Plot Summary

This page provides a detailed summary of the episodes in Onidamashi-hen.

Part 1


Higu2020ep1 prologue.png

A boy raises a bloodied baseball bat and repeatedly swings it down onto a girl's corpse, splattering blood everywhere. Another girl is seen lying on the floor as the boy pauses to scratch his neck. He swings down his bat once more.

First Half

On a bright morning, a boy sleeps soundly and wakes up, yawning and stretching. He opens the window and gazes at the scenery before taking a deep breath. An orange haired girl is seen cooking food and preparing a bento box. Another, green-haired girl puts her hair into a ponytail. At another house, a calendar shows the date to be June 10, 1983. A blue-haired girl gazes at the calendar as a blonde-haired girl wearing a backpack walks out and calls to her, asking what's wrong. The blue-haired girl turns around and happily replies that nothing is wrong.

Higu2020ep1 rena keiichi mion.png

The boy eats breakfast as his mom comments that he hasn't skipped breakfast ever since they moved to Hinamizawa. She reminds him that it's about time for him to meet Rena, and he looks at the clock before getting up and leaving. Rena Ryuugu stands at the corner and calls out to Keiichi Maebara upon seeing him approach, and he replies that she can afford to sleep in every so often. Rena says he would be the one waiting for her if that were the case, and Keiichi says he'd ditch her for being late regardless; Rena deflates at seeing how mean Keiichi is. Keiichi then says he was just joking and would wait for Rena no matter low long it took, prompting a happy "hauu" from the latter. The two soon meet Mion Sonozaki, who teases them for taking so long. They exchange greetings, and Mion jokes about how it's been years since they last met. Keiichi says he was only away for two days, having gone back home for a funeral. Mion asks if he was able to find a Western game catalog, and Keiichi replies that he was busy the whole time and couldn't find it.

At school, Mion prepares to open the classroom door, the handle containing thumbtacks, but stops and motions for Keiichi to open it. He sees that Mion is testing him as Rena looks on confused. Keiichi tells her to stand back and points at the top of the door, where a blackboard eraser is sandwiched between the door and the wall. Keiichi mocks Satoko for making such an obvious trap, and Mion figures the game is still on. Keiichi thinks there's more to it, as the eraser looks normal; Mion calls back to Keiichi's first day, where he fell for Satoko's trap and got hit with an eraser full of rocks. Rena suggests to open the door and let the eraser fall, but Keiichi thinks Satoko is anticipating that. He declares the eraser is just a distraction and motions towards the thumbtacks in the door handle, ripping them off with a dramatic flair.

Higu2020ep1 satoko and rika intro.png

Keiichi opens the door, and the eraser simply falls to the floor. Confident that he disarmed the combination trap, Keiichi walks into the classroom but trips on a rope and falls over, narrowly missing plunging his head into an ink well. Satoko Houjou walks over and mocks Keiichi for causing such a ruckus early in the morning. Keiichi commends Satoko for stepping up her game and tries to get up, but he cradles his knee while wincing. Rika Furude walks up to him and pats his head, aiming to ease his pain. Rika greets everyone and Keiichi praises Rika for being so nice unlike a certain someone, glaring at Satoko. Satoko asks Keiichi what proof he has and Keiichi grabs her tie, threatening to give her a forehead flick. Satoko calls him a brute and demands he let go of her, and Keiichi says to be quiet or else people will get the wrong idea. She begins crying and Rika consoles Satoko, assuring her that she'll get Keiichi with another, better trap while giving another "nipah". Rena gushes over how cute Satoko's crying is, wanting to take her home as Mion suggests she not.

The date is June 12. Keiichi joins up with Mion, the latter apologizing for calling him out on a Sunday, but the former should be thanking her since they're going on a tour of Hinamizawa. Keiichi asks where Rena is, and Mion replies that she's making lunch and is going all out. Rena soon arrives carrying a wrapped set of bentos, and Mion says Keiichi should take responsibility for making her work so hard. The three of them stroll through Hinamizawa and talk, soon heading up to the Furude Shrine. Mion says a festival will be held there next Sunday, and Keiichi wonders that it's too early for summer festivals. Mion says the Watanagashi Festival is meant to celebrate the end of winter.

Higu2020ep1 picnic.png

Rena unwraps her bentos to reveal a delicious assortment of food, and Mion tells Keiichi to eat it all or else he'll get it for making Rena cry. Satoko and Rika soon arrive to join them. Keiichi says they're having a picnic, and Satoko asks why they decided to sit down in the middle of their property. Keiichi says shrines are public and they can't stop them, and Rika affirms it. Keiichi moves over and motions for Rika to sit down, much to Satoko's complaints. Keiichi says there's nowhere for Satoko to sit since he's going to eat everything himself, popping food into his mouth as Satoko sheds tears. Rika hands her some chopsticks and Satoko takes a seat next to Keiichi, the two of them stuffing her faces rapidly. Mion compliments Keiichi for his skill at getting people involved, and Rika says they need to eat fast before it all disappears. Keiichi eyes a piece of hamburg steak and moves to grab it, but Satoko elbows him and takes it instead. As Satoko gloats, Keiichi uses his chopsticks to spear a group of meatballs. The group continues eating and having fun.

