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On October 8, 2021, a livestream was held on Niconico where Ryukishi07 answered several questions about Higurashi Gou and Sotsu. Summary provided by Jevil with additional details summarized by Hubris and fixes by Pteryon.

Some spoilers for Umineko When They Cry are featured in this interview.



This article or section contains untagged major spoilers for all of Higurashi When They Cry Gou-Sotsu or Gou-Meguri. Readers who have not completed the story are advised not to proceed further.

Q:How did Satoko inject Mion?

A:Satoko acted liked she fell over, pushed Mion down, and injected her. For Akasaka and the others, Satoko had looped so much that she already knew how to do it. Ryukishi felt that the story wasn't about tricks by this point, so he didn't feel the need to write any more details.

Q:What was the meaning of the teddy bear and the Satoshi scene?

A:Satoshi was fighting the syndrome inside of him for long time and his memory was foggy when he woke up. The teddy bear there was the key to remembering what he did before he lost consciousness.

Q:Who was that suspicious nurse at the end of Onidamashi? Did Keiichi die? Was she from Tokyo?

A: The question was just on the manual of Hinamizawa syndrome. The nurse herself isn't related to Tokyo. The doctor might have instructed her to ask that, and maybe he was from Tokyo. Or perhaps it's the opposite.

Q: The scene where Keiichi is attacked by Teppei at Satoko's house.

A: The scene is a lie created by Satoko. The sound of the jingling is foreshadowing. They picked up comment about "Umineko's illusion scene" and R07 admits that it is basically the same.

Q: What is the miracle that Eua wanted to see?

A: She wanted to see something unexpected. If Hanyuu was able to show something that Eua never expected then she lets Hanyuu win. Rika and Satoko chase for the Onigari-no-ryuou that is able to kill loopers but Eua knows they can't use it against each other because they love each other so much. Eua predicted that this story would end with Rika and Satoko agreeing to both die at once, due to their love and not giving up both of their dreams. Eua is almighty but she is too far from the human world and she lost the simulation of human mind, and her assumption only counts on the savage nature of humanity. Hanyuu thought the opposite and as she saw Rika, Satoko, the club members and others who related to them for very long time and she knew they can think about opponent more than Eua expect. The problem with St. Lucia and Hinamizawa is that there is no middle ground in this. Yet, by the end of the long fight, Rika and Satoko were able to accept that both of them can't make their dreams become true. It was an unexpected outcome for Eua so she counts it as a miracle, and she played the clown to lose against Hanyuu. Eua was actually able to avoid Hanyuu's attack as well, but it was the agreement so she just took the stab. Hanyuu is a copy of Eua who "bugged" and became a child. Eua could only see the absolute outcomes and could only see people as "shogi pieces" which have particular objectives.

Q: Why didn't Satoko apologize?

A: It was something that R07 wanted people to think and discuss. But if he would reveal what he thinks: It was indeed a problem that Satoko took many lives just to make Rika give up on her dream. The situation is like Keiichi's confession scene in Tsumihoroboshi, where Keiichi talks about his guilt in another world but Mion doesnn't know what he is talking about. As for the club members in the last episode, Satoko really hasn't done anything. The question of if Satoko has to apologize for this, is something that Satoko has to think about for herself slowly over time. Satoko's universe is broken and it takes time to create her new universe. To put it bluntly, Gou/Sotsu is a story of Satoko's growth. In this point of view, it was Satoko's graduation from her 'rebellious phase' against another. If Satoko were an adult, she would have known better about why she did it, but Satoko is still in her adolescent time. The Fragment world can be interpeted in many ways but also it can be a mind world of trial-and-error. Then you could also treat in the way that she had only killed everyone in her imagination rather than reality. I think lot of people have imagined killing someone in their mind. It's bit similar to that. Of course, some people still won't agree with this. In a different work of mine, there was another witch who took this sin seriously, thought it wasn't ok just because it was a delusional murder, and threw themselves into the ocean.

Q: Why didn't Satoko keep trying to catch up on her studies?

A: That was actually the most surprising comment for me. I was actually the one who couldn't study so I was shocked how anyone could study that much. To me it was easy to understand that people can't do what they really feel pained to do.

Q:If Satoko had studied, would she have avoid parting with Rika?

