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This article is about a character in Ciconia When They Cry.

Naima (ナイマ Naima) is from ABN Iraq and the leader of the Gauntlet Knight squad Thalathat Suyuf.


From ABN Iraq

A member of the ABN Peace Department's Holy 0901st Aerial Augmented Infantry Squad, "Thalathat Suyuf"

She has been attached to the Berlin Research Monastery of Peace and Friendship since the age of 0 as a graduate student for special instruction. She's received an elite Aerial Augmented Infantry education.

She's undergone training that allows her P3 level peaks to be manually controlled via the application of drugs, and rumor has it that she surpasses even the top aces of other countries in this state.

Her brain isn't impeded by the application of drugs, but there have been unsubstantiated charges that countless graduate students have suffered brain damage as part of the research process.


Naima wears a pink hijab adorned with pink bows and wears a pink dress with black boots. Her Gauntlet has white plating resembling samurai armor.


Naima is very excited almost all the time and punctuates her sentences with "wowowow" a lot. However, she seems to suffer from anxiety and has to be given medication for it.[1] Naima also tends to lapse into fits of rage because of her alternate personalities.


Special Abilities

Situational Specialized Personality Selection (SS)

The administration of drugs makes it possible for her to freely change into personalities specialized to best fit the current situation. Each personality's ability to deal with each situation equals that of a world-class ace, and their combined power makes her a candidate for the strongest in the world.

Brain Receptor Aptitude (SS)

She can gain the maximum possible benefit from administrated drugs and can keep the levels of brain damage she receives to a bare minimum. This suggests that she'll also be able to gain maximum benefit from even stronger drugs that haven't even been invented yet.

Dimension Container Expansion (S)

Her ability to store things in her Dimension Container is quite high. Thanks to this, she's able to store weapons on a whole different level, so that no one is likely to catch up to her. By the way, she's a big eater with a small body, so it's rumored that her stomach is also connected to her Dimension Container.


Naima is first introduced at Chapter 2 with her squad at the International Battle Standard Festival. She later accepts the Public Bath Oath and helps Miyao, Meow and Jayden with their relationship problems.

In Chapter 12, Naima's squad is sent to rescue a captured Leader of Peace from an ACR military convoy. Chapter 18 has them engaging ACR forces above the Mediterranean Sea. In Chapter 23, they suppress the drone revolt in ABN France.

In Chapter 25, Naima is invited to Miyao's Christmas party and enjoys herself. During the final battle before the second global truce, Naima continues to hold true to the Public Bath Oath and threatens to kill her allies if they kill anyone else.


  1. Phase 1, Chapter 3: Stanisław: "You're far too self-deprecating. We don't want you losing sleep from self-hatred again. Naomi." Naomi: "I'll give her a tiny bit of anti-anxiety meds."