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Plot Summary

This page provides a detailed summary of the episodes in Oniakashi-hen.

Part 1


Keiichi wakes up in his house and opens up the window to look at the Hinamizawa scenery. Rena cooks a bento in her kitchen and hums to herself. Mion ties her hair into a ponytail.

Satoko prepares to go to school and notices Rika looking at the calendar. Satoko asks what's wrong and Rika says it's nothing giving a nipah and walking off. The date is shown to be June 10. Satoko says that no matter how often Rika looks at the calendar, she will never escape until she accepts Hinamizawa, her eyes glowing red.

First Half

Sotsuep1 yasunori.png

Rena finishes making her bento and tells her dad she's going out. Rena's father Yasunori struggles to get up, and Rena asks if she should bring some water or medicine. Yasunori says he's fine, he just had too much to drink in Okinomiya again. Rena asks if he was hanging out with Rina again, her grip on the doorframe tightening. Yasunori confirms he was and says Rena should meet her one day. Rena interrupts by saying she's late and runs off.

Rena waits for Keiichi at their usual spot, who comments on her being so early. They walk to school and pick up Mion on the way. At school, Satoko prepares a trap in the classroom door as Rika wathces. Satoko says that creating multiple webs to ensnare the enemy is the essence of trap-setting. They hear Keiichi's group get close and silently hide. Though Keiichi disarms the tacks on the door handle, he trips on a rope and almost falls into an inkwell. Satoko gloats.

June 12. Rena and Keiichi walk home from the picnic, with Rena asking Keiichi if he can come with her for a quick stop. They go to the junkyard, where Rena happily traverses the piles of trash and finds a buried Kenta-kun statue. Rena calls back out to Keiichi that she's done and notices Tomitake standing near him. Rena's mood changes and she looks back at the statue.

Keiichi and Rena walk home that night, with Rena noticing something wrong with the other. Keiichi regrets that they couldn't dig out Kenta-kun and says he could've grabbed him by the arm to pull him out. Rena says he'd break the arm if he did that. Keiichi is taken slightly aback at the comment, but he agrees. He promised that he would get Kenta-kun home. Keiichi hands Rena her bento set and bids farewell.

Sotsuep2 rina card.png

Rena heads home and sees that her father is heading out when it's so late. Yasunori says Rina called and wanted to see him, so he's going out. Rena mutters under her breath and tells Yasunori to be careful when he asks what she said. After her father leaves, Rena sits down and tells herself she can't be so sad. She removed the "i" from her name of Reina so she could forget the icky things that happened. Rena vacuums her dad's room and finds a business card under a dresser. The card comes from the club Blue Mermaid and has Rina's name written on it.

June 13. The club has a scavenger hunt to find a marker hidden in the school. Rena wonders where Mion would hide it and determines it must be in a storage closet. She notices a ladder leading up to the roof while in there. Satoko ultimately claims victory when she traps Rika under a metal pan trap and gloats. Rika says she's not mad and presents Satoko with a gift box, which erupts to belt Satoko across the room with a spring-loaded boxing glove.

Satoko's eyes glow red in the reflection

Satoko sees in the mirror that a red K.O. has been stamped on her face; Satoko's eyes also glow red in the reflection. Mion notices Rena staring into space and asks what's wrong. Rena says she's exhausted and is going to rest in the infirmary for a bit before going home. Keiichi promises he'll help with Kenta-kun when she gets better, and Rena leaves. Satoko also leaves to wash her face. Satoko wipes the paint off her face and grins.

Sotsuep1 satoko syringe.png

Satoko looms over a sleeping Rena in the infirmary, asking for forgiveness since this is all Rika's fault. She pulls out the H173 syringe and prepares it while promising to create a Hinamizawa where everyone can be happy. Satoko asks Rena and everyone who'll be experiencing this to forgive her as she injects Rena, the latter tossing and turning in her sleep a bit. Satoko finishes the injection and apologizes again, her eyes glowing red.

"I'm so terribly sorry."

