Onidamashi-hen (鬼騙し編 Demon Deceiving Chapter) is the first arc in Higurashi: When They Cry – New. The name of the arc isn't revealed until the end of the second episode where the preview for the third one is played.


  1. Onidamashi-hen Part 1
  2. Onidamashi-hen Part 2
  3. Onidamashi-hen Part 3
  4. Onidamashi-hen Part 4

Adaptational Differences

The manga version of Onidamashi contains some differences:

  • The scene at the beginning of episode 2 with an older Rika meeting Hanyuu is moved to the end of the arc. It is also changed to where Rika is no longer a teenager but also expands on the scene and references the events of the original story.


  • The first novel volume of Kataribanashi-hen contains a story with the exact same name, but this is likely a coincidence.
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