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This article is about a chivalric order in Ciconia no Naku Koro ni.
"Our bows are in our hands.
Our arrows are in our hearts. We shall not falter when we shoot.
— Oath of the Ninth Prime Chivalric Order

The Ninth Prime Chivalric Order is an order that responds to the Three Kings. Several of their members are Gauntlet Knights and have infiltrated the Order of the Public Bath. The order appears to once have been a brother order to the Order of Prometheus.[1]


For You, the Replaceable Ones

Ninth Prime is first mentioned in Chapter 2, where Jestress reports to the Three Kings that they've succeeded in inserting spies into the leading world factions.

In Chapter 10, a member reports to Jestress about Miyao forming the Public Bath and spreading a philosophy about supporting world peace.

In Chapter 22, Ninth Prime is given free reign to assassinate anybody who gets in the way of the Three Kings' plans. They soon assassinate Cyril.

In Chapter 25, they send a message to an unknown person during the final battle before the global truce and ask them to join them.

  1. Phase 1, Chapter 12. Gray: "...The Order of Prometheus began as a brother of the Ninth Prime Chivalric Order. Are you saying that, even though they went their separate ways, their goals and intentions remain the same...? What sophistry."