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Natsumi Kimiyoshi (公由 夏美 Kimiyoshi Natsumi) is one of the main protagonists of the manga-exclusive arc Onisarashi-hen and the Advanced Story. She is a former resident of Hinamizawa and related to the Three Families.


A girl related to the Kimiyoshi family, one of the famous Hinamizawa families. She used to live in Okinomiya, but moved to the city for her father's sake. She lives with her grandma and her parents, and is a very cheerful girl. Natsumi has finally gotten used to living in the city, but sometimes she feels stressed. She's currently working part-time as a caregiver through Chisato's recommendation.

(Translated from Entergram's Higurashi Hou website.)


Natsumi has long green hair that she ties into small pigtails. She is frequently seen wearing a school uniform.


Natsumi is usually very easygoing. She tries to handle everything by herself, even if things get difficult.

She has an inferiority complex.[1]


The Advanced Story greatly expands on Natsumi's character compared to the manga. Natsumi was born and raised in Okinomiya, a city next to Hinamizawa. She had a level of fame because of her connection to the Kimiyoshi family, one of the Three Families that ruled Hinamizawa. An introverted girl, Natsumi was bullied as a child because of her long-hair. She had the nickname of Zashiki-warashi, a type of Japanese ghost. One day, a girl tried to cut Natsumi's hair because she read that the Zashiki-warashi's hair would bring good luck. Natsumi pushed her away and wound up hurting the girl when she cut herself with her scissors. Though Natsumi wasn't blamed for the accident, she was still afraid of going to school and withdrew into herself even more. She was eventually diagnosed with anemia and began taking medication.

Natsumi's condition and mood improved, and her family later moved to Kakiuchi City. With the help of her new friend Chisato, Natsumi secretly took a part-time job at Saeki General Hospital as a caregiver and nurse assistant, wanting to someday become a nurse herself.

Miotsukushi-hen Ura reveals that the medicine Natsumi uses is Placil, a dangerous drug banned in Japan that increases a person's mental processing state, but is very addictive. Because of Natsumi's constant, unwitting usage, she developed a dark split personality that attempts to take control once Natsumi stops taking Placil.





Akira Toudou

Chisato Saeki

Chisato approached Natsumi on her first day in Kakiuchi and immediately became the first of her new friends. Chisato often teases Natsumi and frequently hugs and compliments her, almost as if she has a crush on her.

Due to Natsumi and Chisato both liking Akira, there's a love triangle between them.

Tamako Makimura

Tomoe Minai

Tomoe and Natsumi rarely interact at first, though Tomoe feels that she and Natsumi come from similar backgrounds and tries to help her as much as she can.

Starting in Tokihogushi-hen, Tomoe and Natsuhi become good friends. Tomoe starts tutoring Natsumi in her studies and becomes seen as a big sister.

Role in the Story



Natsumi is first seen getting ready for school. Her grandma Aki asks her to pray to Oyashiro-sama at their altar before leaving however Natsumi ignores her. At school, Akira confesses to Natsumi that he likes her and wants to hear her answer later. Natsumi is elated at his confession but when she returns home, she sees on TV that the Great Hinamizawa Disaster has happened, and many of her relatives who were living in Hinamizawa and Okinomiya are dead. Aki tries to coerce Natsumi into praying to Oyashiro-sama again and becomes increasingly deranged.

The next day, Natsumi is locked out of her house when her parents go out and she forgets her keys. She's soon approached by Ooishi and Akasaka, who ask about her knowledge of Hinamizawa and Oyashiro-sama. With many families from Hinamizawa becoming involved in ritualistic murders, Natsumi says her family will be alright but Ooishi gets incredibly personal and interrogative. Akira shows up to break up their conversation and pulls Natsumi away from them. She gets escorted home by Akira only to see her house covered in strange talismans, markings and paper effigies with her family's names written on them. Akira doesn't comment on the bizarre scene and leaves, making Natsumi worry that he'll see her as a weirdo.

Natsumi enters her house and discovers that Aki was the perpetrator, believing it was necessary to avoid Oyashiro-sama's curse. Aki has also been drowning puppies in a bathtub as part of her ritual, and Natsumi hurriedly calls her parents to tell them of what's going on. Her parents tell her that all of their elderly relatives are going crazy when Aki suddenly appears from behind Natsumi and tells her not to worry.

The rest of the family try to brush off Aki's bizarre behavior, and Natsumi tells Akira the next day that her grandma is just crazy and lies that she is not from Hinamizawa. Akira accepts her explanation and later covers for her when other students are saying a Hinamizawan is attending their school. Natsumi excuses herself after this and starts distancing from Akira despite his good intentions.

When Natsumi goes home again she sees her mom Haruko stabbing Aki to death. Afterwords, Haruko coerces Natsumi and her dad Touji into chopping up Aki's body and hiding it. Natsumi is visibly disturbed from having to perform such an atrocity, and her friends notice that something's wrong with her the next day at gym class. They try to cheer her up by bringing Natsumi and Akira to a store but on the way they see a news report that a dismembered corpse has been found; Natsumi tells the group she left her keys at home and runs away.

