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On October 23, 2022, a live talk show was held where Ryukishi07 answered questions. Below is a summary translated by Hubris and Eri.



This article or section contains untagged major spoilers for all of Higurashi When They Cry Gou-Sotsu or Gou-Meguri. Readers who have not completed the story are advised not to proceed further.

  • Regarding where Another End fits into the the timeline of Gou-Sotsu: Not to be thought about too hard. Just have fun with it.
  • Regarding GouSotsu's "Mirror Theory": Ryukishi says he didn't add any such elements as a writer (whether on purpose or accident, any such elements were brought in by Passione)
  • Regarding the relationship between Lambda, Satoko, Takano: Lambda gives off hints, so will omit a direct answer. But in terms of meta, the player is the same. Ryu gives an example of how in a tabletop RPG the game master might add an NPC to the party, and then use that NPC to induce the party to go in a particular direction. In Higurashi, the game master moved Takano (Satoko too) so as to have fun together with Rika's Player. He refers to Hotarubi, where Lambda selected a (the?) black piece to play for the game and it turned out to be Takano, and says that a (the?) white piece referred to in that scene could be seen to have been Satoko.
  • Regarding the relationship between Hanyuu and Eua (Featherine): Eua was past Featherine(?). Hanyuu is to Eua an errored copy. (Source had a lot of difficulty choosing his words for this following part): [When going(?) from one world to another, by a god-like existence, the world is probably transcribed over to the new world. Featherine is probably the most faithful version.] Hanyuu is a degraded version. Because of that, Hanyuu existed close to humans and gained what you could call a kind personality, but also Hanyuu's horn, which in actuality is floating freely, somehow looks like it comes out of her head. It's the same as a description illustrated in a misunderstood manner. Might write about this in Ciconia.
  • How does Satoko take Satoshi's reawakening?: The one who put Satoko's parting with Satoshi to words was in the process of becoming a wit-was the witch personality. Satoko's base personality would welcome Satoshi back with an elated, emotional hug.
    • When asked details about Satoshi waking up, Ryukishi says it's usually supposed to happen while Satoko is still a middle schooler. But the probabilities of it happening depend on the fragment and it's not guaranteed to happen in at that timing in all of them. It doesn't happen in fragments where Satoko and Rika go together to St. Lucia, for example. While Irie takes care of Satoshi's rehab, Satoko would go to Okinomiya's high school. Once she graduates she decides to get a job, while Rika's purpose going to St. Lucia was experiencing a refined lifestyle. The two of them hate studying so they decide not to go to a university. Rika returns to Hinamizawa since she fulfilled her goal. She has the dream of traveling the world so she starts doing her best learning English.[2][3][4][5]
  • "Is there any future developments we can expect?": Ryukishi: "I really like Higurashi Daybreak. I never played it myself, so it would be nice if an anime for it could be made."[6]
  • "What is the 'Anomalous Spinal Cord Specimen'?": Ryukishi: "Something like that might've popped up in one of my works already~? Look forward to it!"[7]
  • Satoko and Rika's heights: Ryukishi: "Satoko is taller than the average person, Rika is shorter than the average person"[8]
  • About Keiichi, Rena, and Mion's relationship: "Rena wishes for Keiichi to choose between the two of them fair and square so they must await for Mion to mature and become honest with herself."[9]
  • "What's teenage Rika's thoughts on Akasaka?": Ryukishi: "He's like a reliable childhood uncle to her. He was an important piece in the past, but after the loops are over he's like a parental figure, like a cousin and her uncle."[10]
  • When asked about Akane and the Sonozaki twins's thoughts on each other:[11][12]
    • Sonozaki twins to Akane: A scary mother. She shows a smile to others but is very severe with her family members.
    • Akane to Sonozaki twins: She feels bad for the situation they're in. She knows that if they stick together then they'd be too worried about one another so she sometimes thinks that if they lived completely apart from each other it'd be for the best.


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