Second Half

Sotsuep1 syringe trash.png

Rena awakens and calls out Satoko's name, seeing her nowhere. She cradles her head and leaves the infirmary, where the H173 case can be seen disposed of in a garbage can. Rena touches her neck as she walks home. Late at night, Rena unlocks her house with a key hidden under a toy and finds a note left behind by her father, who's gone out yet again. A determined look appears on Rena's face. She starts looking through her dad's things and finds a bankbook with many expensive purchases documented in it. Rena says this was the settlement money her mother gave her dad in their divorce, and it was only supposed to be used for emergencies. Rena scratches her neck.

Sotsuep1 rena and reiko.png

Rena has a flashback to eating dessert as a little girl with her mother. Her mother Reiko asks how she feels about Akihito, the man who ate dinner with them before. Reiko says that Akihito likes Reina but Reina says he's okay sometimes. Reiko then asks who she likes better, mom or dad. Reina says she likes mom because she eats yummy dessert with her. Reiko then asks who she would live with if she went to live in a different house from her father. Reina is confused, and Reiko says she's thinking of divorcing Yasunori and marrying Akihito.

Reina knocks over her dessert and asks why, as Dad didn't do anything wrong. Some restaurant bystanders notice the commotion. Reina says that Dad did everything for Mom so she could focus on work and that it's not too late to change her mind, but Reiko says it is: she's pregnant.

A lawyer finishes the divorce proceedings with Rena's dad and tells him that not only is he not allowed to meet Reiko, he can't contact her either; these are the terms he signed. Yasunori grips a bankbook. That night, Rena's dad asks if Reina knew the name of Reiko's husband, and when she says he's a funny man who gave her candy, Yasunori slaps her. Reina starts crying, and Yasunori apologizes and hugs her.

Until that day, Rena believed she had to be nice to everyone no matter what. She realized that bad people like Akihito didn't deserve kindness, and that she should've ignored him. Rema blames herself for causing her parents' divorce and thinks she didn't work hard enough to prevent that. Rena professes that she needs to work harder or else her family will fall apart again and sets out to do something, still scratching her neck.

Sotsuep1 rina and her friend.png

Rena goes out to Flower Road and finds the Blue Mermaid club as on the card. An employee stops Rena from entering and tells her to come back when she's older. At a nearby restaurant, Rena orders some tea. She sits around wondering what she's doing here when Rina Mamiya suddenly walks in while speaking to another woman. Rena listens to their conversation. Rina says her client is drunk so she doesn't want to wake him; she expresses awe that he'll buy him anything expensive she asks for. Rina says that he's got a lot of cash from when his wife left him, and the other woman says he'd probably give it all to her if some other guy blackmailed him. Rina agrees, and Rena is shocked. Rena leaves the restaurant as the women continue talking.

The woman asks Rina if she knows anybody who could help, but Rina takes a sad drag from her cigarette and says the guy has a teenage daughter. Rina herself was raised by a single parent and sympathizes, so she's thinking of breaking things off. The woman thinks this is uncharacteristic of her, and Rina says it'd be trouble if he got more serious with her.

Rena walks through the streets professing that she's going to do work harder, scratching her neck along the way.

Part 2


Monday, June 13. Rena goes to a hardware store and picks up supplies like tape, rope, and tarps. She constantly mutters then she needs to work harder.

First Half

June 14. The weather starts to get cloudy and rainy. Rena chops vegetables as her father greets good morning to her. Yasunori asks what she plans to do with her hardware supplies, noticing the bag in the hallway and saying she had to go to Okinomiya for those. Rena claims she found a statue at the junkyard and needed some supplies to bring it home. Yasunori tells her to be careful.

Sotsuep2 satoko window.png

Rena takes her supplies to her secret base in the junkyard, saying that nobody will find them there. Keiichi waits for Rena at their usual spot when she finally arrives. At school, Keiichi and the club comment on how Rena seemed to sleep in that morning. Rena says she's busy and the others offer help, but Rena says this is something she has to do by herself. She also says she can't make it to club that day, and Mion accepts. Mion cancels club since the weather is looking bad. Rena leaves school as Satoko stares at her from the window.