Akira follows Natsumi home and asks to hear from her what's going on when Ooishi comes by to ask more questions. Natsumi ignores both of them and enters her house, where she witnesses Haruko beating up Touji for botching the corpse disposal. As Haruko goes off by herself to rant, Touji suggests to Natsumi that they go to the police. Suddenly, Touji gets stabbed in the throat by Haruko, who turns her attention to Natsumi and chases her throughout the house. Natsumi manages to call Akira over the phone for help, but when he arrives he gets knocked out from behind by Haruko. Natsumi struggles with her mom over a knife and soon kills her with it. Natsumi and Akira are rescued by the police, and Natsumi is sent to the hospital for a while.

Three days later, Chisato and Tamako show up at the hospital to cheer up Natsumi with cake and eat with her on the roof. Akira later talks with Natsumi alone and reveals that he's learned the truth from Akasaka and Ooishi: Natsumi killed her family. Shortly after Natsumi saw Aki drowning puppies, she pushed and accidentally killed her when she fell onto a table corner. Natsumi's parents didn't know what to do, and Natsumi was the one to suggest cutting her up and hiding her body. She then assaulted her dad when the corpse was discovered and later killed him. Haruko was the person screaming for help when Akira called the house, and Natsumi was the one to knock him out.

Natsumi freaks out and says she never wanted things to happen like this but is cut off when Akira hugs her. Natsumi suddenly stabs him and is soon restrained by security guards called by Akasaka and Ooishi. Akira is still conscious and smiles at Natsumi anyways, and Akasaka asks the guard to let her go. Natsumi gives Akira yet another hug.


The extra chapter "after" shows that several years later, Akira has married Natsumi after freeing her from imprisonment. Natsumi had gone into the care of distant relatives of the Kimiyoshis and was locked in a room for years as she made talismans and ranted on about Oyashiro-sama's curse. Natsumi still felt guilt over killing her family, and Akira tried to convince her that he was the one to do it, however Natsumi knew he was just trying to ease her pain. Natsumi wants to make up for what she did but is aware that "the demon" will definitely kill Akira if it ever comes out again.

Natsumi is discharged from the mental hospital and goes on to live life with her husband happily.


Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Matsuri

Natsumi is introduced in the common route. She goes to Seventh Mart and is introduced by Mion to Keiichi.

In Miotsukushi-hen, Natsumi attends the Watanagashi Festival with her family and joins the club in their games. She takes Satoko's place for the Six-Demon Fire Fight.


As Natsumi prepares to go to school, she reminisces on the day she first met Chisato and Tamako. Natsumi is almost late leaving the house but her grandmother Aki asks her to pray at the Oyashiro-sama shrine first. After school, Chisato gives Natsumi a ride to Saeki General Hospital for her job. When they arrive, Chisato reminds Natsumi that career interviews are coming up soon. and they'll have to pick out classes for next year. Seeing Natsumi's nervousness, Chisato arranges a strategy meeting with her and Tamako for the next day.

Natsumi gets dressed for work and tends to some of the old people in the hospital, giving them snacks and drinks. She sees one old man sitting away from the group and looking out the window, and tries to get his attention. Natsumi walks up to the man, Kazuma Hatakeyama, and when she hears him praying to Oyashiro-sama, she asks if he's also from Hinamizawa. Seeing that Natsumi is a member of the Kimiyoshi family, Hatakeyama opens up and they start to become friends. After work, Natsumi runs into Akira and becomes fearful of him learning she has a part-time job and reporting it as a violation of school rules.

After her strategy meeting with Chisato and Tamako, Natsumi begins her career interview with the teacher Ogata. Natsumi says she wants to go to a certain university, but Ogata says her grades currently aren't good enough for her to get accepted into it. The teacher recommends some other schools and mentions Rikuo University, the one Akira plans to go to. Natsumi despairs over the thought that she and Akira will go their separate ways in the future and wonders why she was ever born in Hinamizawa. After the interview, Chisato and Tamako console her when she comes out looking sad. Tamako promises that Natsumi can talk to her about anything.

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The three girls plan to visit the city and cheer up, but before then Natsumi hangs out by herself in a classroom as the others do errands. Akira then enters the room and mumbles something. Natsumi considers confessing to him about how she feels, but she's too afraid to do it. Akira tries to say something but Natsumi interrupts him, saying she's going shopping with friends later. She also confesses that she has a part-time job so she can make money for an anniversary gift for her parents and pleads Akira not to tell the school yet. Akira is confused. Natsumi tries to leave and Akira grabs her hand, soon confessing that he likes her. Akira's loved Natsumi ever since she transferred and wants to hear her answer later when she's ready.

Akira leaves. Natsumi is elated that he likes her back, but then Chisato enters the room immediately after. Chisato asks who Natsumi was just talking to, with a look of anger on her face and an interrogative tone in her voice. Natsumi apologizes for hiding her crush from her, and then Chisato laughs and hugs her. She wonders why Natsumi never told her earlier and could've given her some advice since she's known Akira for a long time.

