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Overview (Child)

Miyuki Akasaka (赤坂 美雪 Akasaka Miyuki) is Mamoru Akasaka's daughter.

While she is never visible in the PC releases, she appears as a child in the main story in console ports starting from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Sui.


She is Akasaka's daughter, and was 5 years old in 1983. She is proud of her father, who is busy with his official duties, but at the same time, she sometimes feels lonely. However, she is a kind girl who tries not to let him worry about her.

(Translated from the Entergram Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Hou website.)


Miyuki has short brown hair and purple eyes. She wears a pink dress skirt with a red flower on it.


Miyuki is very cheerful.


Miyuki was born to Mamoru Akasaka and Yukie Akasaka. Her name contains the same character "Yuki" (雪) as her mother's.[2]

In some arcs, Yukie dies in an accident shortly after giving birth to Miyuki. Regardless, Akasaka raises his daughter as best he can.


Role in the Story[]


HimatsubushiCG (12)

Miyuki accompanies her father on a trip to Hokkaido in 1985 and meets Ooishi. Miyuki goes to sleep after dinner but is woken up by Akasaka yelling and crying to Ooishi that they will uncover the truth behind the Great Hinamizawa Disaster. Miyuki tries to comfort her crying father, and Akasaka sees how similar Rika is to her, wishing that Miyuki could meet her.


In 1983, Miyuki goes to stay with her grandparents while Akasaka tackles a case in Kakiuchi City.

Five years later, Miyuki and Akasaka go to attend the wedding of Natsumi Kimiyoshi and Akira Toudou.

Miotsukushi Ura[]

Akasaka, Miyuki, and Yukie go on a trip to a hot springs in 1983. They stop at the Kakiuchi City Police Department, where Miyuki meets Ooishi and Tomoe Minai.

Tomoe's encounter with Miyuki is what allows her to trust Sorimachi when she sees a photo of Sorimachi's son Yuuichi and Miyuki together, determining he must be Akasaka's friend.

Miotsukushi Omote[]

Miyuki goes with her family to the Watanagashi Festival and plays with the Club in their games.

Other Appearances[]


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