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This article is about a character in Higurashi When They Cry.

This article or section contains untagged major spoilers for the original Higurashi When They Cry and possibly the console-exclusive arcs. Readers who have not completed the main story are advised not to proceed further.

Nomura (野村 Nomura) is a member of Tokyo that is plotting to use Miyo Takano's research in order to cause a power struggle.


Nomura is not given a sprite in any version of the visual novel. Various adaptations portray her as a woman with long silver hair, black clothes and nails painted purple. In the Kai anime, she's portrayed with gray eyes, while in GOU her eyes are purple.


Nomura is analytical and only cares about what other people can do to benefit her. The manga frequently shows Nomura with a smug and evil expression, bordering on deranged at times.


Not much is known about Nomura, as she uses several different names in her phone calls; even Takano isn't sure that Nomura is her real name.[2] Nomura is manipulative and is involved with many political factions.

Nomura's ultimate goal is to cause a power struggle in the organization Tokyo. When Tokyo's Alphabet Project undergoes new leadership and lowers the budget of the Irie Clinic, which was researching Hinamizawa Syndrome, Nomura manipulates a depressed Takano into masterminding the massacre of every villager in Hinamizawa and proving that Hinamizawa Syndrome is a legitimate threat. The Prime Minister would be forced to sign off on Emergency Manual 34 and permit the massacre to take place, with other factions involved in Tokyo becoming investigated afterwards and losing some influence. She believes in fostering relations between Japan and other Asian countries instead of bowing to foreign ones.




Takano communicates with Nomura about her plan. Takano plans to kill Tomitake by injecting him with H173 while Nomura forges evidence implicating Irie as the culprit, and that he tried to sell Hinamizawa Syndrome research to another country. Takano brings up to the possibility that Tomitake may join her but Nomura dismisses it, having analyzed that he wouldn't provide any more value than if he were dead.

The Okinomiya police department falsely reports that Rika is dead and Takano's group believes it to be true, throwing her plan into jeopardy. Not only that, Tomitake has caught onto them and is running away. Nomura contacts Takano after some repeated calls and tells her to ensure the plan keeps going, taunting and threatening her with the reality of what will happen should she fail to prove her grandfather's research.

The Mountain Dogs sever telephone connections into and out of the village, making it difficult to contact Nomura and Tokyo after Takano loses her command vehicle. The Bloodhounds show up and disarm the Mountain Dogs, but Takano is sure that Nomura can send another group to best them. However, Okonogi reveals to her that Nomura was setting up Takano to take the blame for the entire operation if it had failed, which it did.

The credits reveal that Nomura submitted her own proposals for people to take over investigation of the incident in response to the inquiry committee being displeased with the current members in charge.

Other Appearances

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kira

The second episode Ayakashisenshi features an alternate world where Satoko and Rika are magical girls. In this world, Nomura joins with Teppei, Okonogi and Takano to form the Tokyo Magica and plot to rule the world. Though Takano is defeated, Nomura and her comrades swear to defeat Rika.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kaku: Outbreak

After Hinamizawa Syndrome begins spreading throughout Hinamizawa, Nomura is present during a briefing to the Prime Minister and his people about the existence of Class-C brain parasites. Nomura herself asks them to turn over control of the quarantine to the Alphabet Project, explaining that as they lockdown the village they'll be collecting data on how the virus affects people; this information should be of great benefit to Japan in the future.

Higurashi: When They Cry - GOU


Nomura makes a brief appearance in Episode 24, in a Fragment set not long before June 19th, 1983. She calls Takano to check in on her in preparation for her operation and reminds her that now the groundwork has been put in place. If the plan were to fail, all physical evidence would have to be purged and her grandfather's research branded as nonsense. This causes Takano to recall memories of her grandfather and seems to be a partial cause of her decision to retract her involvement in the plan and flee Hinamizawa.

Console Arcs

Connecting Fragments (console)

"Copy Medicine" has Nomura presenting Irie's research on the Hinamizawa Syndrome vaccine to Akihiko Chiba and tempting him with the possibility that he could become as powerful and influential as Koizumi. She convinces him to sell the vaccine data to representatives from Lowell Inc, who are aiming to refine the Placil medicine that caused their downfall, and profit greatly from it. "The Conspiracy Has Started to Move" has Nomura learning of Tomoe's investigation into Lowell.

Miotsukushi Ura

Nomura contacts one of Chiba's men who've just received a Placil shipment and tells them not to send any of it to hospitals in Gogura since a doctor there was just arrested. She also asks that they stop any other affiliated doctors from turning traitor and going to the police.


  • Nomura's name is written with the characters (野村) where No () means "field" and Mura () means "village". Considering her role in the story, which is instigating a conspiracy to annihilate Hinamizawa, her name may be a wordplay referring to her role—Nomura (NO村, lit. No Village).