Sotsuep2 rina visit.png

Rena buys more supplies at the hardware store, getting trash bags, cotton towels and odor-repellent. She picks up a pair of saws and weighs the two before settling on a hacksaw, later depositing her materials at the base. Rena goes home and is stopped by Rina's sudden appearance. Rina greets her and apologizes for the sudden appearance, asking if she's Reina. She says she's a friend of her father's, and Rena says she's Rina Mamiya; Yasunori says she's great. Rina accepts the compliment and says her dad thinks Rena's great too. Rena asks what she wants, and Rina says she wanted to meet her in person. Rena is excited since she wanted to meet her too.

Rena asks Rina to come along with her for treasure hunting. Rina is concerned since it looks cloudy, and Rena assures her it won't rain. Rina agrees to come along since they'll get to know each other better. Rena goes behind her house to retrieve an object wrapped in cloth. Rina asks what it is, and Rena says it's a tool that'll help them.

The two of them go to the junkyard. Rina asks if Rena's friends come here a lot, and Rena says she always comes alone. Rina asks what kind of treasure they're looking for, but Rena doesn't answer. They Rena's secret hideout, which she says is in a place where nobody can see or hear what happens. Rina laughs, feeling honored that Rena would show her such a sacred place. Rina asks again what they're looking for, and Rena asks her to stay outside as she retrieves the tools she needs.

Sotsuep2 rina lamp.png

Rena lays out her supplies when Rina crawls in through the window, amazed at how comfy Rena's hideout is. Rena stares at her incredulously, saying she told her to wait outside but Rena says it started raining. Rina picks up a plugged-in lamp and asks if it works; Rena affirms it since they never shut off the electricity from the dam project.

Rina sets the lamp down and turns it on. Rina says she wants to talk to Rena about her and Yasunori, saying that he always comes to her club to drink. Rina says she was also raised by a single parent, and when she heard about Rena, she started to feel guilty about him coming to the club. She asks Rena to convince her dad to stop coming. Rina continues looking towards the front of the van as Rena creeps towards her. Rina feels like she has no right to ask this, but she's going to help too by staying away from Yasunori.

Sotsuep2 choking.png

Rena puts her hands on Rina's shoulders, and Rina is confused. Rena says she understands what she's saying and Rina feels relieved, but Rena suddenly grabs her throat and starts choking her. Rena believes Rina's fooled her dad but she won't fall for it. Rena laughs as she rambles that she's doing what's right and is going to work hard, and Rina reaches towards the lamp and throws it towards Rena, making her lose her grip.

"...so I need to work much, much, much harder!"

Rina gasps for breath and looks at the supplies Rena's prepared in the van. Rena reveals her cloaked object to be her cleaver. Rina runs out of the van and trips, and Rena begins chasing her . Rina continues running and calls out for help; she tries to climb up a junk mountain, but she loses her grip and falls. Rena steps towards the fallen Rina, looming over her with her cleaver. Rina apologizes repeatedly and pleads not to be killed, but Rena swings her cleaver down on her.

Second Half

Sotsuep2 satoko watches.png

Rena drags Rina's bloody corpse back to her base and prepares her tools. She uses her cleaver to chop off one of Rina's limbs. Satoko watches from a distance holding an umbrella, her eyes glowing red as she says that if Rena can convince Rika to stay in Hinamizawa, Satoko can create a perfect, happy world for her. Satoko leaves.

Rena finishes chopping up Rina's corpse and wraps the pieces up in cloth. She puts them all into a bag and tries to drag them, confident since she got rid of the bad people who tried to hurt her family. The bag gets caught on something and Rena falls over. She needs to hide Rina somewhere where nobody can find her.

June 15. Mion is excited to start club now that school's over, but Rena excuses herself from club activities again. She promises to give it her best once everything is back to normal. Keiichi thinks he knows what Rena's up to.

