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Nekodamashi-hen Part 3 (猫騙し編 其の参 Nekodamashi-hen Sonosan, Cat-Deceiving Chapter Part 3) is the fifteenth and final chapter of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou, and the final chapter of Nekodamashi-hen.


Rika wakes up in her shack, still unable to remember everything. All she knows is she was definitely killed by Akasaka and doesn't know why. Rika starts crying when Satoko arrives and sees she's finally awake. Rika is about to acknowledge her when Satoko suddenly smacks her in the head with the ritual hoe, tearfully scratching her neck while saying it's time for the watanagashi.

Nekodamashi ch3 satoko stabs rika

As Satoko ties up Rika, she tells her about the watanagashi being a ritual to appease Oyashiro-sama's curse. Rika begs her to stop, but Satoko stabs a knife into her stomach. As Rika cries out in pain, she thinks about how throughout her travels in June 1983, she could keep going because Satoko's smile would make her feel better, and there were always people like Akasaka she could rely on.

Satoko asks Rika why she never enjoyed living in Hinamizawa with everyone and wonders why she would ever want to leave. She tells Rika to recognize her sin as she plunges the ritual hoe into Rika's stomach. Rika thinks she used to love Hinamizawa and thought she wouldn't need anything else so long as she was with her friends, however the endless loops made her wish to leave; memories of Rika's suicide in Meakashi and death by school explosion in a Tsumihoroboshi-esque world are shown. Satoko says Rika wouldn't have to endure Oyashiro-sama's curse if she just stayed in Hinamizawa and begs her never to go away, ripping out Rika's guts as she says this.

Rika accepts that her wish to leave the village really placed a curse on her, and in reality she never felt unsatisfied with Hinamizawa: it was just the rebellious phase of a hundred-year-old witch. Satoko hugs Rika, and Rika apologizes for making her go through such painful things. She promises to keep living in Hinamizawa with all of her friends, and Satoko says that Oyashiro-sama will forgive her. Rika happily cries as she says she won't make the wrong choice anymore.

Rika happily overlooks the village from the shrine and thanks it for providing all of her happiness and watching over her. Rika plans to properly express her gratitude. Rika flips the calendar at home to June 23 and says that nobody has to be killed as Satoko wakes up. Satoko asks why Rika is looking at her weirdly, and Rika thinks about Akasaka and Satoko killing her before remembering that the tragedy will be avoided so long as she's grateful.

Nekodamashi ch3 swimming

Rika and Satoko join the club at the stream and play in the water. Rika looks at how happy everyone is: Keiichi and Rena aren't lost in suspicion, Mion and Shion respect each other and get along as sisters, and Satoko's evil uncle isn't returning. Rika cries and expresses to everyone how much she loves Hinamizawa and all of the club members.

At school, Rika and Satoko play a scavenger hunt to retrieve a marker, but Rika is buried under a metal pan trap. Satoko claims victory and Rika says she had to let her have this victory today, as today is special. The rest of the club members appear to surprise Satoko, as it's her birthday. Satoko is shocked, and Keiichi explains that Rika told them to set it up while they were playing. Satoko is speechless, and Rika says that though this was the day Satoshi disappeared, they can still celebrate the birthday of their friend. Rika guides Satoko to a lit birthday cake, and the birthday girl blows out all of the candles before hugging Rika. The club has fun eating cake, and Rika thinks that Satoko's finally made her realize what true happiness is.

Nekodamashi ch3 guntoko

The group gives gifts to Satoko, with Rika pulling out a familiar gift box. Satoko sees it and instinctively ducks down, quickly standing back up and laughing when nothing happens. Satoko exclaims she can recognize a trap like this from any distance, and Rika recalls memories of a prior world where she pelted Satoko with a boxing glove hidden in that same box. Shock arises on Rika's face as she asks how Satoko knew this used to be a surprise box and opens it to reveal a teddy bear. Satoko's eyes glow as she raises a gun.

Rika wakes up in the Sea of Fragments. She knows she died again, but now she remembers that Satoko had memories of other Fragments and wonders how. Hanyuu appears before Rika and says there's not much time. Using the rest of her power, Hanyuu allowed Rika to move to the next world without losing her memories. Hanyuu wants to give her something else: the Onigari-no-ryuuou, an ancient artifact within the ritual storehouse that has the ability to kill loopers.

Hanyuu says the remnants of herself cannot do more than this and begins to fade. Rika tries to stop her, distraught that Hanyuu only showed up now to use her powers like this, and Hanyuu hugs her. She assures Rika that she'll be fine without her, and that she has the greatest allies as long as she's with them. Rika cries and promises to believe in her friends to break through fate one more time, and Hanyuu bids farewell while asking her to have a cream puff every once in a while. Rika wipes her tears and gains a look of determination.

Nekodamashi ch3 end

"Sure thing, Satoko."

June 19, 1983. Rika wakes up at home and is greeted by Satoko, who tells her to get ready for school. Rika agrees while giving a sidelong glance at her "friend", her eyes glowing.