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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei.
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Newbie Nurses Selection (見習いナースたちの選択 Minarai Nāsu-tachi no Sentaku) was the seventeenth event in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei. It is a doctor and nurse-themed event that ran from May 1, 2021 until May 10, 2021. The SR card "God Hand" Kyousuke Irie was available to those who completed the event story.

Boosted Units[]

The following units increased event-related drops when brought into battle. They are units associated with this event.

All following units have a rarity of SSR.

Sprite Role & Character 5-Star 6-Star
Miyuki7 mei battle "Passionate Doctor"
Miyuki Akasaka
Mei0081 Mei0082
Rena12 mei battle "Nurse for a Day"
Rena Ryuugu
Mei0083 Mei0084

The following unit was a reward for completing the event and has a rarity of SR.

Sprite Role & Character Card
Irie2 mei battle "God Hand"
Kyousuke Irie