At the end of the day, Mion sees off Keiichi and Rena. As the two walk home, Rena asks Keiichi if she can show him somewhere first. Keiichi agrees, and they soon end up at a junkyard. Rena excitedly scales down the cliff and into the junk, and Keiichi wonders why she'd want to play in trash. Rena says this place is actually filled with treasure, and she expects to find something "kyute". Keiichi jumps in after her but Rena tells him to wait, and he soon gets back up and lies down. He gazes up at the sky and closes his eyes to rest but is startled to hear a man with a camera suddenly approaching. The man apologizes and asks Keiichi if he lives in Hinamizawa.

Higu2020ep1 tomitake intro.png

The man introduces himself as Tomitake, a freelance cameraman who comes to the village every so often to take photos. Keiichi says he should ask permission before taking pictures of people, and Tomitake replies that he takes pictures of wild birds, chuckling that he doesn't need to ask permission from them. Rena calls out to Keiichi that she's done, and Tomitake asks what Keiichi's friend is doing in place like this. Keiichi jokes that Rena is trying to find a dismembered corpse,but Tomitake doesn't seem to find it funny. Instead, the latter ominously mentions that it was a horrible incident and they still haven't found one of the arms.

Second Half

Sweat rolls down Keiichi's face as he asks Tomitake to repeat himself, and Rena interrupts to thank Keiichi for waiting so long. She and Tomitake exchange greetings, and the cameraman takes his leave, apologizing for scaring Keiichi there. Keiichi watches Tomitake leave and Rena calls him back to focus, saying she found a Kenta-kun statue. Keiichi thinks she's talking about one of those statues at fried chicken places. Rena expresses that she wants to take it home but it's buried under a large pile of junk and it's getting dark. Keiichi offers to help her dig it out as payback for the lunch.

"I don't know anything."

Rena is happy, and Keiichi thinks back to what Tomitake said. He asks Rena if something big happened at the village before, and Rena mentions that they were going to build a dam. Keiichi then asks if anything happened at the build site, like an accident or incident, and Rena suddenly says she doesn't know anything. Keiichi is surprised, and Rena explains that she moved to Hinamizawa a year ago; she's a transfer student just like Keiichi.

The date is June 13. School lets out for the day and Mion gives an announcement to Keiichi and the girls. Despite Keiichi coming in last place, he's showed promise during his evaluation game, and so Mion officially welcomes him into the club. Mion asks Keiichi if he's ready, and Keiichi is prepared to take revenge for the embarrassment he felt after the card game. He blames Mion for using that hidden torture device to ruin his face, and Mion pulls out said device: a black permanent marker. Keiichi's mom saw him wiping off the maker in the bathroom last time, and Satoko tells him not to be so dramatic as Rika gives him a head pat. Keiichi asks what game they're playing today, and Mion says they'll be doing a scavenger hunt, holding out the marker.

Higu2020ep1 rika pan.png

Keiichi runs through the school and searches everywhere, checking under a sink. Mion hid the marker somewhere at school, and whoever finds it first will win. A special rule will be implemented: if Keiichi finds it, then he'll get to draw on Mion's face. Keiichi opens several lockers, including one containing a box and another containing baseball gear. He tells himself to calm down and figures Mion would want anyone except him to find the marker, so it must be hidden somewhere Keiichi doesn't know about since he's new. He walks into a storage closet and finds Rena searching as well. Rena reminds him of club rule #2: "Always strive for victory with everything you have!" As they stand off, Rika and Satoko suddenly appear and run towards the marker, which is lying in the middle of the floor. Rika reaches out for it but Satoko activates a trap, causing metal pans to fall on Rika. Satoko picks up the marker, victorious.

Satoko gloats over catching Rika in her trap, and Mion tells her to give it a rest. Rika says she's not mad at all and pulls out the box from the locker Keiichi opened earlier. She presents it as a gift to Satoko, who happily takes it and presses a button on the side. A spring-loaded boxing glove erupts from the box and blasts Satoko to the floor. Wondering what just happened, Keiichi tells her to look at her face. Satoko gets up and walks to the window, seeing in her reflection that K.O. has been stamped to her face. Rika says she brought the box to fight against Satoko's traps, and Mion notices that Rena's staring off into space. Mion asks er what's wrong, and Rena says she's just tired. She plans to go to the nurse's office and rest before heading home, but she gets worried about Kenta-kun. Keiichi assures her that he'll help once she feels better. Rena smiles at him and leaves. Satoko goes to wash her face, and Mion figures that's it for the day.

Mion hears about the Kenta-kun statue from Keiichi and figures that Rena would be interested in it. Keiichi asks her about the dam construction site and if anything happened there long ago. Mion says it was practically a war: there were sit-ins, protests, a lot of demand for the government to stop. Even though Hinamizawa would be flooded and destroy the homes of many people, the government still wanted to build the dam. The villagers eventually resorted to dirty tactics when they realized they couldn't just bribe the government, with Keiichi surprised that the villagers one in the end. Mion says the mayor and other higher-ups filled out petitions and presented them to Tokyo politicians, with the dam project soon cancelled. Keiichi then asks if anything violent like a murder or assault happened, and Mion stops and suddenly says there was nothing like that. Mion bids farewell and heads home, with Keiichi staring after her.