Natsumi and Chisato go to town and meet Tamako. who learns of Natsumi's crush. Natsumi lies about the reason she was late and recalls Chisato's strange behavior earlier, wondering if she liked Akira too and was just jealous. She wonders if Tamako may also feel the same way and fears that their friendship could end. The two girls notice Natsumi's sadness and tell her to cheer up.

As they eat ice cream in a parlor, the girls ask Natsumi to remind them where she was from again. Before she can answer, Natsumi notices a live TV report that the Great Hinamizawa Disaster has occurred, and countless people have been killed overnight by gas. She realizes that many of her relatives in the Kimiyoshi family, including the mayor, are dead as well. The other girls ask if the news had anything to with her and Natsumi denies it, soon excusing herself and going home.

Natsumi goes home, where it seems everybody is out, and is confused as to the TV being left on the news channel. She watches more live coverage of the disaster when Aki suddenly appears and exclaims that this is the curse of Oyashiro-sama. Natsumi sees that her parents were home all along, sitting in the dark and silently watching the broadcast. Aki prays to Oyashiro-sama as Haruko plans to call their relatives and see if they're still alive. Touji goes to the store, leaving Natsumi alone with her grandmother.

Natsumi says it's fortunate that they moved out of Okinomiya when they did, but Aki takes offense to this and stares at her, repeating that this is a curse: Oyashiro-sama is angry at those who abandoned the village. Natsumi doesn't understand, and Haruko comes back and turns off the TV. She begins preparing dinner and Natsumi moves to help her, but Aki grabs her and says that every person connected to Hinamizawa will die because of the curse. Natsumi tries to break free from her grasp and is saved when Haruko breaks a dinner plate, distracting her.

Dinner with the family becomes troublesome due to Haruko and Aki arguing over whether or not it was a good idea to move from Okinomiya. Natsumi tries to intervene but Haruko gets fed up and leaves. Touji assures Natsumi that things will go back to normal later. Natsumi finishes her dinner and looks back into Aki's room, who notices her and tells her to pray to Oyashiro-sama before it's too late. Aki grabs her and Natsumi pushes her away, watching her roll on the floor. Aki continues to pray, horrifying Natsumi.

The next day, Natsumi goes to work and hears a commotion coming from Hatakeyama's room. She enters to find that dozens of human-shaped cutouts have been strung up all over the room, with the names of Hatakeyama and his family written on them. She notices that prayers to Oyashiro-sama have also been written all over, horrified when she sees they're written in blood. The nurse Yamase tries to make Hatakeyama calm down, who is fervently praying, and Natsumi stops her when she gets too rough. Yamase tells her that the old man's room has been like that all morning. Not only that, other people from Hinamizawa all across town have been showing strange behavior.

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Just then, Detective Tomoe Minai enters the room with her subordinate Fujita and asks to speak with Hatakeyama. Tomoe asks him all sorts of questions about Hinamizawa, Oyashiro-sama, and the annual deaths and disappearances. Seeing how interrogative Tomoe is being, Natsumi stands between the two of them and tells the detective that she can't just interview an old like this even if she has consent from the rest of her family. Tomoe asks if Natsumi if she's also from Hinamizawa, and Natsumi lies that she isn't. Natsumi realizes the effects of her lie when she hears Hatakeyama gasp, feeling like her heart is hurting. Tomoe apologizes for the way she acted, and Natsumi excuses herself.

Natsumi hears that Hatakeyama has developed a fever and was moved to a nearby hospital, feeling guilty for it. Yamase thanks Natsumi for what she did and says that they're actually transferring Hatakeyama to the psychiatric ward. Natsumi thinks it's wrong, and the nurse tells her that some people admitted to the hospital need to be rehabilitated so they can better live with their families. Yamase tells Natsumi that she'll be an excellent caregiver in the future. Natsumi accepts her words of encouragement.

Natsumi leaves the hospital and runs into Tomoe again at the main gate. Natsumi accuses her of contributing to Hatakeyama's fever, and Tomoe once again apologizes for acting harsh in her interrogation. Natsumi prepares to leave when Tomoe calls her by her full name, having seen it on her nametag. She knows that she's related to the Three Families. Natsumi begins to ask what it is she wants and Tomoe says she wants to know everything.

The next day after school, Natsumi is depressed because of the hospital incident. Tamako notices and asks why she never told her and Chisato. She assures Natsumi that Chisato really does look out for her despite her behavior; Chisato's blaming herself for a Hinamizawan getting admitted into the hospital and causing Natsumi trouble. Natsumi thinks about what would've happened if she did tell them and fears how they'll react if they learned she was also from Hinamizawa. Tamako's offhand insult of Hinamizawa only solidifies Natsumi's fears. Chisato compliments Natsumi's person and apologizes for causing her depression. Natsumi is still thankful for the job.

