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Nekodamashi-hen (猫騙し編 Cat Deceiving Chapter) is the fourth arc in the Higurashi: When They Cry - GOU anime and the fourth and final arc of the Higurashi Gou manga.

Previews of the arc were first shown on a livestream hosted by Keiichi and Mion's voice actors. The official 07th Expansion Twitter account stated before the airing of the first episode that "from here, it's really a Hinamizawa that no one has ever seen".[1]


  1. Nekodamashi-hen Part 1
  2. Nekodamashi-hen Part 2
  3. Nekodamashi-hen Part 3
  4. Nekodamashi-hen Part 4


New characters

Returning characters

Adaptational Differences

The manga version of this arc is much different:

  • The scene with Rika and Hanyuu in the Sea of Fragments is not shown. Instead, the arc begins with Rika going through several more death loops:
    • The first loop Rika goes to has her heading to the Sonozaki main house with Kiichirou. A deranged Akane decapitates him and then Rika.
    • The next loop is Rika being drowned by Kiichirou in the swamp.
    • The third loop is Rika restrained in the Sonozaki torture chamber as Shion tortures her.
    • A fourth loop is Keiichi's mother killing Rika, with Keiichi and her husband also dead.
    • More loops are displayed: Kasai kills Rika and the school kids find her, Oryou disembowels Rika, Rena goes crazy and chops up Rika's corpse, and Mion shoots Rika with her gun.