. Keiichi asks if anything violent happened, and Mion quickly replies that nothing like that occurred. Keiichi sees a strange look in Mion’s eyes, reminded of what Rena said earlier.

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Keiichi goes to the junkyard and finds some magazines talking about a murder incident in the village years ago where people ganged up on a dam worker and beat him to death before hacking him to pieces. As Keiichi reads on in horror, Rena appears behind him holding a hatchet.