Chisato gives Natsumi another ride to the hospital, and on the way they see police cars rushing over there. When they get there, Natsumi sees Tomoe at the scene and asks what happened. Natsumi hears on the police radio that Yamase was murdered at the hospital, and Tomoe reluctantly reports that the culprit was Hatakeyama, who died from severe blood loss. Natsumi is unable to comprehend this as paramedics carry Yamase's covered corpse out of the building. Natsumi runs over to get a good look at it despite Tomoe's warnings. She uncovers the sheet and witnesses Yamase's distorted face, screaming in terror before Fujita knocks her out on Tomoe's orders.

Natsumi wakes up in one of the hospital rooms with Chisato sitting nearby and hugging her. Chisato talks about the departed Yamase's life and laments that she was killed so horribly. She gets angry over the fact that Hatakeyama killed Yamase and then himself by clawing his throat out, showing more derision of Hinamizawans. Tomoe then enters the room and asks to speak with Natsumi, but Chisato starts telling her off. Natsumi says it's okay and sends her friend away.

Natsumi doesn't quite remember what happened after she went to the hospital, but she asks if Yamase really is dead. Tomoe affirms it and then explains what transpired on Natsumi's request. The detective asks Natsumi what she knows about Oyashiro-sama's curse, and she promises to tell only if Tomoe will stop getting her friends and family involved. Tomoe agrees, and Natsumi tells her about the legends that Hinamizawa will be destroyed by swamp gas if Oyashiro-sama is angered, that villagers are forbidden from leaving, and the annual deaths and disappearances, especially how in this year in 1983, the curse claimed a photographer and a nurse in the village clinic. Tomoe thanks her for her time and once again promises not to get her family or friends involved in her Hinamizawa case. Natsumi also asks that she not tell anyone she's related to the Three Families. After the detective leaves, Natsumi starts feeling like all of her worries have just disappeared. She realizes that she could've saved Yamase by not standing up for Hatakeyama and that all of her problems stemmed from her being a Hinamizawan. Natsumi cackles and declares that she is no longer such.

At school, Chisato gives Natsumi two movie tickets so she can go on a date with Akira. She blurts this out loud, telling everyone in the class what's been going on. Natsumi is soon surrounded by other girls, who are awed that she's been dating Akira for a while. Natsumi says its not like that, but Chisato tells her that this is her chance.

Just then, Natsumi is called to the staff room by Ogata. After she leaves, Akira, Chisato, and Tamako talk about how they've been keeping secret the fact Natsumi has a part-time job, not wanting her to get suspended. They know her mental state is not the best since there was a murder at her workplace, and she saw the corpse firsthand. What they find strange is that Natsumi herself told everyone about the incident; earlier at lunch, Natsumi was saying some very harsh things about Hinamizawa. Chisato couldn't believe she would suddenly change her attitude about someone she proved to get along well with and thinks she may really be from Hinamizawa; her constant derision of the village is her way of highlighting she's different from everyone.

Natsumi and Akira go to the movies on a Sunday. Hearing that Akira went to the movies before with Chisato, Natsumi begins feeling uncomfortable and tries to shake off her negative emotions. They talk over smoothies, where Natsumi mentions that Akira is going to Rikuo University. Akira is confused since he never talked to her about that and explains that Chisato recommended his college to him and told her to keep it secret. Natsumi feels even more jealousy, hurt that Akira would tell Chisato and not her; she tries to calm down and asks why Chisato recommended it, and Akira says she and Tamako were also planning to enroll there. Natsumi declares to herself that Chisato and Tamako betrayed her because they kept secrets and tried to separate her from Akira.

Natsumi starts to cry and collapses while trying to leave. Akira asks her what's wrong and then lifts her on his back, going to bring her home. Natsumi is dropped off at a street corner to head home by herself, not wanting her mom to see she'd been hanging out with a guy. When she gets home, an angry Haruko asks if Natsumi's been keeping secret her part-time job from them, saying she got a call from a teacher earlier. Natsumi is enraged that Ogata went behind her back, who had called her earlier to address the rumors. Haruko doesn't want to hear excuses and tells Natsumi she should just leave the house if she's ungrateful. Natsumi once again realizes that she never asked to be a Hinamizawan and never wanted to be born a Kimiyoshi. She heads to her room later, after receiving a one-sided scolding form Haruko and Touji. She decides to use her money for her and Akira instead of her parents and goes to sleep.

