Plot Summary

This page provides a detailed summary of the episodes in Nekodamashi-hen.

Part 1


June 19th in the evening. At the Watanagashi Festival, Rena, Mion and Shion send cotton down the river and give thanks to Oyashiro-sama. Rena wonders where Keiichi and Satoko went off to, with Shion thinking they're "celebrating" together after the long battle they fought. Rika looks at her own cotton ball and says to Hanyuu that they finally saved Satoko after breaking his dead-end fate, so she knows they can work together to break the fate that involves Rika's own death.

Higu2020ep14 ooishi.png

The group returns to the grounds where many villagers are chatting and drinking. Keiichi and Satoko are still not back yet. Mion and Shion prepare to head home as Rika walks up to the villagers and asks if they saw Tomitake and Takano anywhere. One villager says he saw them in the parking lot when Ooishi suddenly appears, dragging a battered and bloodied metal bat with a crazed expression on his face. The villagers look at him in confusion when the detective proclaims with bloodshot eyes that he's been looking for Rika, suddenly tossing the bat aside and grabbing her throat. Ooishi says he's finally solved the mystery and a villagers tries to stop him, but he gets shot and killed with the detective's gun. Ooishi kills another villager and stands against a wall while still holding onto Rika. He starts scratching his neck and draws blood, complaining about the itchiness. Rika has a moment of realization about Ooishi's condition.

Ooishi yells that he knows the truth about Oyashiro-sama's curse, claiming that Rika was the one behind the mysterious deaths and that she needs to fess up. Rika finds the idea ridiculous but sees no point in arguing. Ooishi scratches his neck some more and shoots several more villagers. Mion goes up to him and says she'll listen to whatever Ooishi has to say as the next head of the Sonozaki family. She begs him to let go of Rika but he instead looks back at her and aims his gun. Shion knocks Ooishi out of the way and makes him let go of Rika, but the detective smacks Shion to the ground. Mion runs towards them but is too late, as Ooishi kills Shion. Rena calls out to them but the escaping crowd is blocking her path. Mion tells Rena to take care of Keiichi and continues running towards Ooishi, but she too is shot and killed. Rena screams in horror.

Higu2020ep14 rika gun.png

As Rena pleads for Ooishi to take her instead, he picks up Rika by her head and puts his gun up to her face, demanding that she tell him the truth. Rika laments how this perfect world ended so horribly and asks Ooishi to just end her. She refuses to reveal the secrets of the curse and says Ooishi will die knowing nothing. Angered, Ooishi throws Rika to the ground and beats her with his bat, killing her. As Ooishi continues beating Rika's corpse while telling her to talk, a bloodied Satoko walks up the stone stairs towards the scene. Rena yells for her to stay back.

First Half

Rika reappears in the Sea of Fragments, screaming and reacting from the sensation of being beaten to death as Hanyuu tells her that everything is okay now. Hanyuu tells her the pain is nothing more than a memory as Fragments displaying Ooishi's killing of Rika are shown. Rika calms down and realizes that she remembers Ooishi killed her, asking Hanyuu what's going on. The horned goddess replies that she's just a lingering trace of her former self and cannot leave this place. Rika wishes they could share a drink together like old times. Hanyuu tells Rika to listen closely: she's used her remaining power to restore Rika's abilities, meaning she will not lose any of her memories when she repeats worlds. The crack in Hanyuu's horn glows as she says this.

Higu2020ep14 hanyuu.png

Rika understands that she'll be able to remember who kills her now and can prepare better each loop, but she asks Hanyuu if she ever wondered that Rika may not want to live like this. Hanyuu knows Rika is aware that this Hinamizawa is different than the one five years ago. Rika says that in the world where Keiichi was paranoid, she gave him a hint to trust Rena but a tragedy still occurred. In the world where Shion went on a rampage, Rika caused the doll, the catalyst for the event, to go to Mion but Rika still died. Rika has no memory of who killed her that time or how.

Higugou hanyuuflicker.gif

Hanyuu assures Rika that she can figure it out, and Rika sarcastically asks how she can defend from Ooishi's gun then. Seeing Hanyuu's dejection, Rika apologizes for yelling and gets surprised when she notices the goddess flickering for a bit. Hanyuu says again that Rika will figure it out and Rika comments that she just said that, and Hanyuu flickers some more. Hanyuu says that Rika has wonderful friends: Keiichi, Rena, Mion, Shion, Satoko, and many more. Rika says Hanyuu is her friend as well and tells her not to use her powers for any more unnecessary things.

