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Naomi (ナオミ Naomi) is from ABN France and a member of the Gauntlet Knight squad Thalathat Suyuf.


From ABN France

A member of the ABN Peace Department's Holy 0901st Aerial Augmented Infantry Squad, "Thalathat Suyuf"

She has completed mental optimization training by use of drugs at the Mont Saint-Michel Research Monastery. By nature, she has average P3 levels, but thanks to high-detail resource management, she's able to command immense P3 levels during missions, on par with aces from all nations.

She claims to have suffered a loss of some of her emotions and memories as part of this optimization training, and has been classified as a Level 12 disabled veteran by the ABN Department of Health. For this, she receives a monthly allowance of 3 Euros.


Naomi has red hair and wears a yellow hairpin of a wanya. She wears a black robe with a green sash and black boots. Her Gauntlet is white with green accents and has a black and yellow mantle hanging off of it.


Naomi is considerate of other people, at one point offering Sujatha notes for headache medicine.


Special Abilities

Completion of Mental Optimization Training (SS)

In exchange for the loss of several emotions and memories, her P3 levels grew substantially and she gained a high Aerial Augmented Infantry aptitude.

The emotions she lost have no bearing on Aerial Augmented Infantry aptitude, so this isn't a problem.

Completion of Pharmacist Course (A)

She's proficient in knowledge and techniques related to managing and injecting drugs, so she's able to back up Stanislaw's ability.

Dimension Container Expansion (A)

Has an aptitude for storing many varieties of weaponry. She stores pretty much everything, but it's unclear what much of it is supposed to be used for.

Normally, stored weaponry is supposed to be chosen by the military, but it seems you can store some personal items, if they aren't forbidden for political reasons.


For You, the Replaceable Ones

Naomi is first introduced at Chapter 2 with her squad at the International Battle Standard Festival. She later accepts the Public Bath Oath and helps Miyao, Meow and Jayden with their relationship problems.

In Chapter 12, Naomi's squad is sent to rescue a captured Leader of Peace from an ACR military convoy. Chapter 18 has them engaging ACR forces above the Mediterranean Sea. In Chapter 23, they suppress the drone revolt in ABN France.

In Chapter 25, Naomi is invited to Miyao's Christmas party.