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Okamikakushi (おおかみかくし lit. Wolfed Away) is an anime adaptation of the namesake visual novel. It was produced by AIC and aired from January 8, 2010 to March 26, 2010. The anime is licensed for official English release by Sentai Filmworks under the name Okamikakushi ~ Masque of the Wolf.

Plot Summary

Kuzumi Hiroshi moves with his crippled sister and his father to the remote city of Jouga, which is famous for its hassaku citrus and the rumors that a species of enormous wolves once lived in the area. While some of the residents are more than friendly, when people begin to vanish suddenly, it becomes apparent that something sinister is afoot...[1]


  1. Joga Town
  2. Siblings
  3. Impulse
  4. Premonition
  5. Runaway
  6. Love
  7. Loss
  8. Complication
  9. Secret Room
  10. Hassaku Festival
  11. Demise
  12. The Mysterious Tale of Joga Town

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  1. Catalog on Sentai Filmworks
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