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Natsumi returns from school one day to find her mother straddling over her grandmother and repeatedly stabbing her. She had grown tired of Aki's prayers and argued with her, then this happened. After Touji came come, Haruko coerced him and Natsumi into hiding Aki's corpse so they could go back to their normal lives. A few days later however, Natsumi sees on the news that the police have found Aki's dismembered corpse. Haruko accuses one of them for messing up the corpse disposal and claims that Natsumi was the one who really killed Aki earlier, much to her confusion. She tells Natsumi that she'll be sacrificed on behalf of the family. Natsumi still doesn't understand and cries, and Haruko assaults her while blaming her for all of their problems. Touji stops his wife and promises to turn himself in and take responsibility. Suddenly, Haruko stabs him in the throat with a knife and kills him. She rants that she had a perfect life after moving from Okinomiya, and it was all ruined. Natsumi uns and hides in Aki's room while Haruko takes the knife and tries to talk to her. The phone rings as Natsumi profusely apologizes. Haruko tries to stab her and Natsumi dodges it, grabbing the phone and calling for help from whoever's on the other end. She opens the front door and sees that Akira's there for some reason, however Haruko knocks him out. Haruko tries to stab her daughter one more time, and Natsumi wrestles with her over the knife. She soon stabs her mom in the throat, killing her. Natsumi falls unconscious, wondering when everything started to spiral out of control.

Natsumi wakes in her bed, believing that her entire family being killed was just a nightmare. She still wants to throw away everything related to Hinamizawa. Natsumi goes downstairs and is hit by a strange smell. She starts hearing extra footsteps behind her, feeling a presence and wanting to turn around and look. Natsumi realizes that her parents are lying dead on the floor, with her grandma seemingly praying at the altar. She promises to pray to Oyashiro-sama from now on and tries to get Aki's attention when her head sudenly falls off. Natsumi tries to open the front door and screams.

SomeutsushiCG (6).png

The incident at Natsumi's house eventually reached the news; her Hinamizawan heritage was now known by everyone, and she was to leave the school. On the school roof, Akira regrets not being able to help Natsumi when he had the most opportunity to. Just then, Natsumi steps onto the roof and Akira hugs her. He apologizes for not protecting her and professes his love for her again. Natsumi asks if Akira loves her enough that he'll die with her and starts choking him. Natsumi's voice changes to a demonic one as she exclaims that she and Akira will be happy together. Akira breaks free and tries to run but Natsumi grabs his ankle. He tells her to stop and Natsumi takes this to mean he doesn't love her anymore. She lets go and starts clawing at her throat, spraying blood everywhere.

Natsumi blames him as she dies. Akira sadly hugs her corpse.


Natsumi, Chisato, and Tamako hang out at a coffee shop and meet Mamoru Yamashina, the son of Chisato's chauffeur. Chisato introduces Natsumi to him and orders a cake, wanting to celebrate Akira confessing to Natsumi. Natsumi later thanks the girls for their help in recommending Misaki University to her. Chisato asks her where she'll take Akira when she confesses to him, making her choke a little in embarassment. The cake arrives and Natsumi compliments the taste, wondering if the Angel Mort restaurant in her hometown has similar ones. Sensing Natsumi's sadness at bringing up the fact she's from a rural town, Tamako starts conversing with her about Angel Mort and the waitress outfits. She asks for a reminder on where Natsumi was from, and before she can answer, Natsumi notices a live TV report that the Great Hinamizawa Disaster has occurred. Natsumi awkwardly excuses herself. Chisato and Tamako wonder what's up, and Mamoru tells them that Natsumi's from Hinamizawa, knowing that the Angel Mort she was talking about was near there.

Natsumi accidentally locks herself out of her house on a rainy day. Akasaka and Ooishi approach her, introducing themselves as from Okinomiya Books and offering to speak with her sheltered at a shop. Natsumi asks why they're here and Akasaka says they're writing a book about regional history and heard that the old lady living here was from Hinamizawa. Natsumi buys their explanation and is convinced to hang out with them until Aki gets home.

The three go to a coffee shop. After getting acquainted, Akasaka asks Natsumi about Oyashiro-sama and says that many Hinamizawans after the Great Hinamizawa Disaster have been acting strange and blaming the god's cuse for their misfortune. Natsumi shudders when she hears this, and Ooishi asks if her family is doing alright. He suddenly grabs Natsumi's face and makes her look at him as he interrogates her, mentioning Rika's murder and wanting to know what Natsumi knows. Natsumi says she doesn't know anything, and Akira suddenly arrives to break them apart. He ewscorts Natsumi out of the store.

The next day at lunch, the girls tease Natsumi about her body and say that Akira must look at female models a lot for his art. Chisato notices Natsumi trembling and clutching her skirt. Chisato and Tamako leave to talk privately about how uncomfortable Natsumi is and how she's hiding the fact she's from Hinamizawa. They go back to overhear Akira talking with Natsumi about how he saw strange talismans printed all over her house. Natsumi says that the curse of Oyashiro-sama is nonsense, but Akira says he doesn't mind and assures her that nobody else knows it was her house. Natsumi bellows out that he's lying, catching her friends by surprise. After an awkward silence between Akira and Natsumi, the girl runs off. A later TIP has Chisato mentioning that she told Natsumi to set Rikuo University aside and plans to tell her that it and Misaki University and sister schools.

