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This article is about a character in Rose Guns Days.

Oliver Oribe (オリバー・織部 Oribā Oribe) is a member of the Wild Dogs, a sub-organization of the Primavera Family. He first appears in Season 2


The boy who grew up in an alleyway idolizing Wayne is surprisingly much like Wayne.
Especially when he's brawling, overconfident, and doesn't know how much of anything he's doing.
He messes up a few important jobs and is completely in the shadows of the crew. At the time, he was being clawed at by his fellow crew members, and he was completely unfaithful.
At least until he met Rapunzel.

(Translated from the official 07th Expansion website.)


Oliver has black bobbed hair and wears a short blue jacket over a red vest and yellow tie.


Oliver likes to read and tries to act serious all the time. He looks up to Wayne immensely and wants to be like him. Oliver also has a habit of telling people to "shut up, be quiet."


Like Charles and Nina, and many other of the Wild Dogs crew, Oliver was an orphan who grew up on the streets. When Oliver joined the Wild Dogs, he tried too hard to be like Wayne and beat up a suspicious Chinese man, causing a small dispute with the GDS and earning negative reputation, along with the other Wandering Dogs.



Season 2

Oliver is first introduced in 1948 when he, Nina, and Charles are sent by Wayne to pick up Zel from the hospital and show her around town. They go to the old music shop that Oliver's group lives in and clean it up, later practicing instruments with Oliver on piano.

After hearing that Primavera wants to open an employment agency and is facing some trouble, Oliver and the others investigate a Chinese employment agency being operated in secret and take pictures, bringing them to Wayne and Rose. Oliver's group is thus promoted from Wild Dogs to Wandering Dogs, and they later escort Rose to meet the Satomi Alliance in Chiba.

When they get to Chiba, Oliver and the others discover that Caleb and Miguel are actually alive. Oliver and his group later protect Rose from assassins when they attack.

Season 3

Oliver and the rest of the Wandering Dogs try to become even more acknowledged by uncovering a plot by Chinatown to stockpile soy sauce and flood the market with it. Wayne is impressed by their work and invites them to the next Pasta Gathering.

Zel is revealed to be an assassin sent by the GDS, and Oliver falls into denial when he hears this. He and he rest of the Wandering Dogs meet with Meijiu and learn of Zel's past and why she became an assassin. They then decide to apologize to Zel and get her location from Meijiu, reuniting with her and planning to rescue her father.

Zel's father is trapped inside of Wang's restaurant, and the Wandering Dogs hone their skills in preparation for the rescue, which is to take place during Rose's meeting with Wang. They pretend to be a band called the Wandering Cats and get hired to perform there, with Oliver's role being to stand near the door to Zel's father's room and open it with the key Nina will slingshot up to him. Oliver successfully gets the door open and confirms that Zel's father is indeed there, taking him outside for Xiaolan to get him away.

Oliver and the rest of the Wandering Dogs hold Wang at gunpoint when he discovers Zel is his assassin, and they lower their guns on Rose's request.

After Wang's defeat, the Wandering Dogs are disbanded. Oliver swears to keep improving himself.

In 1949, Oliver and his group are sent to help Alan and Keith deal with Davis Degawa. Alan and Keith take up sniping positions on Davis' hideout, and Oliver signals them to call off the hit after they discover that someone's backing Davis.

Last Season

Oliver and several other Wild Dogs are hired by Maurice to be bodyguards for Richard's procession to a meeting with the GDS. (Unbeknownst to Oliver, he was protecting a body double of Richard, with Maurice planning to attack the procession and make it seem as though a third party was attacking Primavera.)

The procession is attacked, and Oliver and his fellow Wild Dogs do their best to protect Richard from the incoming gunfire, and many of them die. Oliver gets gravely wounded, but he still rushes to Richard's car to confirm he is safe. After seeing that Richard's a fake, Oliver loses faith in himself, thinking his bosses don't consider the Wild Dogs to be worthy enough to protect the real Consigliere and soon dies from his wounds.