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Nageki (ナゲキ Sorrow) is the eighth and final chapter of Part 2 of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei's main story, the fifth and final chapter of Part 2 Showa-hen, and the sixteenth chapter of the main story overall.

Plot Summary[]

Part 1[]

On stage, Mion gives the explanation about how Watanagashi is actually about sending organs adrift. She says they're sacrificing the Furude priestess to appease Oyashiro-sama's anger for forsaking the village. The villagers all attack at once, so Kazuho and Nao rush on stage and draw their weapons. Ayaka is too dazed to move. A villager approaches with an axe, but he gets taken out by Keiichi with a bat. Shion creates an opening for them, and signals everyone to come over. Kazuho and Keiichi grab Ayaka and jump offstage. Meanwhile, Shion rushes over to Mion and confronts her, calling her "Shion". Mion realizes both of them swapped, then lets her hair down. She promises not to harm Shion and Keiichi if they stand down, but they refuse. Keiichi says she's being controlled by a black card and they just need to beat it out of her. Mion insists she's sane and doing this on her own volition. Keiichi rushes at Mion, but Shion stops him. She tells him to help Ayaka and the others get out of here, as it's a direct order from the club leader. They do as she asks and run. Keiichi and Nao fight off villagers to clear a path for Kazuho and Ayaka. They make it down the shrine staircase, but villagers are still chasing. Keiichi stays behind to fight them off. He promises to meet up with them later at the Okinomiya coffee shop, then the girls run. Back at the stage, Shion is insisting Mion isn't in the right mind. Mion says she'll kill anyone in her way, then the two charge at one another.

Part 2[]

Kazuho and co. are still running from the villagers who are going mad. One manages to cut Ayaka's arm. Kazuho realizes this is like the previous world, but the Queen Carrier Ayaka can't be the one controlling them this time. Nao says the worst person they could run into now is Rena. They only beat her in the last world using the Tamahajiki sword, which they don't have anymore. Ayaka stops running and bursts into tears at the fact that the town never viewed her as anything but a sacrifice. She wants to just go back to the shrine to give the others a chance to escape. Nao gives her a heart to heart speech about how she found a reason to live in the previous world, and she doesn't want to lose a friend. By now they're surrounded by villagers. Nao tells the others to flee to the Houjou house, and goes off to fight. Kazuho gives a passionate speech of her own and convinces Ayaka her life has value, then takes her by the hand and they both run off.

Part 3[]

Having shaken off their pursuers, Kazuho and Ayaka are exhausted when they arrive at the Houjou house. They bang on the door and Satoshi answers. Kazuho wonders why the villagers didn't attack here. Satoshi can tell something must've happened so he lets them inside. He apologizes for the mess and clears a place to sit, then brings tea. They both gulp it down immediately, plus 2 more refills. Satoshi says he left before the dance because Satoko wasn't feeling well. Kazuho explains the current situation to him, but he struggles to accept it. He suggests they hide here overnight and ask Irie in the morning to drive them out of town. Satoko is sleeping in the other room. She's had a fever since the day before. Kazuho notices Satoko avoided the festival slaughter in the last world because she was sick too. Satoshi's parents are out of town and there's no way to call them. Ayaka is falling asleep leaning against Kazuho. Satoshi brings pillows and blankets, and says he'll keep watch so the two of them can sleep until morning.

Part 4[]

After parting with Kazuho and Ayaka, Nao laments that Reina never got her memories back. Reina disappeared right before the dance, just like the previous world. The scene abruptly cuts to Nao waking up in the clinic, and Reina is beside her looking after her. Nao asks Reina what she's doing here. Back at the festival Keiichi told her he heard about an ambulance in front of her house, so she rushed home. But her family was fine so she headed back, and on the way she found Nao collapsed on the ground alone, and brought her to the clinic. Nao wonders if Keiichi lied to Reina protect her. Irie comes in and is glad to see Nao awake. He says she should rest here another day, apparently oblivious to everything that went down at the shrine. Nao is worried the clinic will get attacked like in the last world, but she suddenly feels extremely drowsy. While her consciousness is fading away she tries to tell Reina to get out of here, but she can't say it properly, so Reina thinks Nao is asking her to stay here. Reina tucks Nao in and says not to worry because she'll be here with her.