Hanyuu says that after her 100-year journey, Rika's exhausted heart began to heal in the last five years, but it won't last long. People who live in time loops don't have physical lifespans, but mental ones. Rika is aware of the fact and hates that; she spent 100 years in Hinamizawa, feeling like a bird in a cage. She saw countess tragedies one after the other with no idea how or why they happened. Rika says her friends and their miracle stopped her soul from dying long ago, and she has no intention of staying a little girl. She got away from the village and managed to start a new life, and now she's been dragged back into it. Rika yells that even if she were to escape again, she can be sent back to 1983 at any time and asks Hanyuu if she understands how horrifying that is. Rika says that if Hanyuu disappears, she'll truly be alone and starts crying.

Hanyuu watches her cry and says that there's something she must tell her; she hoped never to tell Rika about it, but she will give that as her parting words. Hanyuu has many artifacts related to her, but the most important one is a holy, sacred sword: the Onigari-no-ryuuou. The sword has the ability to kill those for whom death is just the beginning, especially those who live in loops. The sword is hidden inside the ritual warehouse at the shrine. Rika asks what looper Hanyuu intends for her to kill, and Hanyuu says nothing in response but gives a sad look. She says the Hanyuu that faded into the Sea of Fragments didn't want to reunite like this and steps onto a Fragment into the void, telling Rika that she is no longer a fledgling. Rika reaches out to her and Hanyuu bids farewell, telling Rika she must shape her own future as her form continues flickering. Rika keeps calling out to her, saying that Hanyuu being with her was the only way she could bear those 100 years, and stops running before crying on her knees.

Higu2020ep14 nipah sad.png

Rika reawakens in her bed and is greeted by Satoko, who tells her that sleeping in is not a good look. The date is shown to be Sunday, June 12. Satoko notices her companion's sad expression and asks if Rika had a bad dream. Tears steaming down her face, Rika says she had a horrible dream but remembers none of it as gives a strained nipah.

Second Half

Higu2020ep14 rika knife.png

As Satoko and Rika make breakfast, Satoko notices the depressed look on Rika's face. The phone rings and Satoko goes to take it, telling Rika to finish cutting vegetables. Rika eyes the knife and thinks back to Hanyuu's farewell, with how she asked what kind of looper Rika was meant to kill. She realizes now that it was an obvious answer, putting the knife up to her neck before Satoko says they've been called for an emergency club activity. Rika lays down the knife as Satoko returns and says they'll be heading there in an hour. Rika says she has something else to do that day and won't be going. Satoko tells her that deserting club means a penalty and asks if this "something" has to be done now. Rika denies it and Satoko convinces her to do the thing after club.

Rika and Satoko join the rest of the club at school. Keiichi notices Rika's sullen expression and Satoko says she's been like that all morning, apparently from a bad dream. Rika asks where Shion is and Mion says she never told her to come, but she can call her later if Rika wants to hang out with her, but she says it's not necessary.

Mion decides to cheer her up by allowing Rika to choose the game they play. Rika says she wants to play hide and seek, and the grounds will be the entire village. Rika will be the only one hiding: if the club can find her before sunset, then they win. If they don't find her, then Rika will go home by herself. The club accepts the challenge. With ten minutes to hide, Rika runs off but turns back for a bit, saying the club won't find her. Keiichi thinks she's quitting the game already, and Rika says that if they can't find her and feel bad about it, it's not their fault.

Higu2020ep14 junkyard.png

As Rika hides, panning shots of the village are shown, including the Irie Clinic. Ten minutes pass, and the club splits up to find Rika. Mion searches around the school and thinks she's hiding in a bathroom, unlocking the door with a set of keys but finding nobody. Satoko searches around the Furude Shrine. Rena searches at the junkyard. Keiichi inspects the water wheel on the path going to school but he doesn't think Rika would hide in such an obvious place. The sun sets and the club regroups at school, thinking the game is finished now. The group figures they'll have to ask Rika tomorrow and prepare to go home when Keiichi stops them. He thinks Rika really wants them to find her, with Satoko realizing that something was really troubling her since that morning. The group swears to find Rika. Mion is asked about any really obscure places in the village, and she knows of one.

Higu2020ep14 statue.png

Rika heads to the ritual warehouse, opening the lock with a key. She climbs up to the statue of Oyashiro-sama and touches its head, which splits open. Seeing an empty slot where the Onigari-no-ryuuou should be, Rika nervously laughs and starts shedding tears, lamenting that Hanyuu left her a gift she never even wanted. Something glimmers inside the statue, which Rika pulls out to reveal a fragment of the ancient sword. She figures it's big enough to get the job done and sits down, putting the fragment up to her neck. Before she can do anything, she hears her friends calling out to her from outside and declaring that though Rika won, it won't be the same tomorrow.

Higu2020ep14 five more.png

Rika smiles and lowers the fragment, thanking Hanyuu for it. She can die at any time she wants, but she'll keep going for a little longer. Gazing up at the moon behind the window, Rika raises her hand and declares five more loops; if she doesn't succeed after five more loops, then she'll give up.