It rains on June 14, and on June 15 Keiichi goes to the junkyard to meet Rena, calling out to her. Rena stops what she's doing and asks what he's doing there, with Keiichi saluting and replying that he came as soon as possible for a rescue operation. They laugh, and Rena is elated that Keiichi came all that way to help her. Keiichi steps into the junk and Rena shows him where the Kenta-kun statue is buried. Keiichi's surprised that she was going to do it all by herself and lifts some stuff out of the way, getting tired after a while and wishing that they had an axe or saw or some other tool. Rena says it's fine, but Keiichi continues pulling junk out and soon lies down exhausted. Rena says her house is nearby and can get him some tea, telling him to stay there as she runs off.

Higu2020ep1 rena hatchet.png

Night falls and Keiichi sits up. He sees a stack of magazines and thinks back to Tomitake's ominous message that one of the arms is still missing. Keiichi unwraps the stack and thumbs through the magazines, reading a report: at the construction site for the Hinamizawa Dam, a construction worker was lynched, murdered and dismembered. Keiichi reads through the magazine, his suspicions confirmed. Rena comes back wielding a hatchet, gazing over at Keiichi and the junkyard.

Higu2020ep1 rika eyes.png

Rika stands above the junkyard watching Rena and Keiichi, a red glow appearing in her eyes.

Part 2


Higu2020ep2 fragment sea.png

A teenage Rika Furude wakes up in a strange world and wonders where she is. Upon regaining her senses, she sees that she's within the Sea of Fragments. Hanyuu appears before her and says this is one of the Fragments linked to various worlds. Rika was wondering why she didn't see Hanyuu when she woke up, and the latter replies that she's just a lingering trace. Rika is glad to talk to her, however, and then asks if she died or was killed.

Higu2020ep2 rika and hanyuu.png

Hanyuu is unable to answer, and she then says this Fragment leads to June 1983. Rika becomes shocked, having spent 100 years repeating June and is now having to go through it again. Hanyuu apologizes and lowers her head. Rika stands up, confident that she is no longer the luck-dependent girl she once was and now knows everything: the rules of Hinamizawa and the culprit behind Rika Furude's murder. Rika swears to Hanyuu that she will reclaim their future.

Rika returns to her child form, watching over Rena and Keiichi in the junkyard.

First Half

Higu2020ep2 keiichi hatchet.png

Unknowingly watched by Rena, Keiichi reads from the magazine that the dam construction foreman was killed when assailants attacked him with hatchets and then dismembered his corpse. Rena raises her hatchet and Keiichi notices her shadow, turning around and yelling out in fear. Rena is startled and falls over, dropping her hatchet. Keiichi quickly hides the magazine and Rena apologizes for scaring him. She brought a hatchet since Keiichi wished he had one, and Keiichi apologizes for overreacting. He picks up the hatchet and eyes it as Rena apologizes again. It's getting dark so they should go home, but Keiichi assures Rena that they can come back tomorrow. Rena is elated that Keiichi is still going to help her; Rika is nowhere to be seen on the cliff overhead.

On June 16, Keiichi wakes up at home and looks again at the magazine describing the death of the construction worker. At school, the students get dressed for P. E. The younger kids run around the classroom as Keiichi questions the way P. E is done there. Because kids of all ages attend the school, P. E. class is based around just getting up and getting exercise. Satoko and Rika soon arrive, and Mion tells the club that they'll playing a game based around strength and endurance: tag. Everyone except Keiichi gets excited, and Mion repeats club rule #3: "you must partake in every game and enjoy it without question!" Keiichi is surprised that this is actually a club game and gets hyped. Mion devilishly laughs and says this is actually Zombie Tag, where getting tagged means you're it as well. Rena cowers at how scary the name is and Keiichi teases her. Mion says the winner will be whoever lasts until the bell rings and then holds out several straws to decide who will go first. Satoko gloats over her brilliant plan and takes a straw.

Higu2020ep2 tomita and okumura.png

Out in the field, Satoko lurches forward like a zombie as Keiichi watches her from inside a bush, mocking Satoko for working too much on her plan and not her luck. He then perks up as Satoko asks Tomita and Okumura if they've seen Keiichi anywhere. Tomita's face turns red as he and Okumura point towards Keiichi's bush; Keiichi stands up and complains that he didn't know zombies could ask humans for help. He runs off and plans to get back at Satoko if she's going to use information against him. Keiichi talks to some other girls and asks them to tell Satoko that her parents are waiting for her at the school gate. He also wants them to tell Mion that the teacher wants to see her at the gate. The girls take his messages and run off. Keiichi cackles, thinking he's bought himself some extra time.

The girls meet up again and ask where Keiichi went, as they heard his dad's at the gate. Another girl says that Keiichi's mom is in the hospital, and another says that the police want him; Mion wants him to come to the gate since his house is on fire. Keiichi watches them all from atop the storage roof, knowing that Mion has turned the kids against him. He then sees Rena running up to Rika out of breath. Rena is relieved that Rika is safe, having been chased by Satoko and Mion earlier. She sits down to catch her breath, and Rika starts walking towards her. Rena scurries backwards as Rika makes zombie motions, prompting Rena to call out for help from Keiichi. He looks on in horror and Satoko and Mion appear on the roof, having cornered him. Rika also appears and tells Keiichi to join them, and Keiichi struggles for a way out. Mion crawls forward as Keiichi cries for help.