Tomoe is tasked with speaking to Natsumi's family since Akasaka and Ooishi botched it last time. She goes to the park and notices Natsumi sitting alone on a bench, having apparently ditched school. Tomoe takes a seat next to her and acts friendly, giving Natsumi a juice can and pretending to be a graduated student of her school. After conversing a bit and getting Natsumi comfortable with her, Tomoe sees a newspaper in Natsumi's bag with a "Great Hinamizawa Disaster" headline and asks to see it. Natsumi tries to keep the paper away and accidentally spills her juice on Tomoe. As Natsumi cleans it up, Tomoe is moved by her sudden kindness and realizes that Natsumi is hurting because of her ties to Hinamizawa. Tomoe lays bare her thoughts about the disaster's coverage and how thoughtless it is to use the suffering of others for attention.

Natsumi has an idea of what Tomoe's talking about and says that many people don't have common sense. She rants that friendship is meaningless, that some people only help and pretend to be friendly when it supports their interests. Tomoe is disturbed by her sudden change in behavior and accidentally calls Natsumi by her last name, which she shouldn't know; Natsumi sees that Tomoe is a detective and insults her, as her suspicions were just proven true. Natsumi begins to leave when the detective apologizes for deceiving her. She asks if Natsumi really wants to live life by not trusting anyone, stressing that she and Natsumi really do have similar lives; they both have experienced despair and couldn't trust others at times. Tomoe ends her speech by telling Natsumi that the world is not as cold as she's making it out to be, inadvertently crying afterwards. Although Natsumi looks back at her with a cold expression, Tomoe felt like the girl was shaking. Natsumi leaves, having enjoyed Tomoe's talk and wishing that they met earlier. Left alone on the bench, Tomoe gets up after a while and notices Natsumi left behind a small pill case.

While returning to the station with Ooishi and Akasaka, Tomoe relays her strange encounter with Natsumi and how she seemed to act like a different person than how other people described her, "snapping" like they say on the news. Later, Tomoe shows them Natsumi's pill case. She wanted to return it but hadn't had time to, and in the meantime she asked major drug manufacturers about the pill markings but they couldn't identify it; Natsumi's medicine may be illegal. Tomoe wants to confirm if Natsumi was ever hospitalized at Saeki General Hospital, since she may have records transferred from her old clinic near her hometown. Tomoe also says that the pills match the one she found at the Hatakeyama residence, where a murder-suicide occurred. When Natsumi's pills are analyzed, it turns out that it's a medicine used to treat mental illness, and it's been banned worldwide.

At school, the class starts talking about a magazine article where a household from Hinamizawa had strange talismans printed all over it. Natsumi and Akira are asked what they think, and Akira says he has no interest in trashy stories like that. Chisato admonishes Akira in private over it and explains to him that Natsumi really is from Okinomiya. Akira says he already knew that since he saw Natsumi's house had similar talismans and thought he could direct attention away from the other students talking about it. Chisato says Natsumi doesn't seem to be feeling well and promises to talk to her later.

Later, Chisato runs into Natsumi in the hallway and asks her to have fun with her and Tamako the next day. Natsumi says shell be busy and insults Chisato, caling her annoying and accusing her of only talking to her for selfish reasons. Shocked, Chisato says they're still friends and admits she went overboard in the past, but Natsumi doesn't think so and laughs. Chisato professes how much she loves Natsumi as a friend and was happy for her success in her academics and in her relationships. Natsumi then asks why she recommended she go to Misaki University while Chisato and Tamako would join Akira in Rikuo University, thinking they wanted to keep him away from her. She raises her voices and accuses Chisato of looking down on her ever since Akira confessed to Natsumi, knowing she was watching earlier. Hearing her friend rant, Chisato says she thought she was suffering because of Hinamizawa, and then Natsumi asks who told her. Natsumi labels Chisato a traitor and leaves.

The Kakiuchi Station group obtains Natsumi's school records and medical history. They learn that Natsumi had the nickname of Zashiki-warashi because of her long hair and was very introverted and anti-social. She would never talk with anyone because she said her mom would angry, which Haruko always denied. Natsumi was eventually diagnosed with anemia and given medication. Akasaka hypothesizes that Natsumi's behavior change began after she began taking that anti-excitement medication, and that all her dark emotions were suppressed.

Just then, it is reported that Chisato was attacked by an unknown assailant. Akasaka goes to talk to her in the hospital and asks if she suspects Natsumi of attacking her. Tamako is sure that Natsumi wouldn't do something so horrible, and Akasaka assures them that his goal is not to arrest Natsumi, but to save her and stop her from committing another crime. Chisato confesses that Natsumi did attack her. Officers from Kakiuchi Station are soon dispatched all over find Natsumi, with the express goal of making her surrender voluntarily. Some officers are sent to Natsumi's house while reports come in that the head of Aki Kimiyoshi has been found in the Gifu mountains.

At the park after school, Akira asks Natsumi to please tell him the truth, but she just laughs him off. Ooishi walks over and reintroduces himself. Natsumi is suspicious of him, but after seeing him hold out her pill case, a surprised Natsumi takes it back. The two students begin to leave, and Ooishi mentions he saw something weird painted on Natsumi's house earlier. He wonders aloud how Natsumi's grandma is doing since nobody's seen her for a while, and notices that Natsumi is trembling. Akira looks concerned seeing Natsumi's reaction, and she runs off.