Part 2


Monday, June 13th. The club compliments Keiichi for being able to get others hyped up during club games. He's going to be part of the Watanagashi Festival planning committee, but he has no idea what to do. Mion says Keiichi will become head of the festival auction, much to his dismay.

First Half

Higu2020ep15 wanya and keropoyo.png

At the toy store Da Vinci, Keiichi learns his role: he'll be auctioning off donated prizes at the festival, and if he does well he'll get three months' worth of tickets to Angel Mort's Dessert Festa. Satoko and Rena assure Keiichi that he'll do well. The group heads into the store, with Rika the last one to enter. At first Mion's uncle Yoshirou doesn't know if he can give them any toys, but he agrees when Mion mentions that Oryou's looking forward to the auction. The group eye the shelves for toys that people might want. Satoko picks up a plush, thinking it'll be great.

Keiichi notices a mahjong game set up in another room. The other club members mention how they used to play it in club, with Satoko being especially skilled. Yoshirou explains that earlier, a customer said he could perform a tsubamegaeshi and was demonstrating it to him. Keiichi is shocked by the mention of the phrase tsubamegaeshi: a difficult technique where you swap your hand of tiles with the wall. Rena excitedly asks Satoko if she can perform it, but she says she's only practiced it and succeeded a few times before.

Higu2020ep15 ooishi.png

Satoko sits down at the table and tries to do the technique. Keiichi asks why she practiced it anyway, and Mion says Satoko plants traps way ahead of time. Satoko grabs the wall of tiles but winds up spilling them everywhere. Keiichi and Rena sit down to try it themselves when Ooishi arrives. Mion asks why a detective is here when he should be working, which surprises Keiichi. Ooishi says he's off that day, having come to get a new mahjong mat. He voices his surprise at seeing kids trying to play such a complicated game, especially trying to perform a tsubamegaeshi. Yoshirou mentions that Ooishi was the one performing it for him earlier, and Keiichi jumps up and asks him to do it for them.

Ooishi takes his place and asks everyone to watch. The anticipation on the club members' faces is shown as the detective successfully pulls off the move. Keiichi begs Ooishi to teach him. Meanwhile, Rika comments to herself that she can't believe Ooishi and Keiichi are getting along playing mahjong. A voice then calls out to Ooishi, having found him. Ooishi asks the man Akasaka if he had any trouble finding the store, and Rika turns to look at the visitor in surprise: Mamoru Akasaka.

Higu2020ep15 akasaka arrives.png

Rika walks up to him and asks if that's really him. Akasaka is delighted to meet Rika, with the others surprised that they're acquainted. Rika and Akasaka comment on how much each other has grown, with Akasaka saying he's come to Hinamizawa on vacation with his wife Yukie. His daughter meanwhile is with his parents. Ooishi says Akasaka is very devoted to his wife, mentioning that five years ago he first came to Okinomiya for work but went back home after being worried about his wife. Akasaka says he went back because Rika told him something bad would happen otherwise. He went to Yukie's hospital and discovered that someone went up the stairs Yukie normally went on and fell off and got hurt. Akasaka is thankful to Rika to warning him.

Satoko mentions that Rika has always said prophetic things, and Mion thinks it's because she's always called Oyashiro-sama's reincarnation. Akasaka promises to repay Rika in any way he can. The scene then cuts to June 19th, 1978. An injured Akasaka speaks to Rika at the Furude Shrine, where Rika explains that in June of 1983, she will be murdered. Rika professes that she wants to live a happy life surrounded by friends; she doesn't want to die. Akasaka heard that five years ago and now has the experience to help her. Rika whispers that she wants to talk to him, and they leave the store.

Akasaka says he and his wife will be at the village until the Watanagashi Festival, though they'll be staying at a hot spring, which is a little ways away. Rika asks him to stay in the village all the way until the festival, pleading for his help. Akasaka agrees, intending to tell Yukie to go to the hot spring without him. He wants to help however he can, though he wonders if Yukie will get a little upset.

Higu2020ep15 akasaka.png

Rika says that's not good when the scene suddenly cuts to a bloodied Rika lying on the floor, a dumbfounded smile on her face. Akasaka laughs manically, holding a bloody knife and yelling that he's finally found the source of the parasites. His neck shows signs of scratching, with blood pouring from them. Akasaka scratches some more and says there are more parasites inside of him. As Rika looks at him horrified, Ooishi calls out on a megaphone from outside the building. The police have surrounded Rika's house, with Ooishi asking that he release Rika while offering to meet any demands Akasaka might have. Akasaka yells out that he'll be finished once he's gotten rid of the bugs in his brain. He then goes up to Rika and says he's come to help her, stabbing her in the neck while saying all the parasites in her are gone now. Akasaka then pulls out gasoline and sprays it all over the room, intending to burn all of the parasites to death. Rika raises her hand up to the ceiling.

