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Nagisa Ozaki (尾崎 渚 Ozaki Nagisa) is Rena Ryuugu's friend who becomes involved in a murder case. She first appears in Tokihogushi.


A girl who lives in a town near Kakiuchi.

She used to live in Ibaraki, but transferred to a new school because of an incident.

She is quiet and shy.

She used to be very cheerful, but...

(Translated from the Entergram Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Hou website.)


Nagisa has long blue hair with pink bows in it. She wears a white blouse with a pink jacket and a plaid skirt.


Nagisa is very shy, but she's kind and loves gardening. After the incident with Rena she develops anger towards her and struggles to reconcile her feelings of her. Over time, Nagisa decides to believe in Rena and learn the full details of everything.


Nagisa was friends with Rena ever since elementary school, and Rena even helped her get together with her boyfriend Kouhei Sawamura. After an incident in Ibaraki in 1982 where Rena assaults several students, including Kouhei, Nagisa cuts off all ties with her.

When Kouhei is found murdered one day, Nagisa becomes involved in the case surrounding it.



Rena Ryuugu[]

Nagisa and Rena were childhood friends, and they took a lot of pictures together. After the Ibaraki incident, Nagisa started to hate Rena and got rid of all of the pictures of her she had, however she couldn't bring herself to burn this one last picture of them together. After conversing with Tomoe, Nagisa attempts to contact Rena and reconcile their friendship.

Tomoe Minai[]

Tomoe is the investigator for Kouhei's murder, and she and Nagisa are already acquainted since Tomoe also handled the Ibaraki incident. Tomoe helps Nagisa to understand that Rena has her own problems and encourages her to repair their friendship. After Nagisa's death, Tomoe heavily blames herself for getting too close to her and getting her involved. Initially enraged to the point she breaks protocol and hits fellow officers for not taking Nagisa's murder seriously, Tomoe resolves to catch the culprit.

Role in the Story[]


Nagisa is introduced heading to the hospital for her weekly visit to Kouhei, bringing a bouquet of flowers since he was to be discharged next week. As Nagisa and the nurse Hiranuma head up to his room, Nagisa questions her about how Kouhei mentioned Oyashiro-sama during a previous visit and worries that Rena was involved. When they reach Kouhei's room, they find it mysteriously locked, soon discovering that Kouhei jumped out of his 8th floor room and seemingly killed himself; a horrified Nagisa is the first to see his battered corpse.

Later, Nagisa heads to Kouhei's grave and meets Tomoe, who is investigating his death. While most people believe Kouhei to have committed suicide, Nagisa is sure that he was murdered, thinking that this was "Oyashiro-sama's curse"; Kouhei was so happy and ready to leave the hospital before his death, so him committing suicide makes no sense. Tomoe assures her that she also believes it was murder, and she promises Nagisa that she'll find the killer.

The TIP "At the Flower Bed" has Nagisa wanting to give a flower to Tomoe once it blooms. She also mentions that she called the Kakiuchi police department to ask when to meet her and a detective told her she was too busy to see her; Nagisa struggles to remember what that detective's name was.

Nagisa and Tomoe meet up for lunch and talk, and Nagisa asks where Rena lives so she can talk to her. Tomoe asks what she'll do after she knows and lectures her about hatred, saying she should wait before contacting Rena if she feels hate for her. Nagisa accepts that she may hate Rena but still wants to talk to her anyway and clear things up between them before Nagisa's feelings for her get any more negative. Tomoe makes her promise that the only thing she'll do is talk to her, and then tells her about Rena's hometown of Hinamizawa. Nagisa then explains how she burned all of her pictures of Rena save for one, realizing that she couldn't just forget all of her bad memories of her.

A few days later, Nagisa is found dead at Oumaki station. On the day she was to head on the train to visit Rena, Nagisa was hit by a truck and killed; she was lying in a blindspot in the road and couldn't be seen easily. Investigation revealed that Nagisa's body had an injection mark in her arm and showed signs of moving around before falling unconscious in the middle of the road. Tomoe begins to think she was murdered.

Tomoe finally receives a belated letter from Nagisa, who says she managed to talk with Rena after the latter called and arrange a meeting with her. Nagisa hoped to make amends and give Tomoe flowers when they bloomed later.

Connecting Fragments[]

"Receipt and Ticket" shows what transpired before Nagisa's murder. While waiting at the station she saw a ticket fall out of someone's pocket and returned it to them. The person then identifies her as Nagisa Ozaki and says he's a subordinate of Tomoe's and was the same person who answered her phone call earlier. The detective asks Nagisa to come with him so Tomoe can tell her something, and she agrees and goes off with him.

Miotsukushi Ura[]

A year after Nagisa's murder, the investigation continues but most people connected with her have stopped revealing information or claim they don't know anything. A new forensics report comes in that reveals both of her shoulders were dislocated, however one shoulder had unnatural bruising. Not only that, one of the belongings on her body was a bag of flower seeds.

After Tomoe and Tsukada are attacked by Hanada and set to drown inside a locked car, Nagisa's ghost calls out to Tomoe and tells her about the rear door being unlocked, allowing the two of them to escape.

Hanada is confronted at the very end and accidentally reveals he saw the moment Nagisa died. After being arrested and shown that Nagisa's flower seeds were found inside of his car, Hanada confesses that he kidnapped Nagisa a year ago at Oumaki station, having injected her with something to knock her out. Nagisa regained consciousness while in the backseat of Hanada's car and attempted to escape while it was still moving, and Hanada didn't try to stop her since she was still delirious and because the door's child lock was active. However, the lock was faulty, and so Nagisa eventually opened the rear door, fell out onto the road and died from being hit by a truck. Tomoe realizes that Nagisa's ghost really did appear to her back then, as the car they were trapped in was the same car Hanada drove that day, and while he repaired the car he failed to notice the faulty lock. Tomoe also realizes that Nagisa saved her life earlier again by pushing her out of her car when she drove into Hanada's airplane.

Tomoe heads to Nagisa's grave and meets Rena there, and they both see Nagisa's ghost, who tells Rena that she really is a true friend before disappearing. Knowing that she would've done the same, Tomoe gives Rena Nagisa's pouch of flower seeds. Rena sees that they're Nagisa's favorite kind: Japanese bell flower seeds, representing everlasting love.


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