A: Maybe the atmosphere would have been a little different if she caught up and hadn't been in separate classes. However, Satoko still won't be able to fit in with Rika's new friends that she hangs out with. Maybe Satoko could have formed a different group from Rika, like the group of people who can show off their real nature with Satoko in the center of it. Also, about Rika's desire for St.Lucia: she was trapped in a Japanese style world for long time, and she wanted to be part of a more Westernized area.

Q: About the final battle

A: They go around the various worlds in a loop and smash each other's true words. On my side it was just them beating each other up very loudly, going through various worlds. But when I saw the storyboard, it was like that and I was a little surprised. It was a good job done by Passione. Also, Mion's toilet dump scene was surprising too. I thought it was just opening up the toilet and throwing Rika's in, but on the storyboard it was Mion kicking Rika's body directly into the tank. One of my staff said "Isn't this too violent? What should we do?" but I ended up saying "go for it", thinking about the momentum of the anime and hustle of Passione. It's better to ask specialists for the best result, and I'm only an original plot writer. For Rika and Satoko, it might have felt like the destrction of the universe, and Passione well presented that.

Q:Who was the biggest villain in this work?

A:Eua! She is so evil! I saw on Twitter a portion of people that said she wasn't a bad person just because she was watching it. However, what she was interfering on was their most painful and troubling time, puberty. It's harmful to give more than what person can deal with when they are struggling. In a real adolescent period, Satoko would have slowly learned what she could and could not do on her own. It's bad to give them more power than they can handle. It's like giving a gun to someone getting bullied and being emotional. Without Eua, Satoko should have learned to solve her problem in a more realistic way.

Q:Would Kameda from the baseball team be L5 in possible fragments? Like massacring everyone on the Okinomiya baseball team.

A:For Kameda's case it would be more like raiding Angel Mort. As it's written, Kameda is almost about to get banned from the place, and maybe Satoko could induce something with it. Maybe she won't even need an injection. *laughs*

Q:What did Hanyuu mean by "lingering trace"?

A:In such a world, her existance is more than an individual. What we saw in Gou/Sotsu is like afterimage of Hanyuu's power. She was supposed to die in an irreversible looking way, like dying or disappearing, but she didn't want to show Rika that so she flew away before she disappeared, to leave Rika the hope of meeting Hanyuu again.

Q:About Keiichi's toughness theory

A:Ah, like Keiichi and Rena's fight. My plot says something like it's a self-defense demolition fight between Rena and Keiichi, driven by insanity. I was expecting more of Keiichi and Rena pushing the knife towards each other, but when I looked at the story board she really stabbed him, and wow, there was a lot of blood splattered all over the place.

Q: Okonogi's smile

A: As it is said in the Matsuribayashi end roll, the mastermind made a plea bargain so the Mountain Dogs were released, and they were going oversea to hide for a while. In the last scene I wanted to present how everyone was doing in the end, and I thought it would be nice to have a scene of them at the airport. From here this is just what I thought, and I haven't confirmed anything, but possibly the Okonogi smile was to match the length dai-san's You BGM. Maybe Okonogi was chosen because he was popular with an anime staff member.

Q: Why didn't Satoko think about Satoshi at the ending?

A: The reunion of Satoshi and Satoko is quite big, and I could make whole arc with it so I wanted to separate it from Gou/Sotsu. As for the reason: In the long time of loops (including Rika's past), she's seen Satoshi unconsciousness in every timeline, and she really did give up on him (It was like how Rika gave up with her parents until the Saikoroshi arc). Also, from the start to the end, Satoko was mostly full of anger against Rika and didn't have much time to think about Satoshi. After Satoshi comes back, it's ime for them to go back to the Houjou residence instead of staying in Rika-Sato's house. Satoshi's return is congratulated by everyone, and Satoko would have a world where she doesn't need Rika. The thing is, when this happens now for Rika. the situation becomes a complete opposite of Gou/Sotsu for her, and in this perspective Gou/Sotsu is the story of Rika and Satoko mounting each other, envying and killing each other. If people wanted to see such a story then please give me support and I could write this in different occasion. But of course it's story about the world where no one is at fault.

Q: Is Satoko Lambdadelta?

A: I don't think there's a direct connection at that point yet. But as you can see from the last episode, the flow of those two may very well be the roots of what's to come, so just as Hanyuu and Eua drifted off to another world, Rika and Satoko's witch personalities may also drift away to other worlds. And then maybe they might become characters in another world's story. (Soshina, the interviewer desided to cut it here.)

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