Higu2020ep2 tickle.png

In the end, Rena was the only survivor. Satoko blames him for being slow and Keiichi defends himself, calling back to earlier with zombie Keiichi cornering Rena in the warehouse and Rena asking if him if he really would do something cruel to her; Keiichi couldn't bear to tag her with an act like that. Rika and Satoko then start tickling Keiichi as punishment. Mion declares that she and Rena are the winners, with Mion admitting that she was only pretending to be a zombie. Keiichi complains as he continues being tickled.

Higu2020ep2 mirror.png

Keiichi washes up and sees Rena ominously standing behind him in the mirror. He turns around and Rena smiles, handing him a handkerchief. As Keiichi wipes his face, Rena asks if he's free to unearth the Kenta-kun statue, to which he agrees. The two of them walk towards the junkyard together, with Rena happily singing while carrying her hatchet. Keiichi asks if it's okay for her to be carrying that out in the open, and she assures him that's fine. Keiichi offers to hold it for her and Rena quickly and suddenly repeats that it's fine. Keiichi accepts her answer, disturbed.

They return to Kenta-kun's pile, and Keiichi starts hacking away at trash using Rena's hatchet. After breaking a beam, Keiichi takes a breath and becomes even more fired up to free Kenta-kun. As Rena watches, Keiichi's swings intensify, and the scene of him with a bat beating Rena and Mion's corpses reappears. Sweat rolls down Keiichi's face and he pauses. Rena asks what's wrong, and Keiichi says it's nothing, resuming his swings. Rena continues staring at him as cicadas cry in the distance.

Higu2020ep2 kenta freed.png

Keiichi delivers one last blow the beam holding Kenta-kun in place, and he and Rena pull it out together. Rena throws herself over the newly-freed colonel as Keiichi comments on the state of the statue. He says they should be careful or else his limbs will fall off, and he then thinks back to Tomitake saying "one of the arms is still missing." Keiichi shakes the thought out of his head and asks how they'll get Kenta-kun home; Rena stops her excitement and stares at Keiichi.

Second Half

Higu2020ep2 rena stare.png

Still being stared at, Keiichi calls Rena's name, and she hauu's and points towards something cool. Keichi is confused, and Rena says they're going to carry Kenta-kun home and leaves to get something. Returning with a blanket and rope, Rena and Keiichi wrap the up the colonel and tie it closed, putting it onto a cart.

Friday, June 17 has the club meeting up again. Keiichi visited Rena's house while bringing Kenta-kun home and saw all sorts of junk: lots of cute mascots from various stores were there, but Keiichi demands to know how a red mailbox is at all kyute. An embarrassed Rena says it was because it was big and red. Rika returns from the teacher's office to the classroom, and Keiichi jokes about what Rika did to get in trouble. As Satoko hugs herand says she's not a delinquent like Keiichi, Rena says that Rika's helping out with the Watanagashi Festival. Keiichi remembers hearing the name Watanagashi before, and Rika says it's a festival where they show thanks for old futons by floating their cotton down the river. Keiichi says it sounds boring and Mion stands up in defiance, as they have big plans: the club always performs the Watanagashi Four-Demon Battle Royale, and with Keiichi there it'll become Five-Demon. This will be Keiichi's chance to show everything he's learned as they play games at the festival stalls. Keiichi gets excited for it.

Keiichi walks home with Mion and Rena, and they run into Tomitake taking pictures. Mion and Tomitake make small talk, and Keiichi sees that the two know each other already. Rena says Tomitake comes by the village often to take pictures of birds, and everyone in Hinamizawa knows him. Mion asks if Tomitake's staying for Watanagashi, and the latter affirms that he'll covering the festival before returning to Tokyo. They bid Tomitake farewell, who rides off on his bike while saying he'll see them at the festival. Keiichi asks if Tomitake really comes to Hinamizawa for bird pictures, having the feeling he has an ulterior motive. Mion compliments Keiichi for figuring it out, saying that Tomitake actually comes to see the young unmarried women. Keiichi gets confused and Mion continues that Tomitake is shy and awkward, with Rena adding that villagers will occasionally ask him to take photos for them. Keiichi apologizes for thinking Tomitake was suspicious, mentioning his feeling that he may be a spy or detective. Mion laughs, saying that the camerman would be the worst spy ever if that was the case. Keiichi laughs as well, but Rena continues staring at them emotionlessly.

Higu2020ep2 festival begins.png

On Sunday, June 19, the Furude Shrine grounds are bustling with activity. Keiichi is surprised to see that so many people live in the village, and Mion replies that the Watanagashi is very special. Rena, Keiichi and Mion meet up with Satoko, who derides Keiichi for making a lady wait. Rena becomes excited after seeing Rika walk up wearing a shrine maiden outfit. Rika plays an important role in the festival, but because it's at the end she can still have fun. Mion announces the start of the Watanagashi Five-Demon Battle Royale.

Higu2020ep2 cotton candy.png

The club eats takoyaki with Keiichi burning his mouth, shaved ice with Satoko getting brainfreeze, and Satoko, Keiichi and Mion eating cotton candy synchronized. Afterwards, the club sees Tomitake taking pictures of them, with Satoko chastising him for taking pictures of ladies unauthorized. Keiichi jokes that he doesn't need Satoko's permission and earns a foot-stomp from her. Mion asks Tomitake if he'll take pictures of Rika's performance, and the cameraman replies that something else has come up. Mion jokes that he's hooking up with his girlfriend, and Tomitake laughs. Keiichi says he should join them for games next time he comes to Hinamizawa, and Tomitake takes his leave. Rika walks up and calls out to Tomitake, giving him a headpat when he crouches down. Tomitake thanks her and continues walking.