Higu2020ep15 four.png

Ooishi calls out to Akasaka again, and Keiichi and his friends arrive. Keiichi steps over the boundary and tries to get in but Ooishi stops him, telling him to leave it to the professionals. Just then, the windows explode outward, spraying glass everywhere. Keiichi tears open the front door as Satoko and the rest watch the blaze. Akasaka continues scratching his neck amidst the flames as Rika laments how the dice controlling her fate never amaze her and how it was Akasaka killing her this time. Rika counts down on her fingers to four and laughs before snapping her fingers.

Second Half

Higu2020ep15 akane.png

The next loop takes place on June 15th. At the Sonozaki main house at night, a bloodied Akane Sonozaki steps over some corpses and slashes with a katana at a door, felling someone and finishing him off despite his pleas. Akane tells him to blame the village, not her. She scratches her neck and complains about the itchiness when Mion gets up. Akane is surprised to see her daughter's still alive, as she was about to walk by her. Mion asks why she did all this, and Akane replies that their blood cannot be allowed to persist. She yells that she must put an end to the demon blood inside of them, then swiftly decapitating her daughter, and her terrified and bloodied facial expression bleeds into view as her head bounces against the tatami.

Akane continues scratching her neck and says it must also be painful for Rika, looking down at her slumped form. Rika agrees, though she can't even move her arms to scratch because of what Akane did to her. Akane gives her condolences for Rika being born into the Furude family and says she herself would've preferred not to be born in Hinamizawa. Rika also agrees, as they all fall victim to the village's curse when they're born. Akane says she'll make the itching feel much better and raises her katana. Rika asks for a quick death so she can move on to the next world, counting down to three on her fingers. Rika is then decapitated.

The next loop takes place on June 21st. A tied-up Rika is being dragged across the ground by the mayor Kiichirou Kimiyoshi, who's saying the entire village will fall victim to Oyashiro-sama's curse at this rate. Rika asks to be let go and Kiichirou says he really doesn't want to do this, but it's the only way. Since Rika is the only pure one, she must be demoned away and drowned in the swamp. Rika asks Kiichirou to just kill her already, but the mayor keeps worrying about Oyashiro-sama's wrath. Rika begs for death again, but Kiichirou says the point of a sacrifice is to be alive when they're offered.

Higu2020ep15 kiichirou.png

Kiichirou and Rika get into a boat and ride out to the swamp. Kiichirou scratches his neck crazily while saying that the village will be swallowed up by demon miasma. Since the Sonozakis won't do anything, Kiichirou felt like it's the Kimiyoshi's job to do something. He calms down from his scratching and asks Rika if she knows the women of the Furude family must be sacrificed to quell their god's wrath. He lifts her up and says she should be proud to follow in her ancestors' footsteps. Kiichirou continues to deride the Sonozakis for not doing their duty, and Rika snarks that the mayor should finish his monologue after he throws her in the swamp. He takes this to mean that Rika understands The Three Families's responsibilities but she immediately replies that his breath stinks. Enraged, Kiichirou finally throws Rika into the swamp. As she sinks to the bottom, Rika counts down to two.

Higu2020ep15 angel mort rika.png

The next loop begins on June 13th. At Angel Mort, riot police are gathered outside the restaurant. Many dead waitresses and customers lie inside the place, with a bloodied Rika trembling and sitting at a table as sounds of smashing ring out. A bat-wielding Keiichi scratches his neck and says things are finally getting fun, with Rena saying this isn't fun at all. Keiichi says it'll be fun when he splits open Rena's head and swings his bat down, and she narrowly avoids it. Satoko is shown to be among the dead. Rika says this never ends.

Keiichi says this reminds him of club and attacks Rena again, who blocks his bat with a bar. Rena grabs him and says nobody wants to live in this world, but she gets thrown down. She says that this is just a bad dream and wants Keiichi to wake up, but he swings his bat down on Rena's head and kills her. Rika says she doesn't have time to move or catch her breath, wondering why she's the only one who has to go through this. She sheds tears as she ponders what kind of sin she committed to be sentenced to an eternity of torture.

Higu2020ep15 red eyes.png

Keiichi goes up to Rika and asks her about the secret cure to get rid of the maggots crawling around in his skin, scratching his neck all the while. Rika laughs and looks up at him, her eyes flashing red as she says the cure's inside her head. She asks Keiichi to split open her skull and eat her brains, which will cure him. A crazed Keiichi raises his bat as Rika wishes it were just a bad dream. She wishes that she could wake up in her dorm at St. Lucia Academy and head to a brand new day.

Higu2020ep15 st. lucia.png

Rika wishes she could have just that one little thing as Keiichi bashes her head in.

