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Higurashi When They Cry.

Mizuho Kousaka (香坂瑞穂 Kousaka Mizuho) is a student attending St. Lucia Academy. She appears exclusively in Utsutsukowashi-hen.


Mizuho has brown hair tied into long twin tails. She wears a St. Lucia Academy uniform., consisting of a white collared shirt, blue striped tie, blue skirt, long white stockings and black shoes.


Mizuho is introverted but she learns to start talking to others more often. She carries a notebook with her all the times and never lets go of it.


As a child, Mizuho's grandmother opposed the marriage of Mizuho's parents and attempted to kill her. Mizuho's father died protecting her, and Mizuho was sent to St. Lucia by her mother.

A nun suggests that Mizuho actually made up that story.


Role in the Story[]


Mizuho yukari notebook

Mizuho is introduced overlooking the scene of a murder: a teacher drowned inside an empty pool. As the first person to see it, Mizuho was asked by the teachers about it however she had nothing to offer. Mizuho goes back to class and is stopped by the class representative Yukari, who asks her to finish her French homework and stop bringing down the class average. Mizuho doesn't say anything, and when Yukari snatches her notebook out of her hands, Mizuho starts grabbing for it back. Shion appears and takes the notebook back for her.

Shion learns about Mizuho's past from Sister Maria and Yukari and meets Mizuho at the chapel, asking to work on French homework with her. Shion sympathizes with Mizuho's situation and says she was also almost killed by her grandmother as a baby. Shion encourages Mizuho to be stronger and gives her an eraser, saying it is a magic charm that will enable Shion to save Mizuho when she wishes for it. Mizuho happily takes it.

After class, Mizuho asks Shion to play with her. As they walk they run into Yukari again, who asks Mizuho to do over her French homework. She tells Mizuho that her grades are bringing down the class average and forcing everyone to do duties every week, and Shion encourages Mizuho to stand up for herself. However, Mizuho bows and apologizes to Yukari. Yukari mentions that Shion giving her a charm was an assignment from Maria, and Mizuho is surprised. She also apologizes to Shion for having to do a punishment related to her and walks off. Mizuho says she'll try not to be a nuisance toe everybody.

Mizuho and saki

Saki introduces herself

Mizuho goes to the chapel and remembers her past, struggling not to cry. A girl comes up from behind and asks her to stay quiet so she can "listen to her song". Suddenly, another girl falls from the roof of the school and dies. The girl introduces herself as Saki and says she and Mizuho are alike.

Detectives are called in to talk with Sister Maria about the girl's recent death. Mizuho goes up to them and says she saw someone suspicious at the scene of the crime, but the detective Ooishi hears that Mizuho was present at the last incident and Maria tries to defend her. Mizuho says she must be mistaken about earlier and leaves.

As Yukari gets some worksheets from a nun, the nun says that Mizuho's father works for a French company so her French homework should be easy. Yukari reminds her that Mizuho's father is dead, and the nun remembers that Mizuho is always carrying a notebook around and that she might've made up the story of her grandmother trying to kill her.

Shion meets with Mizuho again and learns that she saw the recent incident. Shion believes Mizuho when she says she saw someone suspicious there and promises to protect her. Shion reaches her hand out for a handshake but Mizuho thanks her instead.