A flashback occurs to before Aki was found dead. Natsumi remembers how she was always frustrated with Aki even before the disaster, and how her strange medicine helped her control the dark emotions swirling around inside her. Ever since the disaster, Natsumi's been getting less and less medicine, and a voice started talking to her inside her head. After going home with Akira and letting him see the weird decorations, that voice began speaking to Natsumi even more loudly and clearly. The voice tells Natsumi that she really is an aggressive person, and she shouldn't let it stay hidden.

It convinces Natsumi to follow along with a plan to "accidentally" kill her grandmother. Natsumi goes home, where Aki was praying by herself, and answers the phone when it rings. As planned, Haruko was calling; Natsumi tells her that Grandma was responsible for putting those decorations on the house. Haruko warns her to get away since all their other elderly relatives were acting strange, and Aki appears behind Natsumi. She wants to give Natsumi a hug and console her, but Natsumi pushes her down and cackles when she succeeds at killing Aki.

When Natsumi's parents come home, Natsumi drags the corpse into the bathroom with some tools and begins chopping it up. She coerces Haruko and Touji into playing along since they can't bear to let others know that their daughter killed someone. Seeing her parents' fright, Natsumi says that they always forced her into doing things she didn't like such as studying and sending her to cram school, so this is only fair. In the end, Haruko and Touji reluctantly assist with the corpse disposal.

The news reports that Aki's body has been found but it hasn't been identified yet. Touji says he wants to turn himself in and purposely left Aki in an easy to find place. He tells Natsumi to wake up and face reality, and she starts hallucinating; she sees horns on the shadows of her parents, and so she grabs a knife and stabs Touji, killing him. Natsumi soon kills Haruko and hears the doorbell ringing, but she ignores it. Natsumi is ecstatic that she's killed the demons masquerading as her parents, and then Akira gets into her house. Seeing his dumbfounded expression, Natsumi realizes that she's a demon too and asks if he still loves her before knocking him out with a vase.

Natsumi's evil self asks her what she'll do now; Akira will definitely tell the police when he wakes up, and it'll be off to jail for her. He'll live the rest of his life with a certain someone, who Natsumi can't let get away. Excited at the prospect of spending forever with Akira, Natsumi crazily scratches her neck and is interrupted when Akasaka and the police arrive. Natsumi suddenly falls unconscious.

Natsumi is given medication and brought to the hospital. She cooperates with Fujita in answering several questions, but she has fragmented memories of the last few days. Ooishi knows that Natsumi undoubtedly killed her family, but he thinks her memories and personality were split in two because of her medication; Natsumi may have an alternate self that harbors a separate set of memories.

Natsumi is allowed to go to the bathroom alone, where she wonders why she's in the hospital. She thinks about her prior experiences in the hospital and wonders why there are now detectives talking to her. Just then, Aoi Hatakeyama, a fellow patient, walks up to her and says that she killed her family too. Aoi talks about how she killed her family because she always hated them, and Natsumi remembers being scolded by Haruko because of her part-time job. She remembers not wanting to be a Hinamizawan and imagines killing her family. Natsumi finally remembers that she was going to kill Chisato before the police interrupted her.

Natsumi obtains a knife and goes to the hospital roof, where Chisato is sitting alone, and locks the door. As she slowly walks forward, Natsumi makes clear her murderous intent, and Chisato calmly asks what she'll do after she kills her. Natsumi says she never thought that far and Chisato makes a sarcastic remark, which angers her. Natsumi blames Chisato for betraying her and selling her out to the police, thinking she tried to sabotage her relationship with Akira. Chisato continues to be unfazed by Natsumi's threats and says she's the one who betrayed them first, since she kept her Hinamizawa heritage secret from her friends. Chisato taunts Natsumi, and they argue and blame each other for betraying them. Natsumi has enough and charges at her friend, but Chisato moves a tiny bit and causes her to crash into her instead. They struggle. Chisato manages to get the upper hand and kicks Natsumi's knife away. She straddles Natsumi and restrains her while calling her a bad friend for not talking with her friends over her different way of thinking.

Their banter continues. Natsumi remembers what Tomoe told her a few days ago about not forgetting her past. Chisato asks again what Natsumi will do when she kills her, claiming that afterwards, the happiness Natsumi wants will leave her alone in darkness. At this mention, Natsumi remembers when her parents sent her to cram school. She worked hard and hard, feeling so isolated, and then Chisato and Tamako introduced themselves. Seeing that Natsumi is regaining her sense of self, Chisato says she understands her, and that she has the power to do anything. Natsumi finally breaks into tears. She wanted help all this time, but nobody seemed to understand her. Chisato gives Natsumi a heartfelt speech and starts walking towards her despite Natsumi's warnings to get away and asks her to believe in her. Natsumi doesn't know what to do now that she's killed her family, and Chisato promises that they'll atone together. When Akira and other detectives finally unlock the roof, they find Chisato and Natsumi tearfully embracing each other.

