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Gohda writes in his diary about the time he first came to Rokkenjima, amazed at the vastness of the island and how he never thought his skills as a chef would lead to him working for a multi-millionaire family. A few years ago, Gohda had worked in a restaurant in a high-class hotel where the cooks got along nicely while competing over their skills. One day, the head chef suddenly retired due to illness, and the replacement was the kind of person who seemed more interested in appeasing the higher-ups instead of polishing their own cooking skills. The other cooks working under the new head chef began to dislike him, Gohda included. They tried to stage a coup d'etat and gave resignation letters to the hotel as a protest, but in hindsight Gohda realized that that was a very reckless thing to do; the assistant chefs clearly weren’t actually going to quit and were just excited about raising a ruckus. The chefs were all dissuaded from resigning at the last minute, but Gohda didn’t understand and ended up getting fired. Despite his inexperience, Gohda tried to use his standing as a former chef at a well-established restaurant and tried searching for new jobs on the same level as the hotel; details of the protest spread, asking other places not to hire anyone involved with the overthrowing of the head chef, and Gohda was unable to get hired anywhere.

One day, Gohda received a call from an acquaintance and learned about a multi-millionaire searching for a live-in cook. Most skilled cooks are already attached to somewhere else and wouldn’t just resign for a high salary, which made this the perfect opportunity for the jobless Gohda. He thus joined the screening process for the Ushiromiya family chef, going to Rokkenjima and seeing several other prospective chefs, all younger than him. In the end, Gohda was selected to become the chef, signing a contract where he cannot make food for anyone except those connected to the Ushiromiya family; it was things like this that inflated Gohda’s pride.

Gohda then writes about the legend of the Golden Witch. Places all over Japan have supernatural stories and curses tied to them, and the hotel Gohda worked at also had such stories; hearing about the Golden Witch, he merely smiled. However, Gohda notes that this story is a bit different from other places, as the other servants blindly accepted this story to be real. Gohda was still very skeptical, taking a break one night when the house was quiet when he noticed a silhouette going towards the grand staircase. Krauss and Natsuhi were supposed to be asleep by now, and this silhouette seemed to be wearing nightclothes; the family wears formal clothes even inside the house, so it’s strange for one of them to be walking the halls in pajamas. Gohda’s belief in Beatrice begins to increase after this.

The next day, Gohda asks Kanon about the Golden Witch and if he’s ever experienced anything similar to what Gohda saw that night. Kanon pauses, and then says he saw a golden butterfly one time. Gohda remembers that the servants are not supposed to chase after any golden butterflies they see, lest they incur Beatrice’s wrath; a servant chased them and retired after having a serious injury. Gohda apologizes for taking Kanon’s time, concluding that he saw Natsuhi or Jessica walking around in pajamas; Kanon tells him that they would never do that. Gohda swears he saw a woman wearing a white negligee, and Kanon replies that their masters don’t have any clothes like that. Kanon sees the look of denial on Gohda’s face and reminds him not to do anything to profane Beatrice. He begins telling his own story of how he doubted Beatrice but came to believe after witnessing something only witches could do. One day, Kanon was cleaning up the garden storehouse and forgot to return the key to the servant’s room, going to sleep with it still in his pocket. There was only one key to the storehouse, so nobody could open it during the night; nevertheless, Kanon opened it back up the next day to find everything a mess and a magic circle drawn with red paint on the floor. Gohda thinks it might’ve been an elaborate prank instead. He claims the other servants tried to tease Kanon by drawing a circle in the storehouse, and there was a spare key Kanon didn’t know about. Kanon doesn’t object to this theory, and Gohda starts feeling like a detective, having criticized Beatrice. However, the look on Kanon’s face made him feel as though he’d regret it someday.

Some time later, Kinzo, Krauss, and the rest of the family went on a trip. The servant shifts got changed and one day, only Gohda and Genji were on duty in the mansion. Genji was doing paperwork in the servants room while Gohda went on a stroll through the rose garden, thoroughly enjoying himself. With only two servants on the island, Gohda had an easy time making meals, and even had a chance to clean the kitchen. Later, Genji was making his rounds and Gohda was resting in the servants room when the phone starts ringing. It’s the middle of the night, and Genji would never call this late, even if it was important; Gohda picks up to hear Genji telling him to come to the kitchen. Genji is normally very serious, but Gohda hearing the tone of his voice and how nervous he was made him realize that it was important.

Gohda heads to the kitchen to find the formerly-clean workplace now a mess; pots and bowls are piled up on top of each other, and spoons and ladles are arranged in a circle with some red blood-like paint surrounding it all, forming a magic circle. He remembers Kanon’s story of finding a similar thing in the garden storehouse, and Genji tells him they need to clean it up and hide it from the other servants. Gohda thinks about who could’ve done this: he and Genji are the only people on Rokkenjima currently, and Gohda would never dirty up the kitchen after cleaning it, so it must be Genji. But then, why would Genji do it? What does he have to gain by pulling a prank like this, and why is he helping clean up if that were the case? He figures that the Golden Witch Beatrice could be the only possible answer, and then asks Genji when he noticed this. Genji was finishing his rounds and about to return to the servants room when he saw the kitchen door was open. Gohda considers that a burglar did it, but the old servant reminds him that everything is locked, and there’s no way a burglar would come all the way to Rokkenjima. Gohda then tells him about Kanon’s story and asks if this kind of thing happens often. Genji, with a grim look on his face, confirms that this prank does happen occasionally. He tells Gohda never to tell anyone about this, and that Kanon will be punished for revealing this story. Gohda blurts out if Beatrice was really responsible for this, and Genji tells him not to take that name lightly; servants who call that name recklessly don’t last very long, and it’d be a shame to lose Gohda’s cooking skills.

Gohda agrees to follow this advice, and Genji tells him that it was indeed Beatrice, as many other events in the past were unexplainable by humans. A servant who chased a golden butterfly went towards a door she had already closed, and turned around to find a magic circle drawn on the wall. Genji helped her clean it up and hide it from the servants, and she ended up getting a high fever and retired. Gohda says the servant could’ve been responsible and tried to prank her friends, and Genji tells him to focus on the kitchen. Afterwards, Gohda tried to forget about through drinking some alcohol, and writes that even in the later days, he still gets the uneasy feeling that something will happen every time he enters the kitchen. He wishes to never go through an experience like that ever again, signing off as Beatrice suddenly appears, saying he’ll definitely go through that again.

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  • 月夜 [Moonlit Night]
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  • 透百合 [Sukashiyuri]
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