Higu2020ep2 rena keiichi.png

Rika then leaves for her own duty, and the rest of the club prepares to take their place in the audience. Rena gets swept up in a crowd and calls for help, the rest of the club watching in confusion. Mion leaves Keiichi to help Rena and grabs Satoko, running off with her. Keiichi reaches and grabs Rena's hand, pulling her along while blushing.

Higu2020ep2 takano.png

They arrive just in time for the ritual performance, and Mion teases Keiichi about his nice moment with Rena. Rika performs her Watanagashi ritual, dancing while holding a strange implement. Mion tells Keiichi that it's a ceremonial farm hoe.As the ritual goes on, Tomitake meets up with a woman near the river and apologizes for the wait. The woman greets Tomitake as Jirou and Rika swings her hoe down.

Part 3

First Half

Rika finishes her Watanagashi Festival performance to great applause from the audience. Mion grabs Satoko and runs off with her despite the latter's complaints. Rena tells Keiichi that they should also go for the cotton drifting.

Higu2020ep3 cotton.png

The villagers line up near the river and all receive cotton balls. Rena tells Keiichi to copy her as she presses her cotton ball to her forehead, then to her chest and stomach. Rena then says to give thanks to Oyashiro-sama, the guardian deity of Hinamizawa, and thanks him twice. Keiichi looks down at his own cotton ball. The two finally set their cotton balls adrift in the river along with the dozens of others. Now that the Watanagashi is over, Keiichi says they should meet up with the others. Rena runs off to go find them as Keiichi calls out to her. Rena continues running and Keiichi sighs.

Keiichi goes on a walk by himself and sees Tomitake, calling out to him before noticing him talking with a woman. Keiichi turns around and leaves, not wanting to interrupt them. As he walks back, Rena stands behind a tree, watching.

Higu2020ep3 chie.png

On Monday, June 20, Keiichi exits the school restroom and is called out to by the teacher Chie, who tells him that a visitor wants to speak to him. Keiichi heads outside and meets a smoking, rotund middle-aged man, who puts out his cigarette and greets Keiichi. The man says it's hot outside and suggests they talk inside his air-conditioned car. Keiichi is reluctant but the man holds up a police badge saying "Gifu Prefectural Police" and promises that he's harmless.

Higu2020ep3 ooishi.png

Seated inside the car, the man pulls out a picture of Tomitake and asks Keiichi what he knows about him, explaining that Tomitake was seen at the festival talking to Keiichi and his friends; Keiichi says his name, but he stays silent otherwise. The man then shows Keiichi a picture of a nurse and asks if he knows her. Keiichi says he doesn't know her name, but he saw her with Tomitake, near the end of the festival. The man asks if he noticed anything strange about them, but Keiichi instead asks if something happened to them. The man pauses for a bit and wants to ask another question before he tells him: does Keiichi believe in curses?

Keiichi shows skepticism that he would ever believe in curses, and the man is pleased with his answer. Keiichi asks why that's so important, and the man replies that many people around there believe in curses, especially Oyashiro-sama's curse. At the mention of the guardian deity, Keiichi thinks back to the previous night with Rena saying to give thanks to him.

Higu2020ep3 fourth year.png

The man says it all started four years ago when the Hinamizawa dam construction manager was killed and dismembered by six construction workers, with Keiichi thinking back to the magazine he found when he hears this. Five of the perpetrators were caught, but the ringleader and the victim's right arm are still missing. Keiichi can hardly believe this was Oyashiro-sama's curse, and the man tells him that was just the beginning. The year afterwards, a Hinamizawa resident who supported the dam drowned after falling into a river on vacation; his wife was also missing, and while people thought she drowned too, they could never find her body. In the third year, the Shinto priest of the Furude Shrine died from a sudden illness, and his wife drowned herself in the swamp; Keiichi figures the wife killed herself. The fourth year, 1982, was when a woman was found beaten to death.

Keiichi says it must be a coincidence just because someone died every four years, and the man tells him they all happened on the day of the Watanagashi; every year, on the same day. As Keiichi stares in disbelief, the man says that that is the reason the villagers believe so deeply in Oyashiro-sama's curse. Keiichi asks if the curse happened again this year, and the man replies that Tomitake and the nurse have been missing since last night, with the police doing everything they can to find them. Keiichi thinks the two of them are just alone somewhere, but the man tells him that the woman, Takano; her car is still parked in the festival lot. Tomitake's bike was also found, leading the police to think they were involved in some incident. The man rolls down the car window and gazes out at the Hinamizawa scenery, saying that the villagers don't like to talk about Oyashiro-sama. At this rate, everyone will think they really were curse victims. The man voices his disbelief in curses and apologizes for his outburst. He says he needs Keiichi's help since he doesn't believe in curses as well.

Keiichi agrees to help but isn't sure how, and the man says to just contact him if he sees or hears anything suspicious. The man hands Keiichi his phone number and makes him promise to not tell anyone they ever met, not even Mion Sonozaki or his friends. Keiichi asks what they have to do this, and the man says it's a precaution since they don't know who's involved. In other words, they want to keep their investigation secret so as to not hurt people who might think it's a curse. Keiichi agrees, and the man finally gives his name as Ooishi, from the Okinomiya Police. Ooishi says he'll talk to Keiichi again soon and drives off. Keiichi watches him go, puts the phone number in his pocket and walks off.

