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Momotake (百武 Momotake), from COU Japan, is a member of the Gauntlet Knight squad Baibao.


From COU Japan

A member of the Imperial Guard Aerial Augmented Infantry Squad "Baibao" of the COU Combined Military HQ

He was assigned to Baibao Squad, where -- for the sake of providing support to the COU's Queen of Aerial Augmented Infantry, Lingji -- teamwork and communication were more highly valued than high P3 levels.

Simply going by his numerical measurements, it would be hard to call him the best candidate, but it was determined that he was the wingman most capable of maximizing Lingji's potential.

Even so, he is now the Naha Aerial Augmented Infantry School's biggest hero since its establishment, and they recently held an unveiling ceremony for a bronze statue of him.


Momotake has purple hair tied into a ponytail and wears a white uniform shirt with a black hakama. He also has a katana by his side and wears black boots. His Gauntlet has an armor panel with a kabuto crest attached to it.


Momotake speaks in an archaic way. He holds a lot of respect towards Lingji and tries to make himself look responsible. He holds strong to his ideals, even if he may face consequences for them.

Momotake's attempts to look cool and strong often backfire.


Special Abilities[]

Dimensional Slice (SS)

A finishing move possible only because, by applying his mental strength to the use of dimensional storage technology, he's able to cut his targets and make them vanish into alternate dimensions. The power of this technique is immense, but its reach is so short that it perfectly fits the definition of a 'cool' finishing move.

8MS Stealth: Shukuchi (S)

By using 8MS airflow data, he's able to instantly move into the blind spot of an enemy's Reaper's Eye. However, he isn't able to collect this data himself, so he needs someone there to provide him with support.

A Warrior's Stubbornness (-A)

He stubbornly refuses to interact with people whose power he doesn't respect. Until he met Lingji, the only person whose strength he acknowledged, he was just a loner Aerial Augmented Infantry soldier who was hard to deal with. When he does find a person whose power he respects, he follows behind them like a dog. He's a bit clingy.


Phase 1: For You, the Replaceable Ones[]

Momotake is first introduced in Chapter 2 with the rest of his squad at the International Battle Standard Festival and accepts the Public Bath Oath soon after. Later, Meow's existence is revealed to Jayden, and Momotake and the other male aces help the Mitakes and Jayden reconcile, later giving Jayden advice during his date.

In Chapter 11, Momotake and his squad are sent into combat to destroy ABN mining machines. Momotake is able to show off his Dimensional Slice despite his failure to make it look cool.