Part 3


Higu2020ep16 rika awakes.png

The new loop begins on Sunday, June 12th. Rika breathes heavily when she wakes up under her covers at home. Satoko greets her, saying that it's almost sundown. She comments on how Rika was tossing and turning in her sleep, thinking she was having a bad dream. Satoko feels Rika's face and, seeing her labored breathing, says she has a fever and will be staying by her side all night. Rika starts crying, wanting to know why she's suffering. Satoko doesn't understand her dreams, but she knows they're important for a reason. Rika wants to know what reason justifies her being tortured in so many different realities, and Satoko continues looking down at her.

Satoko is dully surprised that Rika doesn't know why she's having her terrible dreams, and Rika questions her when she suddenly yells out. She complains of her body being in pain and writhes in agony as Satoko explains that her dreams are occurring because she is cursed. Rika has no idea what she means and cries out some more, saying that she can't move. Satoko gestures towards Rika's body, pulling off the covers to reveal that Rika's intestines have been cut out of her.

As Rika screams out in pain, Satoko says it's time to perform a watanagashi as she scratches her neck.

First Half

Higu2020ep16 tray.png

Rika wonders what she means by watanagashi, and Satoko rhetorically asks if she knows why they perform it: it's the only way to stave off Oyashiro-sama's wrath and curse. Still wincing in pain, Rika asks why she keeps saying "curse" and Satoko notices her painkiller's worn off. She pulls out a tray with scalpels and tools, a syringe and a vial. Satoko casually says she'll give Rika the last of the painkillers, not wanting her to feel a thing. Satoko injects her with it despite Rika's protests, assuring her that she's familiar with needles since Coach makes her take daily injections.

Higu2020ep16 hoe.png

Rika asks Satoko to clarify what she means by her dreams being Oyashiro-sama's curse. Satoko says she received a revelation from Oyashiro-sama himself, that Rika was no longer fit to be his priestess. Satoko scratches her neck again and leaves, returning with the Watanagashi ritual hoe. Rika becomes horrified, and Satoko explains that Oyashiro-sama made her his new priestess in place of Rika. Rika says that Oyashiro-sama is just a hallucination, and that the syndrome is making Satoko hear things. Satoko ignores her and raises the hoe, preparing to perform the offertory dance. She says Rika must come to terms with the truth and that she isn't suffering all on a whim.

Higu2020ep16 sin.png

Rika pleads her to stop but Satoko says she will be punished for her sins. She brings the hoe down on Rika's open stomach, slicing apart some of her intestines. Rika asks what sin it is and why she's being punished, pleading that she didn't do anything to deserve this. Satoko says that not only did Rika violate one of Oyashiro-sama's precepts, she did so as his priestess. Rika asks when this was, and Satoko drops the hoe before getting close to Rika's face, explaining that Rika has always wished to abandon Hinamizawa, even while performing the ritual dance. Rika is confused, and a flashback to her teenage self is shown for a brief moment.

Higu2020ep16 teen rika.png

Rika is shocked to hear this, and Satoko says there isn't any other shameful act a priestess could commit. Rika voices her agreement, having felt like a caged bird all throughout her hundreds of loops and wanted to get away from it all. As she says this, scenes from the original story are played: Onikakushi, where Keiichi beats Rena and Mion to death as a marker rolls away from them; Watanagashi, where Keiichi is stabbed by a disguised Shion as his doll falls into a pool of his blood; Tatarigoroshi, where Keiichi buries the corpse of Teppei amidst rainfall. Finally, the ending of Matsuribayashi is replayed, where a uniformed Takano is comforted by Tomitake as the club watches happily. The scene then cuts to teenage Rika talking to someone in a library about something she's secretly dreamed of doing for a long time: leaving Hinamizawa. On the shelves are study books for entrance exams.

Higu2020ep16 satoko crying.png

Rika laughs despite her pain, commenting that she's heard many crazy things from people with Hinamizawa Syndrome before but this one hit home. Satoko picks up the hoe again and says the only way for Rika to cleanse her sin is to perform the watanagashi on her. She apologizes for having to perform the ritual on Rika's behalf and brings the hoe down again and again, ripping apart more of Rika's innards with tears in her eyes. She asks why Rika would think about angering Oyasiiro-sama and laments that if Rika's heart stayed in the village, then the curse wouldn't affect her. She drops the hoe again and cries some more, blaming Rika for making her do this in the first place. She regrets having to quell the wrath of Oyashiro-sama by finding everyone else from the club and sacrificing them, scratching her neck even more. Rika realizes that this fifth world she intended to be her last had ended before it even began.

Satoko blames Rika again, wanting to know why she did this despite being Oyashiro-sama's reincarnation. She crouches down and grabs some of Rika's intestines, pulling them out as Rika convulses in pain some more. Satoko asks why Rika had abandoned Keiichi and the others, asking if she ever enjoyed her time in Hinamizawa. She believed Rika would love the village just like she did and hugs her, pulling away her body from her lower torso.