Higu2020ep3 rena loses.png

Meanwhile, the club is in the middle of playing Cluedo, with Rena declaring the culprit was killed in the lounge with rope and turning over the appropriate cards, confirming her declaration. Satoko and Rika praise her for her deduction, and Rena then declares Mion to be the whodunit, flipping over a card only to find her own name instead. Mion laughs, and Rena holds her head in defeat. Keiichi walks into the room and Satoko comments on his lateness. Keiichi says he was just at the teacher's office and Rika stands on top of her chair to give Keiichi a headpat. Mion declares that Rena has the lowest score, so she and Keiichi will face the punishment game. Keiichi demands to know why he's the loser, and Satoko reminds him that abstaining from club games is a bad thing to do. Keiichi accepts his fate and asks what the punishment game is: Mion gives him a list of things for him and Rena to buy, with Keiichi exclaiming after seeing it's just list of stuff Mion needs. Mion tells him club rule #7: "you must accept the penalty no matter what."

Higu2020ep3 satoko box.png

Later that night, Keiichi struggles to sleep and gets up, turning on his light before reading through the article about the dismemberment murder again. The next day, Tuesday June 21, Keiichi yawns with Rena commenting on it, the former saying he stayed up late watching TV. Rena asks him about lunch and Keiichi buries his head, wanting to nap instead. Satoko appears holding a box of weapons and wants to use this chance to the fullest, and Keiichi blows her off. Satoko gets annoyed, and later Mion and Rena eat lunch nearby and talk about the people who went missing. Mion says the two might have actually been "demoned away," with Keiichi peeking up when he hears this.

Keiichi walks home alone and wonders what "demoned away" means when Ooishi honks his horn nearby. He asks Keiichi if he'll go on a little drive with him.

Second Half

Higu2020ep3 angel mort.png

At the restaurant Angel Mort, Keiichi receives a drink from a peculiarly-dressed waitress, who walks off as a blushing Keiichi watches her. Ooishi asks if he likes the place, and Keiichi stammers. He then asks Ooishi what "demoned away" means, and the rotund man replies that it's a common phrase around there; it's similar to being spirited away, where a demon kidnaps you. Ooishi then says that long ago, people were afraid of Hinamizawa because they believed man-eating demons lived there. Many legends told stories of demons from the village emerging from the village and eating people. Ooishi asks why Keiichi brought that up, and the latter replies he overheard Rena and Mion talking about it and that it had to do with Oyashiro-sama.

Higu2020ep3 dark ooishi.png

Ooishi tells Keiichi to think back to the first murder incident and makes a hypothesis that the culprit wasn't running away, but rather that he was demoned away; the woman the year after also disappeared. Keiichi asks about the two people in the third year, and Ooishi says all they found of the priest's wife were a suicide note and her sandals. As for the fourth year, they caught the culprit, a drug-addict, but soon after he was arrested a child under the woman's care went missing. The addict meanwhile died in police custody from slitting his own throat. Keiichi now understands that every year, someone dies and someone disappears, wondering why Rena and Mion never told him about it. He thinks back to his conversation with Rena at the junkyard earlier and her sudden denial, and Ooishi figures that they just didn't want to make him worry. Ooishi says they're still technically waiting for someone to fall victim to the curse this year, an ominous shadow falling over him as Keiichi looks surprised.

"You're lying!"

Wednesday, June 22. Rena and Keiichi walk home together and talk about Keiichi's dad being an artist; Keiichi's house is slowly being transformed into a studio. Rena wants to visit and find something kyute, and Keiichi suddenly stops to ask if the group's hiding anything from him. Rena says that's not true, and Keiichi insists they're hiding something from him. Rena's tone suddenly changes when she asks Keiichi if he's hiding anything from her. Seeing Keiichi's confusion, Rena repeats her question and Keiichi says he's not hiding anything from her, but Rena says he's lying. She knows Keiichi hid something from her at the junkyard and skipped the club not to go the the teacher's office, but to talk with some older man in his car. Rena asks who he was and Keiichi says he doesn't know, prompting the former to ask again why a stranger would want to talk with him. She asks what they talked about and Keiichi feigns denial again, prompting Rena to yell.

"I worked really hard."

Keiichi is taken aback by her outburst, and Rena's mouth opens into a wide smile as she says that she did everything right and worked really hard. She goes up to Keiichi's face and tells him that some people work really hard to be happy. A strange look appears in her eyes as she says she also worked really hard and gave her all for a long, long time. Keiichi is too scared to say anything, and Rena turns around awhile saying they both have something to hide. She turns back with a small smile and says they should hurry home since it's getting cold. Keiichi says nothing in response.