Part 5[]

Nao feels like she's floating in darkness, when a voice pleads for her to wake up. As soon as she hears that, she sees a scene of the clinic basement playing out like a video on fast forward. Then she wakes up in the clinic in the middle of the night. Reina is sleeping nearby. Nao quietly sneaks out of the room and through the secret passage to the basement. Just as she opens the large door at the end of the hallway, Irie emerges and says this area is off limits. Nao peers into the room but it's too dark to see. In a reflection, she can see Irie is holding a scalpel behind his back. Nao finally remembers what happened before she fell unconscious. After she took out all the possessed villagers, Irie bonked her on the head. She accuses Irie of that, and he starts grinning and acting crazy. He says he's found a scientific way to control and manipulate people, and goes on a rant about how he's creating a utopia where human conflict and disagreements are no more. Nao says Irie caused the incident at the shrine too, then points her Role Card weapon at him. Irie raises his hand and men burst from all the doors in the hall, armed with crowbars and wrenches, moving in to attack Nao.

Part 6[]

Nao is fighting the men in the hallway, but more keep coming as fast as she can take them out, and she's getting tired. Irie kneels in front of Nao on the ground. He says he knocked her unconscious instead of killing her because he wanted to make her a test subject, since she's the same height and age, but Reina showing up foiled that plan. Nao asks what he plans to do to Reina. He says he won't harm her as long as Nao does as he asks. He starts choking her, and her consciousness is fading out. Just then Reina shows up. She rushes over and demands Irie release Nao, but he swats her away, knocking her unconscious. The desire to protect her sister gives Nao the motivation to kick Irie and break free.

She charges at the attacking men, who are now roaring like tsukuyami. Then the room fills with black fog, strengthening the men. Irie says it's the result of his research. Nao is really struggling, and just as Irie is about to capture her, Keiichi bursts in and knocks them all away. He saw Reina carry Nao to the clinic but wasn't sure if she was trustworthy so he took a longer route to sneak in here. His support gives Nao strength to keep fighting. Keiichi says Irie is a kind person so he must've had a reason for doing these things, but vows to never forgive him for hurting Reina and Nao.

Part 7[]

Irie can't keep up with the combined attacks from Keiichi and Nao, and he collapses. Smoke releases from his body and a black card falls to the ground. Reina is waking up, so Keiichi and Nao rush over. Keiichi apologizes for lying to Reina earlier and thanks her for helping Nao, then he gives Reina a big hug. Nao says explanations can wait until later, then opens the door at the end of the hall. Inside is a bunch of electronic equipment connected to Rika, who is laying in a bed. They find an emergency manual nearby and follow the procedures to wake her up. Rika recognizes everyone and thanks them for saving her. She's scrawny and malnourished, and doesn't even have the strength to sit up. Keiichi thanks Rika for saving him in the previous world. Reina is confused by the exchange.

Keiichi says they need to escape to the shrine storehouse, right away. Keiichi is carrying Rika on his back as they take a back route through the mountains to the shrine. Nao asks why they're heading there. Keiichi reaches into his pocket and hands her the Susuke no Tamawari. He says he got it from Kazuho, and that she and Ayaka are hiding at the storehouse. Reina asks what's going on, and Keiichi tells her they can escape through a secret passage in the storehouse. Reina is upset they don't have time to go back for her parents. Rika wakes back up, and Nao gives her an explanation of the circumstances in this world, then Nao asks Rika what she knows. Rika regained her memories 3 weeks ago, but whenever she woke up they'd drug her back to sleep. She did overhear Irie's plan to control the villagers. She tells Nao how she looped through 1983 for 100 years and finally escaped, only for tsukuyami to kill everyone. And circumstances are very different in these new worlds, with Role Cards, plus Nao, Kazuho, and Miyuki showing up. Rika says helping Satoko was always Irie's primary motivation, but since she has a happy home life in this world that might've made him different here. Reina is brooding. Rika falls back asleep. Keiichi asks Reina to carry Rika so he can have his hands free in case anything happens.

They reach the festival grounds, and there are no people anywhere. Nao quietly asks Keiichi why he lied about the ambulance. It was partly because he was afraid to have Reina as an enemy. But also, he noticed that only some people went crazy last time, and it might be because of how close they were to the shrine. They eventually reach the main shrine and find Shion dead, laying in a pool of blood. There's no time to mourn because shouts are coming from the forest, so the group rushes forward to the storehouse. Kazuho and Ayaka are nowhere to be found. Keiichi forcefully grabs Reina and Nao by the arm, and says the three of them should escape without him. Nao finally notices Keiichi has been fighting with a black Role Card. Even though "that girl" told Keiichi to only use it as a last resort, he thought he needed the extra power to save everyone. Reina bursts into tears and begs Keiichi to come with them. Keiichi apologizes, then kicks the storehouse door open. He promises to remember them in the next world and tells them to trust Kazuho. Then he shoves the three of them through the doorway.

