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This article is about a character in Ciconia When They Cry.

Noor (ヌール Nooru), from ACR Egypt, is the leader of the Gauntlet Knight squad Cairo Memorial Squad.


From ACR Egypt

A member of the Queen's Cairo Visit Memorial Squad of the ACR Combined Military First Aerial Knight Corps

Her P3 levels are far from high, but she's extremely skilled at self-management techniques that allow her levels to peak out during actual combat.

Despite her horrible grades when she first entered the ACR Egypt Aerial Knight Corps, she eventually became the unshakable top scorer.

The mental concentration techniques she says were passed down to her from her ancestors are now compulsory for Aerial Knight Corps across the ACR.


Noor has brown hair tied back into a single ponytail. She wears a dark blue dress and long gloves with blue lacy boots. Her Gauntlet resembles a tank, painted in camouflage colors.


Noor takes her role as a Gauntlet Knight very seriously, demeaning others who falter and slack off, including her own squad mates. Even then, she has a soft spot for Mariana and dislikes Gannet's advances.


Special Abilities

Peak Control (SS)

Even aces from around the world are at the whims of their rising and receding P3 levels, and it isn't uncommon for them to be unable to wield their true power. However, this never happens with her, so she's always at peak performance.

Summoning Autonomous Weaponry (S)

She's talented at storing large numbers of autonomous attack drones, summoning them simultaneously, and controlling them. It's possible for her to deal with all situations by using different types of drones.

Late Bloomer (A)

Since she values the peaks of waves, she tends to learn things at her own pace and is slightly slow. However, she always does learn in the end.

The way she moves at her own speed looks incredibly graceful, and she's an object of admiration for many of the younger trainees.

However, though this may look elegant, she's actually undergoing a fierce process of trial and error inside her head.

Role in the Story

Phase 1: For You, the Replaceable Ones

Noor is first introduced in Chapter 2 alongside the rest of her squad at the International Battle Standard Festival. She soon accepts the Public Bath Oath. Later she comments on WanyaDora and on Naomi's statement that they will be all be friends, replying that they may meet each other again as enemies one day.

In Chapter 10, Cairo Squad is instructed by Rethabile to go to a ceremony with her.

In Chapter 18, Noor's squad, Squad 601, and other ACR Gauntlet Knights engage the ABN forces above the Mediterranean Sea. Before the battle, Mariana points out that the battle itself is pointless and that it is only for people to blow off steam; Noor agrees and swears an oath to Rethabile that they're loyal to the ACR Royal Family and military and will follow her orders.

In Chapter 23, they suppress the drone revolt and Noor tells Gannet to cease her complaints of the situation, because if someone overheard her she would be dismissed of duty and replaced.

In Chapter 25, Noor attends Miyao's Christmas party. During the final battle before the second global truce, she orders all ACR Gauntlet knights to follow Rethabile into battle.