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Miyoko Tanashi (田無 美代子 Tanashi Miyoko) is a character appearing in Kaidan to Odorou, Soshite Anata wa Kaidan de Odoru. She becomes the target of Ohone-sama's curse shortly after Tomohiro and his friends create it.


Miyoko is usually silent and cold. She is actually very smart and manipulative.


Miyoko is first seen at school, where she almost sees Tomohiro hiding a bone used in his friends' Ohone-sama prank. A few days later, Miyoko opens her schoolbag to find lots of bones inside of it and demands to know who did it.

Miyoko is later found sprawled on the ground, having fallen off of the stairs to the prefab building. She hit her medulla oblongata on a shovel buried in the ground and fell unconscious, being taken to the hospital later. The bizarre circumstances of the accident make Tomohiro and his friends consider that maybe Ohone-sama is real, or that someone is perpetuating the curse without their involvement. They interrogate Satou Rie, the sole witness to the accident, and learn that Miyoko may have been pushed off the stairs by an invisible force.

Miyoko awakens a few days later and accuses Satou of pushing her down, and the police do an investigation. Miyoko returns to school the next day while Satou doesn't, and the students begin to treat Miyoko with awe and respect. They begin saying that Miyoko has become the reincarnation of Ohone-sama, and anybody who speaks ill of her will be cursed as well.

Tomohiro later talks with Yuka and learns that Miyoko was the likely mastermind behind Ohone-sama's curse. She placed a letter asking to curse her inside of the Tanuki Shrine donation box and filled her own bag with bones to reveal later. After seeing Satou and her ex-boyfriend, a teacher, embracing at the school roof, Miyoko jumped off of the prefab stairs and knocked herself out; it was a plot set up by her to get revenge on Satou for stealing her boyfriend and to get revenge on the teacher for dumping her.

School lets out and Tomohiro confronts Miyoko about this information as the latter calls down to him from the school's roof. Miyoko starts calling him "father" and asks him to acknowledge her as a true curse. Tomohiro rejects her, and Miyoko says she wants to live on as a curse in the school forever before jumping from the roof. Tomohiro catches her and narrowly stops her from hitting her head on a buried shovel again. Miyoko caresses Tomohiro's face and asks if he'll acknowledge her if she still exists after the summer's over, and she soon walks off.