Higu2020ep16 bisected.png

Rika thinks back to precious moments with the club and cries. Satoko tells her about everyone else outside the club like her classmates and all the kind villagers. Not only is Oyashiro-sama sad, but Satoko herself is sad that Rika left; the thought that Rika's time spent with her and the others meant nothing to her was heart-breaking.

Second Half

Higu2020ep16 two rikas.png

Rika closes her eyes and wonders when she began to hate Hinamizawa in the first place. Her teenage self answers that it was because she was trapped here for a long time. The second that Rika broke the curse, she wanted to escape the hick village and enroll at a fancy school. She wonders if wanting such a thing was so wrong after spending 100 years trapped there.

Higu2020ep16 two rikas again.png

Rika opens her eyes to find herself standing in bright daytime Hinamizawa. As higurashi cry in the background, Rika wonders what she even disliked about the place. She never disliked it at all; it was just the curse and mysterious murders being brought about by people scheming against each other. Rika's had times where she had fun with friends and other times where she cried, but even through all of that Hinamizawa was there. She knew she could stay in the village without worry. Young Rika buries her face in her hands and cries, wondering why she ever wanted to leave this place.

Rika is called back to reality by Satoko continuing to tear out her intestines while ranting about curses. Rika apologizes and Satoko stops. Rika realizes that Satoko was willing to go so far for her as the latter cries that all she ever wanted to do was live in Hinamizawa with her. Satoko accepts her apology and is sure that Oyashiro-sama will forgive her now. Rika says she won't make that mistake again and counts down from 1 on her hand, finally reaching zero. The sound of snapping fingers is heard.

Higu2020ep16 rika awakes again.png

Rika awakes and is greeted by Satoko, who says the weather is too beautiful to waste by sleeping. Rika asks where they are and Satoko replies they're in Hinamizawa. In the distance, Keiichi, Mion, Shion, and Rena are dressed in swimsuits and calling for the two girls to join their club activity. Rika smiles as Keiichi taunts Satoko. Satoko pulls off her clothes to reveal her own swimsuit, and Rika says she wants to talk to her about something. Satoko gets hit in the face by Keiichi's ball however, and she says they'll talk later after they deal with Keiichi. Rika happily agrees and soon joins the club in their water games.

Higu2020ep16 matsuri finale.png

At the end of the day, everyone gets dressed to go home. Satoko asks Rika what she wanted to talk about and Rika says she may not understand, but she wants her to listen. Rika says she had two long dreams: one was very painful as she was dreaming it but it was full of wonderful things, thinking back to Takano and Tomitake embracing. In the other dream, Rika never noticed those things and was punished for clinging to an ungrateful dream, thinking back to her many deaths at the hands of Ooishi, Akasaka, Kimiyoshi and others. After all of that, Rika wants to say that she loves Hinamizawa, shedding tears. She realizes that she has many amazing friends there, and she would never dream of anything else. Satoko sheds tears as well and consoles her; she has no idea what kind of dreams she's had but she promises to be her best friend forever, and the villagers will too. Theo two girls hug and Satoko assures Rika that she won't have nightmares anymore.

Time passes, and Rika comments that this world is very peaceful, almost as though Oyashiro-sama's curse has disappeared. At the junkyard, Keiichi digs up Kenta-kun for an elated Rena. Rika watches them from atop a cliff, happy that they both have not been consumed by paranoia. Rika and Satoko walk by the Houjou residence; Satoko sees Rika staring into space and asks what's wrong, but she replies that she's thinking about dinner. Rika comments that Satoko's horrible uncle never returned to the village.

On Sunday, June 19th, the Watanagashi Festival begins. Rika performs the ritual dance for the crowd and sees that Keiichi and Shion are watching, commenting that they never ran off. She's realized that this is a perfect world, one where she didn't need to roll the dice of fate.

After the cotton drifting, Rika sees Tomitake walking off by himself into the woods. She follows and calls out to him, wanting to tell him about something related to her and Takano but is interrupted by Takano herself appearing. Takano comments on the great timing and says she's needed to tell Rika something as well. She asks for Rika to come over, the latter with a serious expression.

Part 4


Higu2020ep17 takano gun.png

The episode begins with a flashback to Minagoroshi's ending, where the Mountain Dogs have subdued the club. A shot rings out from Takano's gun before she moves on to Satoko, pressing her gun to her head and asking a question: is broccoli green, or is it cauliflower? Satoko is bout to answer cauliflower but says broccoli instead. Takano fires her gun and kills her, saying it was correct. She cackles as the corpses of Mion, Shion and Rena are shown.