KageboushiCG (9).png

Afterwards, Natsumi turned herself in to the police. She went to court and earned a not guilty verdict because of the information gained by the deceased Tomoe; Natsumi's medicine proved a contribution to her detiorated mental state. Though she didn't face charges, the reputation of killing her family still stuck around, and so Natsumi had to leave town. She was given intense rehabilitation in a mental hospital, but she had Akira, Chisato, and Tamako supporting her all the way. Finally, five years later, Natsumi and Akira get married, hosting a private wedding with their two friends, Akasaka, and Miyuki attending. Natsumi wishes she could've told Tomoe how she felt right now.


In 1982, Natsumi visits Hinamizawa for a bit and accidentally knocks over some motorcycles, attracting the attention of some delinquents. They harass and threaten her for knocking them down when Tomoe steps in and chases them away. Natsumi and Tomoe make their acquaintances where Tomoe says she's a police officer and tells Natsumi to contact her for help if she ever needs anything. Natsumi doesn't respond, seemingly afraid of her being police, and leaves.

Tomoe goes to the hospital and runs into Natsumi again, who's picking up medication from the pharmacy. Natsumi thanks her for earlier and apologizes for how she acted, and they talk some more. They learn they both live in Kakiuchi, and Natsumi starts telling Tomoe all about her thoughts and feelings about the city, They start building a friendship and Natsumi is encouraged to start doing the same for her own friends back home. Natsumi is called to get her medicine and she leaves, but not before exchanging contact info with Tomoe.

Miotsukushi-hen Ura

Natsumi develops a strong friendship with Tomoe, who has begun tutoring her outside of class. A few days ago, Tomoe and Natsumi talked at a bus stop where Natsumi accidentally let her hair down, revealing just how pretty she could be. Natsumi explains she used to keep her hair down but was bullied for it, and Tomoe convinces her to be herself and keep it like that to impress her friends. Natsumi does so and is met with praise by her classmates the next day. Akira confesses to Natsumi and she accepts.

Tomoe and Natsumi celebrate the latter's newfound popularity with this small change over lunch. After eating, Natsumi starts to take her medicine but decides to do it later, explaining that she gets sleepy with it. She takes the medicine after studying so her head stays clear. Tomoe reviews Natsumi's homework and compliments her for her translation efforts. Natsumi asks if she can start referring to Tomoe as her sister. Tomoe agrees after some contemplation and takes Natsumi home in a taxi.

Natsumi's family plans to visit Hinamizawa for the Watanagashi Festival, and Natsumi asks to bring Akira too. However, Touji and Haruko won't allow it.

Natsumi's dark personality threatens to take control of her. She hallucinates about killing her family before running off to the park and fallng unconscious. Tomoe sees her and rouses her awake, where Natsumi asks for her medicine. Tomoe begins pulling some pills out but Natsumi stops her, saying she'll disapepar if she takes them. Tomoe then goes to a phone booth to call for help but returns upon seeing Natsumi scratching at her throat. Natsumi uses this opportunity to grab Tomoe and tries choking her to death. Tomoe caresses her face and tells Natsumi that she can overcome the dark forces within her.

Spurrred on by her support, Natsumi recalls a Fragment of the future in Kageboushi-hen's world. Natsumi attended a court hearing for the murder of her family, where Fujita defended her and claimed she wasn't in a normal state of mind because of her medicine. Natsumi ultimately received a not guilty verdict. She later learned that Tomoe gave her life to get this data and prove Natsumi's innocence. Remembering how much Tomoe has done for her, Natsumi is able to fight her evil self and dispel it before falling unconscious again.

Natsumi reawakens in the hospital and is consoled by Tomoe, who tells her that everything will be alright. Chisato soon enters the room and talks to Natsumi, asking why she never consulted her friends about her problems.

In the meantime, Natsumi's blood is tested and analyzed for traces of her medicine, which turns out to be Placil. This medicine was banned in Japan after the Lowell Incident. Tomoe pursues new leads in her case thanks to this outcome.

Miotsukushi-hen Omote

Natsumi attends the Watanagashi Festival with her family and friends. Unlike the original Miotsukushi-hen, Natsumi doesn't join the club's games.

Other Appearances

Higurashi Daybreak

Natsumi is a playable character in Daybreak Portable.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei

An adult version of Natsumi is introduced in Part 9.


  1. Someutsushi-hen Chapter 3. Since I was surrounded by people roughly at my level, it was nice not having a sense of superiority or inferiority. That's how it was for me in Okinomiya. Being compared to similar kids around my age. But... I'm sure they won't be as forgiving here in the city. I won't stay in a world free from jealousy and hostility. I'll become worried about all the eyes surrounding me. (Translation by 07th Mod)
  2. Kageboushi-hen Chapter 4. Narration: [Natsumi's mother] is a distant relative of the mayor of Hinamizawa, Kiichirou Kimiyoshi.