That night, Keiichi lies in his bed staring at the ceiling when his dad calls him down for a call from the bookstore. Confused, Keiichi takes the call and hears Ooishi on the other end, who apologizes for lying a bit since Keiichi's parents picked up. Keiichi looks back to his dad sitting on the couch and tells Ooishi to wait, returning to his room and calling him again on his own phone. Ooishi says he did some investigation into Reina Ryuugu and discovered she lived in Ibaraki until last year, which Keiichi affirms, as she's supposed to be a transfer student. Ooishi reveals that before Rena moved there, she was suspended from school for breaking windows around the school. Keiichi is shocked to hear that, and Ooishi continues that Rena was diagnosed with dysautonomia afterwards, being given medication and counseling. Ooishi got a hold of the counselor's notes and learned that Rena always said she was visited by Oyashiro-sama, who stood by as she slept and watched her. Keiichi thinks back to Rena's prayers at the festival and wonders why she'd bring that up if she never lived in Hinamizawa before. Ooishi tells him that the Ryuugu family actually used to live in the village before moving out when Rena finished elementary school. Keiichi takes in this new information and Ooishi asks if he wants to stop for the night.

Higu2020ep3 tea.png

Keiichi's dad suddenly bangs on the door to Keiichi's room and asks him to open, and Ooishi hangs up after reminding Keiichi to call him if anything happens. Keiichi opens his door to see his dad holding a tray with biscuits and tea for two people. Keiichi asks what this is for, and his dad replies that Rena came to visit. Keiichi is confused as she's not here, and his dad thinks he's lying. He says Rena came to hang out and Keiichi gets shocked, asking if his dad saw her. Keiichi's dad told Rena to go up to his room a few minutes after Keiichi got that call. Keiichi goes back into his room and closes the door, leaving his dad to complain.

Higu2020ep3 rena door.png

Keiichi thinks about what his dad said and realizes that Rena was listening in on his call with Ooishi.

Part 4


Keiichi struggles to sleep, soon waking up and imagining Rena watching him through his door before getting up in shock. He turns on his light, checks the hallway outside his room to see that nobody's there, and then lies back down on his futon.

First Half

June 23. Keiichi sits against his door cradling his knees when his mom calls out for him to wake up. Keiichi sleepily walks out to the living room and his mom comments on how bad he looks. Keiichi thinks he may have a cold and his mom asks if he's well enough for school. The doorbell rings and his mom says Rena's here, much to Keiichi's shock. She tells Keiichi to get ready for school but he prefers to stay home, and so his mom walks off to tell Rena. She also tells Keiichi go to the clinic for a checkup.

Higu2020ep4 clinic.png

Keiichi walks outside holding a written map and eventually comes upon the Irie Clinic, where several people in uniforms are packing boxes into white vans. Keiichi walks up to one of them and the uniformed man says that the clinic is currently closed for remodeling and suggests he go to a different clinic. Keiichi accepts his advice and walks off, stealing one last look at the uniformed man; Keiichi comments to himself that there aren't any other clinics around.

Keiichi finally heads to school where Mion is excited to see him. She heard about his condition from Rena and mimics her voice, including her "hauu", prompting the later to get embarrassed. Rena then asks if Keiichi is alright when Rika and Satoko arrive, the latter calling Keiichi's late arrival shameful because of his cold. Keiichi mentions a phrase about morons and colds and mocks Satoko for never getting sick, and she says she isn't as weak as him. Rika steps inbetween them and halt their squabble. Rena calls out to Keiichi with an idea but pauses when he doesn't immediately react. Keiichi says he's still feeling spaced out from his fever and Rika takes notice. Upon Mion's question Keiichi repeats he's still sick, and Mion says they'll hold off on club for a bit.

Keiichi later walks down the school halls when Rika calls out to him. They go outside behind the school with Keiichi asking what's up, as Rika is always with Satoko at lunchtime. Rika says she wanted to talk to him alone and asks if there's anything bothering him. Keiichi thinks back to when Rena was staring at him at the junkyard earlier and asks why Rika would ask that. Rika can tell Keiichi is worried about something and wants to hear about it. Keiichi then confesses that Rena is scary sometimes; even though they're friends, he gets creeped out by the way she looks at him.

"You're lying."

Rika suddenly says he's lying, as whatever Rena said to him was just a one-time thing. Rika is sure that Keiichi was just tired at the time and is making a big deal out of nothing. Keiichi thinks of when he asked Rena about them hiding anything and realizes that maybe he really was acting paranoid. Rika tells him that next time he feels afraid of Rena, he should doubt himself and not her. Keiichi thinks for a bit and thanks Rika for assuaging his concerns. Rika tells him to keep his head up and gives a nipah.

Keiichi returns home to find the house quiet and empty, seeing no signs of his parents anywhere. While lying in his room, he looks back at the article about the dismemberment incident and thinks back again to when he asked Rena about any dam site incidents. Holding the magazine in his hands, Keiichi realizes that Rika is correct; if Rena really was born in Hinamizawa, naturally she wouldn't want to talk about any horrible murders that occurred there. Throwing the magazine in the trash, he shows regret that he accused Rena of hiding things from him and questioned her so much. He then realizes that when he called Ooishi earlier, Rena really did hear him on the phone and left so she wouldn't interrupt. He imagines Rena staring at him through the door again, and he holds his head in frustration.

Later, Keiichi picks up the ringing phone and hears his mom on the other end, who asks if he feels better. Keiichi's parents went to Tokyo for work and are coming back the next night, and they've arranged for food so Keiichi won't have to worry about cooking. Keiichi gets confused at this, and his mom says Rena should be bringing food over soon, much to Keiichi's anger. The doorbell rings just then, and a smiling Rena is shown standing outside Keiichi's door holding a wrapped set of bentos.