Rena goes to the junkyard and sees that Rina's pieces are right where she left them, inside a container. She suddenly hears Keiichi calling out to her from afar and quickly closes the container, asking why he's here. Keiichi says he's come to rescue Kenta-kun. Rena is enthused that he came all this way to help her. She points him to where Kenta-kun is and then gives him an angry stare when his back is turned.

Keiichi struggles to free Kenta-kun and falls over exhausted. Rena says she can get some barley tea from her house and runs off. Rena instead runs some distance and starts scratching her neck, convinced that Keiichi knows about Rina, She ponders what to do and has an epiphany, running towards her base to retrieve her cleaver.

Keiichi finds a magazine talking about the serial deaths in Hinamizawa and reads them aloud, learning about the dismemberment murder. Rena comes up from behind with her cleaver, and Keiichi notices her shadow and yells. Rena falls over in fright and apologizes for scaring him as Keiichi hides his magazine. Keiichi says she brought a cleaver to help Keiichi get at Kenta-kun, Keiichi says it's getting dark, so they can get Kenta-kun tomorrow. The cliff overlooking them is shown to be empty.

At the store, Keiichi's mother runs into Rena. Aiko compliments Rena and says she might ask her to cook dinner for Keiichi one night if she says at work late. Rena agrees.

Sotsu ep2 preview (6).jpg

Rena walks home by herself when Ooishi suddenly drives up and parks near her. Ooishi confirms she's Reina Ryuugu and reveals his police badge, asking Rena to come inside.

Inside the car, Ooishi shows a picture of Rina and asks Rena who she is. Rena confirms she's Rina Mamiya, and Ooishi says that's her club name; her real name's Ritsuko Mamiya. Rina's been missing since yesterday. Rena says she came to her house yesterday, and Ooishi says that Rina's friends said she was going to Hinamizawa to visit the daughter of one of her customers. Rena says she doesn't know what happened, and that Rina left after they talked. Ooishi asks what they talked about, and Rena says the woman wanted to be her friend since they were both raised by single parents. Ooishi accepts her story and asks Rena to call Okinomiya PD if she learns anything else.

Rena exits the car and Ooishi says it's almost time for the Watanagashi, hoping they'll get a break from Oyashiro-sama's curse this year. Rena watches Ooishi drive off and clutches her bags in anger.

Part 3


June 15. At night, Rena digs a hole and throws Rina's wrapped-up pieces into it. She fills the hole and checks to ensure nobody is around. Rena looks down at her handiwork, her breathing heavy and ragged.

First Half

"Never knew Rena had the guts to get someone killed."

June 16. Rena and the club play zombie tag. After the activity, Keiichi rests and washes up. He comments to himself that he didn't know Rena had the guts to get someone killed, and Rena overhears it and gets shocked by that statement. Keiichi looks in the mirror to see Rena ominously standing behind him and quickly turns around. Rena smiles and hands him a towel. Keiichi thanks her and cleans his face as Rena stares at him with a strange expression.

Rena digs another hole that night to bury more of Rina's pieces. She repeats she needs to work harder.

June 17. Mion gets the club hyped up for the Five-Demon Battle Royale that'll be wreaking havoc at the Watanagashi Festival. That night, Rena digs back up Rina's pieces and finds they're still there. Rena laughs, convinced that everything will be fine since the police still haven't found Rina. She then remembers Keiichi calling out to her back at the junkyard and fears that he still knows about the crime. Rena thinks she hasn't worked hard enough and that her family is still being punished by Oyashiro-sama for leaving Hinamizawa. Rena prays to the god for forgiveness.

Sotsuep3 sinking cotton.gif

June 19. Tomitake meets the club at the Watanagashi Festival. Rika does her ritual dance. At the cotton-drifting, Keiichi learns of Oyashiro-sama being the village's god. Rena gives thanks to him and sends cotton down the stream. One of the cotton balls floating in the stream seems to unfurl and sink downwards.

Keiichi walks by himself. Rena watches him from the trees and wonders if he really saw everything or not. She scratches her neck again.

