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This article is about a character in Hotarubi no Tomoru Koro ni.

Nobuteru Tadamura (忠村 信輝 Tadamura Nobuteru) is the father of Terumi and Teruya Tadamura, and the second oldest of the Tadamura brothers.


Masashi's younger brother and the uncle of Yukito and his friends. He is close in age to Masashi and has a slight complex. He's in charge of the inheritance.

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Nobuteru wears glasses and has short hair sticking up. He often wears a collared button-up shirt with black pants.


Nobuteru shows some disregard for the family’s traditions and customs, refusing to stop and wash his hands in the wash basin near Hirasaka’s entrance. When Nobuteru gets drunk he shows a lot of contempt towards Masashi for squandering their mother’s lottery winnings.


Nobuteru and his brothers were born and raised in Hirasaka. After coming of age, Nobuteru left the village because he was tired of the religious customs and had a family, raising Terumi and Teruya as his children. After his mother won the lottery, Nobuteru was supposed to receive a third of the winnings but Masashi borrowed all of it for his wife's business, which failed.



Hotarubi no Tomoru Koro ni

Nobuteru greets Masashi’s family when they arrive at Hirasaka for Grandmother’s funeral. During the funeral, the family talks about what Grandmother used to be like. A drunken Nobuteru accuses Yue of conspiring with her disappeared mother to scam the family out of their lottery winnings.

Nobuteru fog.png

The next morning, the family awakes to find that Grandmother's body is missing and that none of the water or electricity seems to work. No other villagers seem to be around. When Tsunemasa attempts to drive into town and returns home quickly after abandoning the car, Nobuteru follows the skid marks to where the car is and tries to wade his way through the thick fog around it, collapsing and coughing. Masashi carries him out to safety.

Masashi, Nobuteru, and Yukito drive around in Masashi's car to explore the village, going to a hill and finding that the fog covers the entire village. They all hear a rumbling noise and fear it might be an earthquake. They get back into the car and try to start it, but it won't. Something causes the car to slide down a hill. Nobuteru's group returns home to relay what happened.

Nobuteru wounded.png

Nobuteru and his brothers go to scavenge other houses for supplies. They get caught in a swarm of gakiban, with Nobuteru and Masashi losing track of Tsunemasa while running away. When they catch up to Tsunemasa, he's stumbling out of the woods wounded and bleeding. The brothers help get him home and run into some wild dogs on the way. Nobuteru kicks a rock at one, thinking it'll scare them off, but it instead causes the dogs to attack. The rest of the family and Takano arrive to save the brothers, but Nobuteru is badly wounded. As he rests, the family learns that when Nobuteru's family drove to Hirasaka earlier, he ran right past the wash basin.

Nobuteru asks the family to let him die

Nobuteru succumbs to his wounds and dies, spitting up blood. Yukito successfully resuscitates him, but Nobuteru’s heart stops again and he dies once more. Yukito keeps trying to revive him, with Nobuteru dying over and over, and he finally musters the strength to tell the group to let him rest In peace. Terumi cries and presses his hand up to her forehead as fireflies appear and enter Nobuteru's body. Nobuteru passes away smiling, and the group bury his corpse out in the wilderness.

The group discusses if it's possible for people to revive and die over and over like that, as Nobuteru's pupils were dilated as if he really were dead. Terumi tells them to stop the conversation, still feeling down. Meanwhile, Nobuteru’s corpse is dug up by oni and he briefly revives, being picked up by a giant and dragged off. The group goes to visit his grave later only to find it empty.

The group goes to Hell's Cauldron and find Nobuteru buried there alongside his brothers. The family prays for them and hopes they’ll pass away peacefully, but it doesn’t seem to work. Terumi remembers that her father dreamed of building a happy family and promises that she’ll give birth to her child, pleasing Nobuteru and allowing the brothers to pass away.