Takano walks over to a subdued Rika, who looks up and asks if she's going to kill her now. Takano points her gun at her and affirms it.

First Half

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Rika speaks to Takano and Tomitake on the night of Watanagashi, Rika looking sad at first but perking up when she says she never wanted to interrupt Takano and Tomitake's date. Takano walks up to Rika and surprises her, but she starts crying while saying sorry. Rika asks why she's apologizing and Tomitake says she's gotten involved in a little conspiracy; Takano thinks it's a kind thing to say, as it was her own decision to get involved. Rika is still confused, and Takano says this Watanagashi is her chance to cleanse herself of her sins. She was planning to kill Rika and all of her friends. Takano cries and apologizes some more, and Tomitake places his hand on her shoulder. He tells Rika they're planning to leave Hinamizawa tonight, as Takano's a key witness; he promises to keep her safe. Rika wants to confirm there won't be a tragedy, and Tomitake affirms it. He and Takano walk away, and Rika asks why she decided to give up on her plan, as the Takano she knows would never change her mind. Takano says Rika wouldn't understand, even if she explained it.

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At home, Satoko sleeps soundly while Rika changes the calendar's date from June 19th to June 20th, Monday. Rika leaves her house and is called out to by a uniformed man. Taken aback by his appearance, Rika tries to yell out Satoko's name but the man stops her and apologizes, explaining that he's with the Bloodhounds from Tokyo with orders from First Lieutenant Tomitake. After confirming she'll stay quiet, the man lets go and Rika asks if Tomitake's alright; the Bloodhound affirms it and says Tomitake's ordered them to keep her safe.

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Elsewhere, a ponytailed man opens the shutters to his business and takes in some customers, who ask to get their hedges trimmed. He prepares some tea for them and asks where they're from, noting that outsiders stand out around here. The man especially takes note of their Tokyo accents, suddenly pulling out a gun. Just then. Bloodhounds armed with rifles invade the building and point it at the man: First Lieutenant Okonogi has had an arrest warrant issued for him. Outnumbered, Okonogi lowers his gun and is cuffed by the Bloodhounds as he asks why he's being arrested. A Bloodhound replies that he's being taken for attempting an arbitrary execution of Emergency Manual 34 and mutiny.

Okonogi demands to speak with his superior Miyo Takano, but he gets denied. This reply makes him understand that Takano has caught on to the cuckoo's plan. A group of Mountain Dogs then arrive and the Bloodhounds aim their guns on them as well. One of the Dogs calls out to Okonogi and he tells him that the king has disappeared from the chessboard; there's no point to them continuing on. The Dogs surrender.

Some Hinamizawa villagers go to the Irie Clinic, which is filled with Bloodhounds, and ask what happened to Dr. Irie. The uniformed men say that they'll be doing renovations, and so the clinic will be closed down for a while. The villagers leave, wanting to come back some other time. Inside the clinic, many armed Bloodhounds are stationed in the halls. Irie opens a door with his security credentials for some Bloodhounds, who thank the Lieutenant Colonel for his cooperation. As the soldiers walk in, Irie asks them to drop the military title, as he's just a doctor. One Bloodhound asks him to accompany them for the remainder of the inspection, where Irie will be handed over to the Investigation Team afterwards.

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Irie looks into a room where Satoshi Houjou is sleeping, an oxygen mask and IV bag attached to him. Irie thanks the soldiers for working without waking up Satoshi, explaining that because he's in the late stages of Hinamizawa Syndrome, if he woke up he would be enveloped by paranoia and see everyone as his enemy. A Bloodhound asks about the giant teddy bear in the room, and Irie explains that Satoshi bought it as a present for his sister Satoko. Irie promises to come back, continue to treat Satoshi and definitely cure Hinamizawa Syndrome. The Bloodhound says that's the disciplinary committee's decision to make.

One of the syringes appears to be missing here.

On the radio, a Bloodhound announces that they've discovered the locked briefcase Major Takano outlined in her confession that's supposed to contain H173 samples; Irie is shocked to hear this. The briefcase is pulled out and unlocked, and Irie explains the drugs inside: H173, a substance that causes victims to develop Hinamizawa Syndrome symptoms and progress to its terminal stage, L5. Irie believed the 170 series was all destroyed, yet here they are.

The date changes to June 22nd. During recess at school, Rika chases a ball and runs into Tomitake at the school gate. Rika is relieved to see he's alright and muses that seeing him after Watanagashi is strange. Tomitake supposes it is because he always goes home after, and Rika says that's not really what she meant. She asks what happened since then and Tomitake explains he and Takano escaped the village from right under the Mountain Dogs' noses and talked with the Bloodhounds. Rika asks if she's still in danger and Tomitake assures her that she's fine; they took control of the Dogs and their front company Okonogi Gardeners, along with the clinic. Irie is being held in Tokyo's custody, but Takano's testimony denied his involvement, and they found evidence to support it too. He also says the underground lab will be closed, but the clinic will stay open. Tomitake knows the village needs a clinic as well as a syndrome cure.

