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Oniakashi-hen Part 2 (鬼明し編 其の弐 Demon-Revealing Chapter Part 2) is the second episode of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Sotsu and the second episode of Oniakashi-hen.




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When Rena learns that her father is spending a lot of money on the hostess Rina Mamiya, she recalls how her family fell apart when she was a child because of her own fault, and resolves to fight against those who would destroy her family; so that she will never make the same mistake again.

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Monday, June 13. Rena goes to a hardware store and picks up supplies like tape, rope, and tarps. She constantly mutters then she needs to work harder.

First Half

June 14. The weather starts to get cloudy and rainy. Rena chops vegetables as her father greets good morning to her. Yasunori asks what she plans to do with her hardware supplies, noticing the bag in the hallway and saying she had to go to Okinomiya for those. Rena claims she found a statue at the junkyard and needed some supplies to bring it home. Yasunori tells her to be careful.

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Rena takes her supplies to her secret base in the junkyard, saying that nobody will find them there. Keiichi waits for Rena at their usual spot when she finally arrives. At school, Keiichi and the club comment on how Rena seemed to sleep in that morning. Rena says she's busy and the others offer help, but Rena says this is something she has to do by herself. She also says she can't make it to club that day, and Mion accepts. Mion cancels club since the weather is looking bad. Rena leaves school as Satoko stares at her from the window.

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Rena buys more supplies at the hardware store, getting trash bags, cotton towels and odor-repellent. She picks up a pair of saws and weighs the two before settling on a hacksaw, later depositing her materials at the base. Rena goes home and is stopped by Rina's sudden appearance. Rina greets her and apologizes for the sudden appearance, asking if she's Reina. She says she's a friend of her father's, and Rena says she's Rina Mamiya; Yasunori says she's great. Rina accepts the compliment and says her dad thinks Rena's great too. Rena asks what she wants, and Rina says she wanted to meet her in person. Rena is excited since she wanted to meet her too.

Rena asks Rina to come along with her for treasure hunting. Rina is concerned since it looks cloudy, and Rena assures her it won't rain. Rina agrees to come along since they'll get to know each other better. Rena goes behind her house to retrieve an object wrapped in cloth. Rina asks what it is, and Rena says it's a tool that'll help them.

The two of them go to the junkyard. Rina asks if Rena's friends come here a lot, and Rena says she always comes alone. Rina asks what kind of treasure they're looking for, but Rena doesn't answer. They Rena's secret hideout, which she says is in a place where nobody can see or hear what happens. Rina laughs, feeling honored that Rena would show her such a sacred place. Rina asks again what they're looking for, and Rena asks her to stay outside as she retrieves the tools she needs.

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Rena lays out her supplies when Rina crawls in through the window, amazed at how comfy Rena's hideout is. Rena stares at her incredulously, saying she told her to wait outside but Rena says it started raining. Rina picks up a plugged-in lamp and asks if it works; Rena affirms it since they never shut off the electricity from the dam project.

Rina sets the lamp down and turns it on. Rina says she wants to talk to Rena about her and Yasunori, saying that he always comes to her club to drink. Rina says she was also raised by a single parent, and when she heard about Rena, she started to feel guilty about him coming to the club. She asks Rena to convince her dad to stop coming. Rina continues looking towards the front of the van as Rena creeps towards her. Rina feels like she has no right to ask this, but she's going to help too by staying away from Yasunori.

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Rena puts her hands on Rina's shoulders, and Rina is confused. Rena says she understands what she's saying and Rina feels relieved, but Rena suddenly grabs her throat and starts choking her. Rena believes Rina's fooled her dad but she won't fall for it. Rena laughs as she rambles that she's doing what's right and is going to work hard, and Rina reaches towards the lamp and throws it towards Rena, making her lose her grip.

"...so I need to work much, much, much harder!"