June 20. Chie tells Keiichi that someone wants to speak to him. Rena watches from a window as Keiichi joins Ooishi in his car, remembering that the detective spoke to her a few days ago. Rena wonders why Keiichi is speaking to police and keeps scratching her neck. Satoko notices her and tells Rena to join a club game; they'll be playing a card game where they figure out who the murderer is. Rena smiles and says she'll join in a second. Satoko notices Rena holding her neck and asks what's wrong, and Rena says it's been very itchy lately. A strange look appears on Satoko's face before she offers her condolences and hopes the itching will go away soon.

While walking home, Keiichi and Rena talk. Keiichi asks if Rena and Mion are hiding things from him, and Rena accuses him in turn of hiding things from her. Rena says Keiichi hid something at the junkyard, and that he skipped club to talk to an unknown man. Keiichi insists it was nothing and Rena yells that he's lying.

The scene jumps to Keiichi waking up from a nap. His dad calls out to Keiichi, saying he's got a call from the bookstore. Rena goes to Keiichi's house that night and is welcomed by Ichirou. Rena goes up to Keiichi's room and begins to enter when she hears him talking to Ooishi on the phone about her. Keiichi exclaims with shock over Rena doing something, and Rena quickly leaves the house. A deranged look appears on Rena's face, and it calms when she once again says she needs to work harder. Rena scratches her neck again.

Second Half

Sotsuep3 rena phone.png

June 23. Rena heads home and greets her father Yasunori. Rena asks if he's okay, noticing the beer bottles and disheveled clothes everywhere and Yasunori says that he hasn't able to contact Rina, and she hasn't come to work either. Rena hopes that she's okay. The phone rings and Rena takes it. Keiichi's mom calls and asks Rena to cook dinner for Keiichi since she and her husband'll be working overtime and won't be home until tomorrow. Rena grins and agrees to the request, a strange look appearing on her face. She prepares bento boxes full of rope, saws and other materials and prepares to leave. Rena tells her father she might be late for dinner since she's going to Keiichi's house, and Yasunori sees her out, oblivious to her plans. Rena says she'll work really hard.

Rena rings the doorbell to Keiichi's house and asks to be let in, saying his mom asked her to make dinner. Keiichi is reluctant to let her in, and Rena bangs on the door some more. Rika appears and peeks out at Rena from behind a wall. A flashback to Rika telling Keiichi to trust Rena is shown. Keiichi lets Rena inside and hugs her. Rika is surprised to see Keiichi do it, getting excited as the two walk inside. Rika is convinced that things will be fine and hopes Keiichi will win. Shots of Keiichi and Rena attacking each other are shown.

June 24. Satoko and Rika excitedly head to class but see that Keiichi and Rena aren't here. Chie enters the room saying she has an important announcement. A look of horror appears on Rika's face, and Satoko glances at her. Chie announces that last night, Rena and Keiichi were found injured and unconscious. She says Keiichi was taken to the hospital and is about to say what happened to Rena when Rika stands up and yells that's a lie. Mion tries to console her, saying that she couldn't believe it either. Rika starts to leave class and Chie tells her to stay, but Rika says she's done and exits the room. Satoko promises to check on her later, looking towards the door with a smirk.

Sotsuep3 knife.png

Rika goes to the Maebara residence, where the police have cordoned it off and are investigating. Rika goes to her shack at the Furude Shrine, pulls out a kitchen knife, and after staring at it a bit, plunges it into her throat. Rika stabs herself repeatedly, spraying blood everywhere before falling over dead.

"You're quite dead, I see."

Satoko heads home to find Rika's bloodied corpse and checks to ensure she's dead. Satoko reminds herself that she can't chase after Rika if Satoko dies first and picks up the bloodied knife. Satoko is sure Rika thinks this is just bad luck and can avert tragedy in the next Fragment, but Satoko professes that until Rika give upo, she will never escape Oyashiro-sama's curse. Satoko's eyes glow red as she slits her throat and falls over.

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