Rika asks what happened to Takano next. Tomitake isn't sure, but he's grateful that her confession prevented a tragedy. Tokyo's higher-ups are trying to handle interfactional conflict, so Takano should be innocent in the end. He says they all treat Hinamizawa Syndrome like an unexploded bomb, that nobody wants to touch it; Rika figures they don't want to handle Takano either. Tomitake promises that after Takano is let off the hook for her involvement, he's going to take her home. The photographer waves goodbye and leaves. Rika talks to herself and wonders if this is really how everything is going to end. There is no tragedy, and the dice rolled a 6 every time. She wonders if the dice of fate even exist here.

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Rika enters the ritual warehouse near the Furude Shrine and examines the Onigari-no-ryuuou fragment she discovered earlier. She wonders why so many good things are happening to her after rolling a one over and over again. Rika says the result was decided beforehand without her knowledge, almost as though someone else was rolling the dice. She remembers Hanyuu's message about how the ancient sword could kill those who live in loops. Rika clutches her heart, getting a foreboding feeling from all of her luck; this perfect world is unsettling to her.

Second Half

Rika overlooks the village from atop the shrine. Satoko goes up to her, having searched everywhere for her. She notices how down Rika looks and asks what's wrong. Rika says only good things have been happening to her lately, and it scares her. Satoko says she feels quite happy now, looking down on Hinamizawa with her best friend, who should be feeling the same joy. She says worrying about being too happy is just wasteful, so Rika must not have realized the true nature of happiness yet. Rika is confused, and Satoko explains that painful moments stay in their hearts forever while tiny moments of happiness are forgotten quickly. Forgetting these happy moments makes you forget how blessed you are, and so you desire happiness greater than you can handle.

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Satoko thinks this is an unfortunate thing to experience and says Rika should be happy now, so there is nothing else she could want. Rika says she's happy that she can be with Satoko like this, so happy that she feels like something bad will happen. Satoko says their lives will be happy from here on since this is Hinamizawa, and Oyashiro-sama will protect them. The two girls grasp hands as Satoko tells Rika to never leave them.

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The next day, June 23rd. After school, Mion announces the start of club activities, with the game being poker. Rika comes out on top, claiming all of the winnings. The other club members lament their loss, as everyone except Rika has to do a penalty game. Rika has already planned what she wants to do, passing out folded notes to everyone while telling them not to look at each other's notes. Mion, Keiichi and Rena read their notes, immediately agreeing to Rika's requests. Satoko is confused at her own note, which just says to go shopping with Rika.

Satoko and Rika walk home with groceries from the store, with Satoko confused since this "penalty" is the same as their regular store trips. Rika says this is more luxurious, as they bought more ingredients than they morally do. Satoko asks what Rika wrote on everyone else's notes and Rika says it's still secret. Rika stops and says that thanks to Satoko, she now realizes how happy she really is. She wants to make Satoko even happier and asked everyone to help.

The next day, June 24th. At school, the club pops party crackers and cheers happy birthday to Satoko. The birthday girl is speechless, and Rena says Rika planned the whole thing. All of their notes asked to get a great present for Satoko. Satoko thanks them for the wishes but has some misgivings, with Rika understanding that this day is hard for her; Satoko mutters nii-nii in response.

Satoko cheers up, feeling happy that her friends want to celebrate her birthday with her. She unwraps Keiichi's gift first, an encyclopedia of vegetables; with this, she can now tell the difference between broccoli and cauliflower. She opens Rena's gift next, a strange egg-shaped mascot. Mion pulls out her own gift: three tickets to Angel Mort's Dessert Festa. Satoko thanks them all for the gifts, with Rika saying she's planned to cook a big feast for everyone, explaining the big shopping trip yesterday.

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Rika says she has another present for Satoko and goes to a locker to retrieve it. Seeing her pull out a certain box, Satoko reflexively hits the ground and covers her head. Rika asks how she knew, and a scene from Onidamashi-hen is replayed where Satoko got hit by a boxing-glove trap from that same box. Satoko quickly stands back up and laughs, having anticipated that Rika had a trap gift all along.

Rika says nothing and puts the box on the table, opening it to reveal a small teddy bear. Satoko is surprised, and Rika says it was indeed a trap gift until last night. Rika flashbacks to her own musing that someone else was rolling the dice and says she changed the trap into a gift that would make Satoko happy. She reminisces on Hanyuu's message again about the Onigari-no-ryuuou's ability to kill those in loops and asks again how Satoko knew, her voice changing.

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Satoko's eyes glow red as she raises a gun and grins.

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