Second Half

Keiichi hesitates to open his door and let Rena in, and when he finally resolves to do it suddenly Rena bangs on the door. Keiichi quickly sets the chain lock as Rena asks to be let in, saying she brought dinner due to his mom's request. Keiichi denies her request and says the fever must be killing his appetite, but Rena still pleads that she brought good food and continues banging on the door. Keiichi still doubts his trust in Rena and thinks back to the conversation with Rika. Suddenly, Rena peers through the door and Keiichi screams, recalling memories of beating Rena and Mion to death with a bat.

Higu2020ep4 hug.png

Remembering Rika's words of encouragement, Keiichi finally undoes the lock, being met with a smiling Rena. Keiichi walks up and hugs her, much to the latter's surprise. Inside, Keiichi turns on the light and says nobody else is home, with Rena smiling happily at the thought of being alone with him. Keiichi comments on Rena's big bento set, with Rena saying she was afraid of him not having enough to eat. Rena asks to use his kitchen and Keiichi offers to help while reaching out for the bentos, but Rena pulls them away and says she can do it herself. She tells him to watch TV as she prepares dinner and leaves for the kitchen.

Higu2020ep4 rena tools.png

Keiichi turns on the TV and flips through the channels while speaking to Rena from the living room, saying that she and his mom must be on good terms if she's been asked to provide dinner like this. As Rena unwraps her bentos, she says that they run into each other a lot at the Seventh Mart grocery store, an ominous shadow appearing over her face. Keiichi says he goes there a lot and has never seen Rena there, with the latter replying that she's seen him buying ramen before. Rena finishes setting up her bentos, revealing them to contain not food but a hacksaw, handcuffs and other materials.

Keiichi turns to a channel with a drama show talking about a dismemberment murder and turns off the TV, soon heading to the kitchen while telling Rena he wants to apologize. Rena asks what he wants to apologize for and Keiichi says he said some stuff to anger her earlier, realizing that she was made uncomfortable since she didn't want to talk about. Rena is confused, and Keiichi says he asked about the murder incident at the junkyard when he enters the kitchen and sees Rena scratching her neck and drawing blood. A wide smile appears on Rena's face, and she keeps scratching while saying she needs to protect her father and her family. She voices plans to kill Keiichi and disappear, realizing that they are the ones Oyashiro-sama will curse. Keiichi doesn't know what she's talking about and sees the tools strewn out on the table, with Rena picking up a knife and saying she'll be demoned away after she kills Keiichi; her dad will be able to live in peace.

Higu2020ep4 club.png

Rena steps forward towards Keiichi as he picks up a nearby golf club and takes a defensive stance. Rena says she's already cursed by Oyashiro-sama; she thought she was forgive in the past, but it's too late. Keiichi tells Rena not to come closer, but she lunges forward with her knife. Keiichi deflects her blow and sends her crashing into the table, knocking over some of her tools. Rena attacks again and knocks Keiichi's club out of his hands, the latter running back to the living room. Rena swings some more, nicking Keiichi's cheek and knocking over a clock. She laughs manically as she does this, with Keiichi charging into Rena and knocking her into a table, seemingly knocking her out and making her drop the knife.

Higu2020ep4 rena and keiichi blood.png

Keiichi walks over to Rena's body and says her name, and when he gets close Rena suddenly awakes, grabs the knife and sticks it into Keiichi's chest. As he cries out in pain, Rena straddles Keiichi and plunges the knife into his chest repeatedly while laughing crazily, a pool of blood forming around them. Keiichi feels around and picks up the fallen clock, slamming Rena in the head with it. She stops moving and Keiichi opens his eyes, but then she cackles and continues stabbing. Keiichi hits her with the clock again, and the two continue assaulting each other as blood flies onto the walls. By the end, both of them are lying in a large pool of blood. Keiichi stares up at the ceiling and sheds tears.

Keiichi wakes up in the hospital and sees his worried parents standing by his side. Keiichi asks if he killed Rena, but his mom says not to think about anything and rest while his dad runs out to call a doctor. Keiichi closes hos eyes to rest, and when he opens them again Ooishi is standing over him. He sits down and asks Keiichi what happened at his house that day, and Keiichi replies that he's not sure. He remembers everything that happened, even the sensation of hitting Rena, but he can't explain it to Ooishi at all and starts crying. Ooishi stands and says he'll return later, giving a half-heated "get well" message.

Higu2020ep4 rika satoko dead.png

Mion visits Keiichi with a fruit gift and says she would've come sooner, but some other stuff happened. Keiichi asks what happened to Rena, as nobody will tell him, not even his parents. Mion explains that they couldn't save Rena, and by some miracle they could save Keiichi. As Keiichi stares at his hands, Mion continues that the day after the incident with Rena, someone went to Rika and Satoko's house at the shrine and found them both dead; both were stabbed in the necks repeatedly with the same knife. Keiichi questions who would ever do such a thing, and Mion says the police think it's murder or suicide. Keiichi cannot fathom why either of them would kill themselves, and Mion says it was likely a robbery gone wrong. A nurse arrives and says it's time for Keiichi's check-in, and Mion takes her leave, planning to visit again; she hopes Keiichi will get better soon.

Higu2020ep4 keiichi scratch.png

The nurse sets down a syringe on her tray and asks Keiichi about his symptoms, asking if his neck feels itchy at all. Keiichi thinks back to Rena scratching her neck, then scratches his own neck and screams.


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