Rina gasps for breath and looks at the supplies Rena's prepared in the van. Rena reveals her cloaked object to be her cleaver. Rina runs out of the van and trips, and Rena begins chasing her . Rina continues running and calls out for help; she tries to climb up a junk mountain, but she loses her grip and falls. Rena steps towards the fallen Rina, looming over her with her cleaver. Rina apologizes repeatedly and pleads not to be killed, but Rena swings her cleaver down on her.

Second Half

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Rena drags Rina's bloody corpse back to her base and prepares her tools. She uses her cleaver to chop off one of Rina's limbs. Satoko watches from a distance holding an umbrella, her eyes glowing red as she says that if Rena can convince Rika to stay in Hinamizawa, Satoko can create a perfect, happy world for her. Satoko leaves.

Rena finishes chopping up Rina's corpse and wraps the pieces up in cloth. She puts them all into a bag and tries to drag them, confident since she got rid of the bad people who tried to hurt her family. The bag gets caught on something and Rena falls over. She needs to hide Rina somewhere where nobody can find her.

June 15. Mion is excited to start club now that school's over, but Rena excuses herself from club activities again. She promises to give it her best once everything is back to normal. Keiichi thinks he knows what Rena's up to.

Rena goes to the junkyard and sees that Rina's pieces are right where she left them, inside a container. She suddenly hears Keiichi calling out to her from afar and quickly closes the container, asking why he's here. Keiichi says he's come to rescue Kenta-kun. Rena is enthused that he came all this way to help her. She points him to where Kenta-kun is and then gives him an angry stare when his back is turned.

Keiichi struggles to free Kenta-kun and falls over exhausted. Rena says she can get some barley tea from her house and runs off. Rena instead runs some distance and starts scratching her neck, convinced that Keiichi knows about Rina, She ponders what to do and has an epiphany, running towards her base to retrieve her cleaver.

Keiichi finds a magazine talking about the serial deaths in Hinamizawa and reads them aloud, learning about the dismemberment murder. Rena comes up from behind with her cleaver, and Keiichi notices her shadow and yells. Rena falls over in fright and apologizes for scaring him as Keiichi hides his magazine. Keiichi says she brought a cleaver to help Keiichi get at Kenta-kun, Keiichi says it's getting dark, so they can get Kenta-kun tomorrow. The cliff overlooking them is shown to be empty.

At the store, Keiichi's mother runs into Rena. Aiko compliments Rena and says she might ask her to cook dinner for Keiichi one night if she says at work late. Rena agrees.

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Rena walks home by herself when Ooishi suddenly drives up and parks near her. Ooishi confirms she's Reina Ryuugu and reveals his police badge, asking Rena to come inside.

Inside the car, Ooishi shows a picture of Rina and asks Rena who she is. Rena confirms she's Rina Mamiya, and Ooishi says that's her club name; her real name's Ritsuko Mamiya. Rina's been missing since yesterday. Rena says she came to her house yesterday, and Ooishi says that Rina's friends said she was going to Hinamizawa to visit the daughter of one of her customers. Rena says she doesn't know what happened, and that Rina left after they talked. Ooishi asks what they talked about, and Rena says the woman wanted to be her friend since they were both raised by single parents. Ooishi accepts her story and asks Rena to call Okinomiya PD if she learns anything else.

Rena exits the car and Ooishi says it's almost time for the Watanagashi, hoping they'll get a break from Oyashiro-sama's curse this year. Rena watches Ooishi drive off and clutches her bags in anger.


Start Time End Time Track OST Description
0:37 2:07 Analogy Analogy Opening
3:32 4:00 Peace and Quiet ~slow ver.~ Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai Soundtrack Vol. 1 Keiichi and Rena walk to school
5:09 5:16 Sign Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 Satoko watches Rena
5:19 5:53 Hint Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 Rena buys more supplies
11:20 11:55 Suggestion [Anji] Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Rena chokes Rina
12:11 13:15 Intention Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 Rena draws her cleaver
20:29 21:42 Weird [Kikai] Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 Ooishi interrogates Rena
22:15 23:44 Missing Promise Missing Promise Ending

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