Part 8[]

Kazuho suddenly wakes up and barely avoids a kitchen knife that Satoshi is swinging at her. She stumbles as soon as she tries to get up, realizing the tea she drank was drugged. Ayaka is still sleeping nearby. Kazuho hears giggling and sees Mion (who is actually Shion). Kazuho asks why she's doing this, and Mion says she finally found a world where she and Satoshi can be together, so she doesn't need anyone else. Satoshi is in a daze. Mion says killing Kazuho is the only way to keep this world going. Attempting to sacrifice Ayaka was a ploy to get Kazuho away from her friends. "That girl" gave her the idea. Satoshi grabs Kazuho and begs him to come to his senses. He's muttering something about protecting Satoko.

Mion grabs the knife. Right as she's about to swing it at Kazuho, the knife is sent flying by Ayaka, who was waiting for an opening to fight back. She built up a tolerance to drugs thanks to the medication she's been taking all her life. Ayaka pulls a stun gun out of her sleeve and threatens Mion with it. She pulls Kazuho away from Satoshi and says they should run. Kazuho is still too weak to move, but Ayaka refuses to leave without her and drags her out the front door. Outside, the house is surrounded by villagers. Kazuho uses what little strength she has to grab her Role Card. Just then a voice calls out from the rooftop telling her to stop. Countless bullets strike all the villagers precisely in their heads. Kawata jumps down from the roof. She greets Kazuho, and addresses Ayaka as Aya Saionji. Kawata then raises her rifle and shoots Ayaka straight in the chest. Kazuho screams as Ayaka collapses in a pool of blood.

Final Part[]

Flashback to Ayaka's early days in the hospital. She's sickly and weak, and can't even leave her hospital room. She regrets being a burden for others. One day she's recovered enough to be able to walk, so she leaves her room. She hears her parents crying in another room and listens in. The doctor is telling them she's unlikely to live past 7 years old without an organ transplant, but they still can't find a donor. They're keeping Ayaka's condition in check with medication but it's causing other problems. Mom offers her own organs but she's not a compatible donor. Ayaka has a unique genetic makeup so they'll probably never find a donor. Her parents cry while Ayaka heads back to her room. She tells herself that dying is better than dragging out her painful way of life. But then she starts crying, saying she wants to live, to find out why she was born. During this, Ayaka met "that person" who granted her wish.

The scene cuts back to Kazuho shouting as Ayaka is bleeding out. Ayaka says that her real parents died in a tunnel collapse while driving to the hospital. Her remaining relatives called her a money-grubbing leech and told her to pay for her own medicine. That's why she came to Hinamizawa, but coming here brought all this misfortune. Kazuho says none of this was her fault. The last thing Ayaka says is, if they meet again she hopes they can be friends. Kazuho shouts Ayaka's name and shakes her, but she's already gone. Kawata interrupts to say she didn't know they were so close. She calmly apologizes and says she should've shot her in the head to end it with less suffering. Kazuho draws her Role Card and asks how Kawata can be so calm after doing something like this. Kazuho is enraged and ready to kill, but Kawata says to accept it because this is fate. Kazuho says she'll never forgive her but Kawata retorts she doesn't need her forgiveness. Kazuho attacks, but Kawata smacks her with her gun and Kazuho falls to the ground. Kawata presses her gun against Kazuho's throat and puts her finger on the trigger. She opens her eyes to reveal red pupils and says this too is fate. The scene fades to black and two gunshots ring out.


One month later, Miyuki is on the way to meet Chisame at the station. Their investigation has been on hold since the Takano Pharmaceutical incident (which the public thinks was an accident). Tomoe is still hospitalized and they can't visit her yet. According to the newspaper, the sleeping sickness cure is progressing well and patients are waking up. The vaccine has been approved, too. They're about to head to the hospital to check on Nao's mom. They haven't been able to talk to Tamura or get ahold of Kazuho and Nao since last month. As Miyuki is thinking about how to help Kazuho, suddenly people all around her start collapsing, screaming in agony, and coughing up blood. Miyuki notices someone in the crowd and runs over to find Chisame on the ground. She's already gone. Then even Miyuki starts coughing up blood nonstop, and she collapses beside Chisame. All her senses are gradually fading out. The last thing Miyuki sees before losing consciousness is a young girl standing there.

Some higher being is looking down on the bloody scene, saying they deserved this, and it's their fault the blue flowerbed withered. This Fragment is as good as dead. The being they're talking to sighs and responds "Une-sama".


よく似た兄 Similar Older Brother
心と体の繋がり Connection Between the Body and Mind
取り残された男 The Man Left Behind
兆候、あるいは手遅れ An Omen, Or Being Too Late
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Connection Between the Body and Mind[]

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